Reincarnated to Another World - WIP (Almost abandoned)

I’ve begun work on my new game reincarnated to [[Reincarnated to Another World]]. In it, you play as a student with a normal life but then got accidentally killed by a god and was reincarnated to another world,In that world something like dragons,monsters and magic exist.

In the start you would be asked how you live your life in the main world before going to another world, those questions would decide your gender and natural abilities/skills

Those would be used in the story after that.

those are just the plans, Its not there yet

I’m planning to have the character be a “Villain” who would destroy the world or a “Hero” who would save the world… well theres always the third choice of being an Innocent bystander who would get killed by either of them, If the you choose to be a Hero a Villain will appear to beat you, if the player choose to be A villain a hero would appear to beat you, and if you fail to meet the standards of either the ending would be the villain killing you or having the world destroyed, well theres also a “A Hero Saved the world, but its not you”,“You Saved The World”,“You Conquered The World” achievements

but that villain and hero thing, would be decided in the part two of the game, the first game or this game’s goals are doing what you want in that world,simply having an adventure or sightseeing whatever it is, you’ll be preparing for the second game, lets call it “Disaster”, in the first game, you’ll decide what you want to do before the Disaster or conflict

the main goal is “Living A Good Life” in that world or “Returning” to your old world that is not, yet available, I’m also considering adding all types of jobs from peasant to a god(Maybe animals.) I’m still working in the stats first before the whole story

My goal in that game is to create something like the “Lost Heir” Series

Currently it’s about (0.6%, 0 Chapters, 2000+ Words) only, and I plan on updating every day and increasing the progress by atleast 0.1% (I have a lot of time because I’m a student.)

I’m aiming for it to reach 100k words because I already made my story in wattpad “reincarnated as a monster tamer” and I would be using it as the Story base or world.

The update would slow down, I don’t have motivation or something . _ . my depression is taking it away anyway, be patient I’ll update it

To play the demo, go here


You need atleast the basic knowledge of anime or otaku culture or you wouldn’t be able to relate

How vital is this to understanding the story? Like, if I have absolutely no idea what those things are, will I still be able to comprehend what is happening?

Other than that, there are a lot of grammar/spelling/spacing/punctuation errors, but I won’t highlight them now because your game is in such an early state.

Good luck!


You might want to have an English native to help you with editing and proofreading. I am also curious as to how vital otaku or anime knowledge is. Putting such a note in your game can quite greatly restrict your audience outreach, so I’d recommend not having so much otaku references if you can help it :slight_smile: From your summary here, it does seem fine for non otakus!


Point, taken I’ll go make “glossary” thank you for the feed back and I’ll try to fix them.

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< . < alright, I’ll go do that I’ll add “Otaku” and “Normal Person” settings thank you for the feed back


I have successfully fixed the “Otaku” Issue I’ll move on to the grammar issues when my game progress reaches 1%.

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actually… I removed the vital anime knowledge there. thanks for the feedback .3.


about the glossary, I gave up with that and moved on to the “normal” person and “Otaku” settings that would entirely change the way I talk about the story, thanks for the feedback


Ahh this gives off a youjo senki vibes from the description.


. > so you watched that?


Oh, this feels like Overlord, neato. As far as isekai genres go, I like this idea a lot.

There’s not much to comment on yet since it’s short, but I think the premise is interesting and IF’s of this nature are always fun. Good luck with this story!


also read the manga and trying to read the NL so yeah ill give your game a go when i get home :wink:

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Thank you, I’ll be sure to make this good

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Thank you! its progress is 0.1 Percent so its not that much for now, you’ll only have a few choices to choose, but I’m improving it every hour whenever I’m online


I’d recommend you to reply to multiple users in a single post. (Use the quote feature.) Doesn’t clog the thread as much you see.

Anyways as others have mentioned, do get an editor.
Although that won’t help with your prose, practicing will however!
I’d like to see some more emotion in the narrative scenes.

You could also try padding on the more dull-ish scenes. For example “You ate and walked to your room” to “After a hearty meal you rushed back to your computer almost tripping over your feet. So eager to continue.”

But of course that’s just my preference as it can help to alleviate the mundanity of some scenes.

Anyways, best of luck!


Looking forward to your updates it seem intresting so i hope you’ll keep it up.

Seems like it has potential, i am looking forward to see where it goes ^^

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You read the LN?! Mad props, that thing was heavy to read (The Japanese version at least, idk about the eng) it was written in a pretty complicated way I had so much trouble with it. :sob:

Anyway this probably wont be too similiar to it.

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Looks really cool! I will be watching this one

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I’m definitely interested in seeing this develop. I’ve had my otaku phase before. In regards to possibly having less interest in the book, due to references in anime culture. I say go for it. Can’t please everyone and at the very least, fellow otakus will really enjoy this. PS. Try not to make this like SAO.