Questions about the Price of Freedom and CYS

Then I grossly misunderstood the situation. Sorry.

Edit: What’s going on?


I think they actually like you over there, Mara. It may have been a miscommunication♡


I believe that this is an issue between Avery and CoG staff for the most part, and while the incident in question may have been unfortunate, it is over, and should probably left to the interested parties to deal with. There’s no sense in rubbernecking it from other people as it spreads (for the most part) inaccurate rumors.

People from CYS did not insult anyone on this particular thread, so I don’t see any reason to bring it up. There’s no need for us to debate whether people not here like or don’t like Mara, either.


No I had to make an account there some moths ago because they were attacking me directly calling me stupid brain dead and other stuff. So Like i am not a coward i went there myself to solve the issue . I hope is solved if not i will have to return again

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Ah, thanks. I kinda misinterpreted your comment. No problems here!

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Perhaps the title of the thread should be edited to answer the question so as to avoid making the wrong impression?

For people who don’t read every post or only skim, they might misunderstand/make assumptions


I am happy this was cleared up at least. It is crazy that a false rumor like that was believed though. I hope any other people who believed it see this thread so they know better now, you know? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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@gryllidae you are correct. The CYS TOS state that the Price of Freedom is now owned by CYS. Therefore, Avery does not have the legal authority to license it to us.

Moreover, @Avery_Moore, I don’t know why you continue to misrepresent the facts on this matter.


That’s not necessarily true, in the TOS it states:

“Reproduction of any content from (website) is permitted as long as you obtain express written permission of HALOGEN STUDIOS. You further agree to grant to HALOGEN STUDIOS a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license, with the right to sublicense, to reproduce, transmit, distribute, create any derivative works of, publicly use or display any materials”—

She can, with permission, “reproduce” her content for publishing under HG, correct?


That is correct: with permission.

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Looking at the chooseyourstory front page, they’ve got an email with the owner giving permission screenshotted front and center.


That email has never been sent to us.


If the official word is that the ChooseYourStory copyright was the reason the game couldn’t be published here, most people were assuming that meant someone had attempted to contact the copyright holder and was refused. That’s what it’s been made to sound like anyhow but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.


In my view, what CYS did is quite unprofessional in my opinion. Putting it in public announcement like that… What is the gain of shaming another IF platform?


I think they were just trying to make something clear in as official a way as they could.

It doesn’t come off as shaming nor shameful to me. Just as a way to put an end to this ridiculous rumor mill that is helping no one and harming at least one person.


We never tried to reach out to Halogen Studios, no. It’s was never on us to do so. If Avery wanted the game published by HG, then she needed to sort out the copyright issues herself. I did invite her to try to acquire permission; she never responded to that particular request. However many months later, this is the first I’ve heard about that permission (possibly) being given.

And, Eiwynn, I appreciate your point, but I disagree. The reason I’m keeping this open is so that the rumor mill can be dealt with. Trying to keep this out of the view of the public has lead us to this point.

For example, in Moxie’s post, she says:

To me, that’s from the rumor mill. I never said, “ok folks, we’re going to email Halogen Studios.” People assuming that “someone”–presumably meaning someone from COG/HG?–was reaching out is an example of a misunderstanding arising from taking this out of the public eye.

Please, Moxie, clarify if I misinterpreted you there.


Just to let everyone know what I know, because I’m really unsure about what’s going down, we had a CYS representative on the XoR Discord, and CYS have now published Price of Freedom on their website.


The title of this thread should probably be changed then, @Gryllidae. The Price of Freedom is published on CYS, and it doesn’t seem they ‘refused’ to let it be published.


It is good to have this out in the open with so many rumors and theories brewing and festering. This is the sort of thing that really harms communities. I wonder how to move forward at this point, not only in terms of this particular game, but in terms of lines of communication. It would be sad if stuff like this caused schisms in the community. It seems so unnecessary, and a real shame.

(And it’s a good game, too.)


This does illustrate why the just passed EU copyright reform is bullshit in doing what the Commission and Saints Merkel and Voss are claiming it’s supposedly designed to do since it does nothing at all to reform exploitative bullshit contract law and in fact encourages businesses to make the contracts and terms they do offer much more exploitative again. :unamused:
Nor does it impose any penalty on making bogus copyright claim other than deferring to already weak and hugely expensive civil procedures to sue under libel law for anyone who does something under a personal title, for example.