Really Long Journey[The name is work in progress] looking for beta testers

Yo. This is my game. I was writing it for some time and now it is finally ready, hopefully, which means that you can try it out. I keep it as a closed beta for now because it is my first game and I want to work out all the little kinks before uploading it publicly to be lynched. What is the game about? Well, it is a journey. You are a mercenary in the high fantasy world, doing crazy kind of stuff while protecting your target. Sounds interesting? Then do hop in!
What I am looking for is story and character and such feedback as well as pasting feedback. Do you think some parts are too long or do I rush too much? Do you think the story is good? Are choices good? Are the characters interesting? Do you feel like you have freedom over how your character plays out? I don’t mind feedback on grammar but you need to understand that story and such takes clear priority.
Few things to point out; the game is low and rather ‘tame’ in its fantasy aspect since it is first part(hopefully it takes off, heh), it was inspired in a way by Samurai of Huyga(shout-out to it) and game is really gory and bloody if you take specific choices so do be mindful of that. With that being said, if you are willing to give a beginner writer a bit of your time, I will greatly appreciate it! You can reach out to me over at (you may ask me why the mail is weird only if you buy me tea) and it would be really nice if you put “beta testing” or something along those lines in the headline of your message so I know why you are here. With that being said, I do hope to see at least a few folks interested so I can get this bad boy rolling!


I would test it to give constructive feedback if there was a way to not have to read gory stuff as I am a bit squeamish. :blush: if there is a way, I’d be glad to help.


Sadly, or not, I am a huge fan of violence and gore so there is kinda no way to read it without it. You can avoid 90% of it but there are some parts that you simply can’t avoid.


What is the content?

I am not sure if I understand the question? I gave a summary of the idea and, well, if you want to know more details you just gotta play, no?

Well hey i would like to beta test, but the link is not working.

How do I beta test this wip?

This should probably be in Adult Content, its, ahh, very gory to say the least.

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Pretty sure that it says that it is adult.

Yes but there’s a special forum for the adult games to go, that you need to be part of the adult readers group to access. Its just cause they don’t want extreme violence, gore, sex scenes, anything that could be considered controversial in the main WIP’s thread.

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Oh, I did not know that. WEll, um, I will still keep it here until maybe one of moderators tells me to move my ass? That sounds like a good decision, right?

Yeah they will just move it for you when you post it and people say stuff. But otherwise i really liked it a few continuity errors, spelling errors, and all that but otherwise it was pretty good.

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Well, I am glad that you liked it! Maybe you could message those errors that you find to me in private messages or over to my mail however? I would hate for there to be a continuity error, that sounds horrible.

Honestly I’m not sure if they’ll move it due to violence/gore. I tried asking a couple days ago but they didn’t get back. I think their main concern is if it includes sexually explicit material (also just sent you an email).

I did see it and I even replied!
And yeah, I know that straight up sex is a no no(which might be bad considering what plans I have for the game) but I never saw them say anything about the gore as long as you clearly state that it is there. I saw, not long ago, a game where you play role of emotionally scarred serial killer so, I think, only ‘bad’ thing is, again, sex. I wonder how far I can push it though.

Are you sure you replied to me? Or, I should say I just sent another email a couple minutes ago.

Also, I think you can push it pretty far once it’s in the adult category. There doesn’t seem to be a set limitation that I’ve seen, anyway. I mean, there are some that are… really explicit.

Here’s this if you’re unsure.

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I would also like to beta test this game

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