Redemption Season Only Two Books?


Don’t feel sorry at all @Mewsly! Disagreements happen, and I don’t think anyone’s feelings got hurt or anything like that (forgive me, if I’m wrong). It’s good to see people caring enough about the community and the series to inform everyone of big news like this!

I had literally just been thinking of HR redemption earlier…while listening to Bootylicious (God, I love that song), which reminded me that I had been too busy in my cubicle, this week, to check up on the forums…which led me to this post, because I was like “whoa what?!”

Soooo…long story, short, you did a great thing starting this thread, and I’m glad to talk about theories for the story itself and what it means for the future of HR :smile::smile::smile:


Thanks everyone, I think I’m just being a little emotional right now.

But back on topic I think I can really put to words why I’m upset about this, and I think it is just because this means that the original MC’s story is over which is something that’s pretty emotional for me, personally.

My canon MC for Hero’s Rise means a lot to me. I love him, I use him for every COG I play (expect SOH and Midsummer’s, he doesn’t quite in those two for some reason) and I’ve developed him outside the games and even made him in DnD. Another factor is that romancing Jury was the whole reason why I even played the games again immediately after the first time I played, and it was that play through that lead to that MC. I was happy with how the orginal end of the Trilogy ended his story, and the fact that RS took that away was a huge (and admittably petty) reason why I didn’t like it.

I just want my character to have his happy ending back, and I would love for my worry to be proven to be unfounded but the waiting is the hard part.


I feel this so hard–my HR MC is one of my most cherished OCs (and my avatar on all my social media), and playing her in HR was a big part of how she got that way.

I was really happy with her just being in background cameos in HP, and I’m still not sure how I feel about her getting more proper story when it seems like she’s gotten all she needs

I get that right now a big source of worry is just how many unknowns there are against the one known that this wasn’t in the plan of the story, but try to take some solace in that I think a lot of the reason the old MC is getting more stuff is to make sure Jurymancers get their wrap up. It’s felt to me like Zach is pretty aware of how much of his audience loves Jury, and especially since this is gonna be the big end I’d honestly be pretty surprised if he didn’t give y’all a happy ending


I have no idea how to feel about this.

I mean, I liked RS for what it’s worth, but at the same time, I’m not all that upset about it only being two books. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy playing the RS MC much, so moving on from that is a plus, but there are a handful of side characters that I’d want to see more of.

I guess I’ll just have to see how that goes in the second book.

But I do hope the original MC gets a bit of spotlight again. It seems like, with the cameo, they were building up for something in the background of the RS, and it’ll be kind of nice to see where that’s going. From the point of view of someone I care more about, anyways.

Also, side note:

I’m pretty sure that was a glitch on your save. I have an MC or two that stayed single in the original series, and they were still single in their cameo.


I’m still not sure how I feel about the idea of that. I mean, it would certainly be something that hasn’t been done in any of the other games, and I am curious how it would play out… but then it kind of makes me question why Jury HAD to be in a relationship with that woman? I mean, with her there’s enough drama for anyone who wanted their MC to get back with Jury but then add the new MC into the mix? That’s a lot of drama for something that’s probably not going to be a main focus since it IS supposed to be the new MC’s story, and its not something that every player will even get to experience or care about.

Maybe its poor form for me to be complaining since I really did want the Jury and his romance fleshed out more but Sergi already broke my heart in RS and I’m going to be a bit more skeptical with the next book… though I would love for all my worrying to be for naught and this to be the best game ever.


My guess? It was gonna play out differently when it was gonna be spread out more. Obviously I’m not in the guy’s head and can’t pinpoint what all is getting changed from what and why, but I still feel like a lot of what’s happening–and what’s been happening in a lot of what info we’ve gotten about Open Season–is due to the backlash for RS, and giving Jury-mancers more content might be part of that. Like I said, I don’t really mind what content I get with my MC in place of it–or hell, I wouldn’t even mind that much if I just got less content with her since like I said I’m more than pleased with where her story is at–but everything Zach is saying gives me the impression that this book is gonna be intended to be a big audience pleaser, and that kinda drama does feel like something a lot of people would enjoy

Giving Jury a lot of relationship drama here since he didn’t get all that much in the original trilogy kinda feels like the goal. We did get an interlude with his current lady friend in the last one–maybe he wanted there to be a little more of an internal debate over whether Jury and the current MC should be together, and the original goal was for it to be debatable that Lyra or being single was preferable to the old relationship? And I’m really just spitballing right now, but if what he wanted was for people to be unsure of whether old MC and him should be together again, having Lyra as an obstacle fall flat–since most responses to her were less than sympathetic–well, letting the player insert their own MC into that mess would allow for not only similar drama, but also let the player have more control over how it unfolds


I suppose it also makes sense for his character since he seems like the kind of guy to get into a lot of relationship drama.

I do see whats you’re saying, though I think it would’ve worked better if the break up and the reason for it was established before that interlude. I know I probably would’ve still been upset but my gut reaction to it was that my MC was being cheated on and the book was rubbing it in my face that I had made a wrong choice in romancing Jury. I know now that probably wasn’t the intention that Sergi had but at the time all it did was hurt me and I wasn’t really in the mood to be thinking “maybe this is for the best.”

Also if we maybe should’ve seen things through Jury’s eyes instead. We don’t really know how Jury himself feels about all this. Relieved? Sad? Angry? I know it was probably kept vague on purpose but we don’t even know who ended the relationship. Was it Jury or the old MC or, hell, was it a mutual break up that the press went to town on and it was that which caused the hurt feelings between the two?

I also do hope Prodigal fans get something too because if any other romance didn’t get the treatment it deserved it was probably Prodigal’s. Maybe not having her being alive the whole time, that might be a bit much but just a little something for her fans.


Artifical body maybe?


There is her MeChip personality too. I did read a rather touching fanfic about an MC talking to it which I will link here.


I wonder if the Original MC and Black Magic will get married, assuming they get through that Infini crisis.

I’m neither relieved nor heartbroken, my interest in Heroes Rise peaked after the completion of the Original trilogy but flatlined after the okay but not that good Redemption Season. In a way I’m not really sure what it was that I even wanted from the new series considering the satisfying end to the original.

What interested me the most was how it indirectly continued the beloved original MC’s story, the character I’d been most invested in. The new MC was just retreading too similar of a path already taken in the Hero Project.

Yes, I suppose what excites me the most regarding this news is the anxiety I feel for myHero (Original MC) remaining a secondary character in a story that will conclude their development post-HeroFall. Really I wish they’d have remained the main character in this new series but now all we can do is trust the author.


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As I said in my own thread concerning HR, we should not claim that his work is not worthy of being classified as an IF work, that is not respectful of Sergi as an author and disrespects any and all of us that are attempting to write our own game.

I also don’t want to critique the RS second book’s merits as a stand-alone game. Critiquing the series based on the first installment is fair game to me.

As long as you are able to differentiate between constructive criticism and plain criticism, you shouldn’t be afraid. Taking in what people say about your work and learning from it is a great way to grow, personally in your endeavor.

Testing for an author developer is both a fun thing to do and it comes with responsibilities as well. As long as you keep respect of that writer/developer in mind when writing your responses or providing feedback, they should not see it as malicious.

This is very true. When it comes to the topic of rape, I find myself doing this, especially with writing that I consider “rape in every sense but calling it rape.” There are two popular series that I stopped providing feedback on because of this issue. I made my concerns and reasons known, the authors in question decided to push-back on my feedback and therefore I felt it best to recuse myself from further testing.

I still consider both authors as people deserving my respect and I still consider their works as worthy of acknowledging their good qualities. Whenever I comment on their work(s) I always keep that in the forefront.


The thing is, the majority of the people don’t care about the new MC.
Bad powers, extremely railroaded and nothing unique about them made them extremely boring, IMO.
That is why he is writing 2 chapters focused on the old MC, because if people are reading the spin-off sequel then they probably like the previous MC.


You guys have one of the friendliest, safest, and most constructive communities on the internet. Like, legitimately - if this thread is an example of a terrible argument on these forums, then we have it pretty good here. Everyone is civilised to the max, and even if once in a while some passive-aggressive behaviour gets dropped, that is the least of our concerns; honestly, this is a fantastic community from top to bottom.

I mean like, haven’t you seen the rest of the internet? It’s like Max Max out there! :crossed_swords::gun::bow_and_arrow:


Am I the only one who at least kind of liked the idea behind the new MC? I always wonder what it’s like for people in these superhero universes who don’t luck out and get the super awesome useful powers.


Just going to say, the fact the author hint-dropped a love triangle is something that kills the enthusiasm I may have had for RS, and its sequel.

A love triangle, intelligently thought out and made a focal point in a given work, can be told well. A love triangle welded onto an already busy plot solely for the sake of a love triangle is a tumor worth striking off.


I’m worried about it too but it would be completely optional. Both the old MC and the new MC would have to be interested in Jury, so anyone who romanced anyone else with the orginal MC wouldn’t have to deal with it and even those who did would also have to have their new MCs romance him. Even if it’s poorly handled, which I hope it won’t be, it would be very easy to avoid.


I don’t think you are the only one, but I think you are in the minority in this case.
And the idea behind the MC’s powers wasn’t that they didn’t have luck, it was too emulate certain difficulties that LGBT people have, IMHO.
The discrimination against ani-powered, disembodied and Morpho-powered, is to mirror the discrimination against LGBT people. This way LGBT readers can relate with the MC and to raise awareness of straight people about this issue.
And the MC not liking the state of their bodies is to show what people with gender dysphoria suffer.
Even the author admit the power was an analogy:


The problem was that people weren’t expecting the game to focus on the social issues instead of focusing on the heroic side of the game.


Well that’s a bust then, at least from this gay man’s perspective.

Yet the mc can do nothing about it, while trans people have a range of options today, ranging from surgery (flawed as that may be) and hormones to acceptance, yet for this mc acceptance seems to be the only option.
I mean from my discussion with Mara I seem to recall that the tech from the first part of this series that could have helped new mc was deliberately destroyed by idiot “ethics” professors or something.

If you want to simulate difficulties with super-powers (or the lack of them) I think either the approach “A supernatural story” is taking with the evil, alien parasite or, like being a “normal” human, deep, deep in the anti-powered cult who, shock and horror discovers they’re a late-blooming (powerful) meta, as @Natman1025 suggested would have been much better options.
The latter in particular would have also highlighted some of the difficulties LGBT people who hail from non-tolerant backgrounds and places, such as conservative, islamic or christian places have to suffer through.

Also with regard to criticism of the author making things dependent on activism score this time around is just as bad as making it dependent on fame and glory-hounding last time around, worse even.
Not every LGBTQ person should be forced into activism, for some just coming to terms with it in this society is enough of a journey and I say that as someone who is a gay activist.


Both LGBT and straight people disliked the game, what the author wanted didn’t work for several people.


What might easily have added into that are two factors:

  1. The preachiness of it all
  2. The fact that since game 1 ani-powereds were but a shoddy stand-in for a very racist depiction of latinx and black people.
    Latter might have been unintentional but that doesn’t help a lot, with the fact that he is pretty much equalling PoC with animals.