Questions about the Price of Freedom and CYS

So…yeah. I heard another site wouldn’t let Price of Freedom be published because of some dumb contest thing, and I have a hard time believing that but am disgusted if it is true.
I was advised to make a new topic so…???

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Isn’t that page the one that prevented Price Of Freedom to get published?

Edit: chooseyourstory i mean

yes i think

I thought I saw that one published over there. Weird.
That’s, like, terrible if it is though

well that site probly was like this one once then i went down hill

Iirc: the author entered an earlier version into a contest on another page once or such, then wanted to published a refined and revised version via cog, and the other page was all “nope we own the rights to this because contest”


wow, thank god that i switch

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Whoa that is fucking disgusting. Even with them, I have a hard time believing anyone can do something like that, but not nearly hard enough of one. @jasonstevanhill You know what goes on behind the scenes, right?

Well, if the terms for a contest says you give away rights to your entry, then you do.
If the terms don’t say so, and no one signs anything, I don’t think they can claim anything.

PSA: Always read the terms.


Mm…that’s not quite what happened, according to the author, but :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Lol, no, that’s not what happened at all. Kind of the opposite, actually. :yum:


Here comes Avery to spit some facts. :grinning:


You’re the author, right? So it wasn’t a contest or…?

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Actually Avery’s going to bed, but rest assured, CYS never said that I couldn’t publish the game on CoG. They were completely fine with it.


Honestly, posting stuff like this just fans the flames of divide. It’s BS, and you guys should know better.

If you have concerns about what happened, ask the author directly or speak with moderators such as @Gower.

Starting this kind of stuff is what makes CoG look bad. You should have learned from the threads involving adult content and other such threads. Spewing vitriol in public makes you and everyone who responds, such as myself, look bad. Come on, guys.


I hope you and your friends don’t start again to insult me and using racists words in cya. I am tired of that.

I am here and i don’t go hiding if someone wants to say something. It is cool swimming in waters but you as author has to maintain a serious image more with choice of games that has already published you.

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I just thought to ask a question here, and if forumers are believing something about a situation that is wrong, it should be corrected. If they are right, then fuck CYS.
It was one of the moderators I think who directed me to make this thread seperately. They didn’t answer my question so I don’t know if they, like, know know what’s going on?
The author said that wasn’t what happened though so that is good to know if you feel me. But better to have the opportunity to learn that than to, you know, not find out or know who to ask. Plus private messaging mods is intimidating and I is a shy boi. :yum:

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The problem is, assuming things spreads bad rumors. There are already more than enough of those. Look at the assumptions made early in this thread.

I really just think this was super uncool, y’all. Avery is still on the forum, and you could have just asked her.


Does MMM have to be handwaved at any time someone wants to talk about controversy, or can it just be a story again? :slight_smile:


Sorry Sam. I mentioned it, because of the bad rumors. Those rumors upset me greatly. I can remove it if you want.

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