Reincarnated to Another World - WIP (Almost abandoned)

It’s an isekai, in CYOA form! Praises be!


Personally I think it would be cool to conquer the world in order to try to make it a better place.


Here is just a general list of ideas
You could add more races and depending on what you choice depends on how people react to you. So if you choice demon or skeleton race then people will fear you. If you choice elf then people will love your beauty etc etc.

You could add more races (you could watch Overlord for some ideas)

And you could have different play styles that affect the overall story. For example if you are. Mage and demon you can use more powerful magic then if you are let’s say a human.


This reminds me of the anime. In another world with my smartphone i loved that cheesy anime.


I’m sorry but I have one major case of OCD and reading not redacted stuff is just painfull for me. Maybe later when you update it I can be able to read the demo and give some opinion on it (it’s not like its valid or anything).
As I undesrtand this topic in COG community haven’t been covered yet? Becauce holy guacamole I like reincarneted/teleported to another world manga and ranobe but at the same time it’s really hard to not fall into the pit of cliche’s.
But regardless I wish you good luck with your work!

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Interesting concept I think I will watch this closely.

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Sounds like that kid named Toya. I’m gonna love this

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Just like konosuba, overlord and drifter. Also Gate.

I just finished watching Saga of Tanya the evil (youjo senki), so this reminds me of that.
I would be careful with this story, as being reincarnated/sent another world has been done a lot of times (especially in anime/manga). Because of this it’ll be hard to make it not feel generic. You’ll want to add something original to make it feel different. And if that fails you’ll need some really really interesting characters (something you should have anyway).
Anyway I’m looking forward to see how this turns out.

If I may suggest, this is a bad idea. Whether the villain can beat you shouldn’t be determined by whether you “qualify” to be a hero or villain. If you don’t actively take the villain route, then a threat will arise and you’ll probably have to either fight back or escape back home.


Can’t wait to see how this turns out. What kind of classes do you think you’ll add? Just the basics (Warrior/Thief/Mage) or more in-depth ones (Magic Knight,Assassin,Monk,ect)?


I only joined here and worked at this work for two days so I didn’t know the “Quote” Thingy, but since it appears everytime I highlight something I figured it out, thank you for telling me.

I’ll go get some peoples who would correct my grammar or something because I’m just a kid who doesn’t know that much yet.

about that narrative and emotional scenes, this work is at “0.4” version, means Its not even at 1% yet, I’m planning to fix and add something like that once I reach Demo Version 1.

Thank you for helping me!

I’ll go fix those dull scenes

Seems like a good idea! I’ll be doing that, thank you for the suggestion

I’m planning to do that, I just need to learn some relationship coding first.

Kind of!

I’ll try to meet your expectation XD

I’ll try to meet your expectation

Hmmmmmm… OCD huh… I’ll try to finish or update this as soon as I can, you gave me some motivations

Thats my goal > . > I based this in some animes I watched and mangas or light novels I read.

I would, I’m just testing something for a bit

Its called “Kind Conqueror’s Path” I’m trying to do that

I couldn’t see any transported/reincarnated to another world CYOA and I wanted to see one, I’m done waiting so I started making it myself XD

Sword art online isn’t bad (I have broken logic of all anime is good no matter what)

but this is reincarnated/transported to another world its not like Sword art online or overlord where you get stuck in games.

thank you!

Kind of, theres no way a fourteen years old kid (Me) can write something that good

Thank you, I’ll try to make it into your expectations

I’ve got a lot of times because I’m a student (yeah, Its the opposite, I have more time because I’m studying)


I’m planning to literally all add classes starting from the basics to more in-depth ones, I’ll also add some stuffs I made, thank you for the feed back!

Also you might want to find a editor who can improve some of the English in the game.

By saying SAO, I was referring to the cliches of an overpowered character.

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the protagonist or the other characters? I don’t plan that, you’ll gain your own strength by training or something in game.

I already have one… well I think I can trust him with the english or improvements.

You should try “In another world with JUST MONIKA”. It’s interesting even if you never played Doki Doki Literary club.

The author tried to subvert the tropes of the shitty Isekai genre in a genial way. Well I suspect this [reicarnated in another world] got the same feel with the advantage that it will be us in place of the dense protagonist.

I love the fact that we can choose to be the “choosen one” hero trope, the demon Lord/Lady trope or just live peacefully only eating sleeping and sightseeing.

Must add a flavor of replayibility.

Uh. I wonder if you guys know “Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter” Is the first example I read of a “expert protagonist in another world” since the MC was a Accountant before reborn and implemented cool-ass economic secret jutsu into the game world provoking a major political crisis.

Hey @Illusion! How this class thing will be? You choose one and stick with it to the end, you select like a set of ‘Jobs’ that you can use at same time or you level up until you acess a new improved class?

It will be interesting if you plan this in a way that you can work on each one separated. So if your choosen class does good in support but bad in combat you will be forced to try different ways to solve things each time your play the same route. (Or the opposite! Just be a PUNCH!MAGE Punching your way across friends and foe FTW!) (ò.ó),"

If we play as a villain are we going to be able to have a fortress (of evil) or some kind of base and do we get an army cause that would be neat because I mildly want to have an Overlord like villain route Overlord as in the show not the creature or profession

Edit: But also the profession

fun thing, you would build that place up, it won’t be already there or something

I’m thinking of making a “Ruins” be rebuilt as a “Heroes Hall” or a “Fortress”

I’m planning to use multiple classes and have some evolutions or improved class.

Also, you can choose good at everything but you would be “weak” at everything not as strong as someone who focuses on one.


honestly ? the way the game ‘Talk’ to me , is kinda confusing .

for exemple , when I choose my name . It goes to ’ me’ then ‘you’ ?

that may not sound clear , so I’m gonna copy past an exemple :

Was Illusia which is unfortunately my name in real life too, why unfortunate?

Its Because putting your real name in games is a bad habbit

the others could discover your real identity because of that.

I was one of the Beta Testers of Reincarnation Online.

See this line ? ''I was one of the Beta Testers of Reincarnation Online ‘’ ? Who is I ? me the player…or you the narrator ?

other then that , good luck with your story :slight_smile: