Life of Hero

I’ve begun work on my new game Life of Hero. In it, you play a perosn in anoter world with goals to save the world

Currently it’s about (5%, 1 Chapters, 2K Words) done, and I plan on updating every 2 weeks.

To play the demo, go here:


Also is this story all about destiny, or the Mc will have to choose which is which.
Things you can add:

  • Spendable and purchasable resources
    Means money and other stuff.
  • Customizable weapons.
  • Specify which era this is in your summary in the first post
    At first I thought this is in mordern times until later in my playthrough.

Another Question, is this a Simulator or something else?

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i am trying to make a story where the mc have a system was make them stronger but it is in devlopment right now


The fact that you have illusionist is enough for me to get invested bruh. You see that power very rarely in WIP’s


the save slots are bugged, talk about plugin