Redemption Season Only Two Books?


I would like to point out one thing I think RS improved on. The fight system. I love that you can play offensively without it penalizing you and that you can mix a match the fighting styles to fit your MC.


As someone who has played both the original trilogy and the newest one, im kinda sad how we wont be getting more of our original mc story… i did grow fond of them as for our redemption season mc they were alright but i couldn’t get too emotionally invested due to the story being more evidently railroady than the first (or ive played to many Choice of games stories that i can spot whats railroaded and whats not lol) but kinda sad that we only get to play them for one more book… Was hoping id grow more fond of them… oh well… hopefully we will get a satisfying conclusion for both original and new mc…

Also btw idk if it was a joke or not… but like can we romance our original mc as our new mc? Ik it sounds incredibly narcissistic but that would be a really cool feature and i cn actually see my old mc hooking up with my new mc lol


I’m a little bit confused where the idea that the new MC can romance Jury came from. I thought the love triangle was in relation to the old MC and the producer…


It was in a tweet form the author that it might happen. Linked here


Totally missed the “both MCs” thing. Not really sure how I feel about this


I’m with ya. I mean… I guess it’s cool for anyone who hasn’t play the Trilogy but anyone who has who wanted to romance him did it in the Trilogy!


Welp, a tiny bit of light has been shed

So Zach has confirmed that (at least for the foreseeable future) this is going to be the last game. Not super unexpected, but tbh I feel a little bit better having it stated–that means that a final wrap-up for our MCs doesn’t just mean they aren’t going to be in future games, and I was making myself nervous trying to think of ways they might get removed.

Y’know, I honestly wouldn’t mind a couple of the old ROs to be brought back as ROs for the new MC. I really enjoyed more romances than just the one I consider canon, and (as much as I continue to and will never stop pushing for Little Jagged to be a love interest) I think my new MC and Jenny would be a good match, and it’d be fun to see the differences in romance dynamic. As with much of our brainstorming though, if that’s where the direction goes let’s hope this is an especially long book to make sure everything has room to work


Remembering the old ROs reminded me of how much I missed Prodigal. Yeah, the actual romantic path was pretty hollow, but she lent energy to the games that I didn’t feel from RS.


I’m kind of glad there’ll only be one more book. I’ll play it when it comes out for completionist’s sake, but I’m happy to not have to deal with more of the new MC. There’s very little about the character and how you can play them that I like. I’d say more about the other characters, but I genuinely can’t remember anything about them.

I know I sound pretty negative, but I do hope that the game redeems itself. I’m going to try and remain optimistic until it comes out. I have to admit, I do love the reality TV show plot. It’s exactly my kind of thing.


I never got around to buying redemption season, mostly because of the reviews it got. I was waiting for part 2 to come out to play both in succession. Therefore I’m not speaking from personal experience but mostly from what I’ve read here on the forum.

But is the new MC ever given the chance of interacting with Jury? Of showing the slightest bit of interest?

Cause if not then the idea of starting and developing a relationship on top of the love triangle drama (or love square if you count his wife) PLUS having to deal with whatever the main plot is and somehow reaching a satisfying conclusion for both the new and the old MC? Kinda makes me worried.

I’m not sure I’ll be buying the games after all. Which is a pity because despite its flaws I still very much enjoyed the original trilogy and I’m loving Versus.


From what I do remember, Jury only made a very short appearance in THP:RS, only showing up in one scene with that woman who runs the show (been over a year since I’ve played it). I thought it was very strange to have Jury in it seeing how my original MC was “meh” towards him and gave him a second chance only because Jury turned against his father. I might have to refresh my memory soon when the 2nd book comes out.


I feel that it’s actually a good thing RS is ending. I loved the Heroes Rise series, this one not so much. I didn’t connect with the MC nor any of the RO’s. I even thought Jelly Kelly was annoying. I know this is Sergi and his style of writing but I really just don’t enjoy the overwhelming presence of PCness. I’ll buy the second book so I can finish this series but I can’t see myself buying anymore from him.


The new MC has yet to meet Jury, but considering the plot of RS is the new MC joining the American Protectorate which is the team Jury is on as well it makes sense that they would have chances to interact.


To be fair, the Versus series is still pretty good, if you want something else to put stock in. It’s still pretty railroady compared to some other CoGs, but it’s been pretty good so far.


We get to play as the Original MC for a few chapters in Open Season, now that’s piqued my interest. Apparently the ending will be bittersweet.