Queen of Brava Update/ Side Project

Thanks. :blue_heart:

Yes, will have one with the release of chapter one. Hopefully, by the end of this month, since I have been making a really good progress on this WIP. 2k words a day.

I know that there will not be a lot of interest due to most of my followers being men, but I want to have this story out for my sister.

And I also want to have a Female MC’s story out on hosted game, since I want gender locked to female game that also heavily focuses on politics and war, not just romance.

Just pushed a small update that fixes most of the writing and grammar errors. The full editing shall be done later when most of the game is done.


I like it, your every work is very good.:+1:t2:


Angst, romance, and royalty? I’m in! :smirk:


loved it

i already hate our mum already


Is anyone else getting Yandere vibes from the ex betrothed love interest or is that just me. (at the very least possessive/obsessive vibes and not in the over protective way like in Manhwa.)


I love the demon keep it up


My gosh, gonna wait for more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As always what mainly worries me is you Cat focusing on others projects far too much and you know compromising your progress on For the Empire, beyond that gotta admit that you are full of ideas all the Wips that you’ve come with are all unique showing us that medieval settings with all their flavour can always surprise a willing reader.

Frankly I see the story changing much regarding your gender how people treat you your relationship with your sweet mother perphaps even your dead father(he might favour more his daughters and as male perphaps you remember him of your late brother and thus guilt) your pending betrothal to a foreign ruler and the demands when you become a ruler might be different as in this societies your position(if you are a jerk you can even say legitimacy is weaker as a woman) regularly it might not be portrayed as such but as a female ruler the challenges are greater and the geopolitical image your Kingdom projects is also far more vulnerable.

I liked how your mother is almost shocked when you pick up an interest on military, how in general she reflects the society’s view of the “acceptable behaviour for a female noble” and how she is that kind of character that speaks in spite but also with wisdom giving how many years she has dealt with court and with the pressures of being the second spouse of the late King, she might be a bitchy woman but I would like to think that her character can be either your greatest friend or greatest obstacle to actively manage the Kingdom as Queen and be truly accepted.

The descriptions of attires, the general environment of the Palace, there is a certain vibe that things are being done well, with these settings(and historical ones) being detailed is a good thing not too the point you bore but you need to transport us all to the Kingdom, so going on a good direction.

Been busy nowadays preparing my Final degree project focusing on minor nationalisms on Europe referring to traditional minorities oppressed by European states and so many times historically the downfall of Duchies/Kingdoms starts with a girl succeeding and with European succession she was not allowed to rule at all the position being gifted to her husband, so I wonder if on this WIP as a girl you can actually lose it all to your consort if you are not competent enough or just fall within the power projection of the bigger Kingdom ending on a union or integration.

See the case of the poor Duchesses of Brittany from Constance,Alix to finally brave Anne of Brittany, the French and the English made sure to exploit the hell of female succession much to the detriment of the Bretons who were always played/divided by two groups of interest.


Europe enjoyed many famous and powerful female monarchs. Especially the British. I find this whole essay most confusing… Perhaps you could expand on some of the things you said here (with sources)? Maybe I’ll learn something new about Queen Elizabeth II.

But regardless, this WIP is under no obligation to resemble history- because it’s not historical fiction.


That’s 16th century and onwards(Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots as an example,they were last resorts thought and few liked them), I am speaking about early to the “true” medieval ages that being early to middle, of course later on European history you get all the female rulers and monarchs but before the highlights a girl inheriting ended up on chaos(lots of male rivals pop up and the nobility might have supported them if it fitted their goals).

Always imagined that if Margaret Maid of Norway inherited Scotland truly without dying the political integration with England would have been far sooner specially with a marriage with the English already thought for her, the worse a civil war to unseat them by the Scottish clans.

On many things the WIP already resembles history see the mother’s behaviour and social carefulness, female rulers still today have it worse on many aspects there is a stigma a harsh reality that if adapted well into fiction it can add very interesting stuff to any narrative, that vulnerability of the succession can be very fun for a medieval WIP.

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No, I believe that’s a terrible idea :sweat_smile: Perhaps it would be more interesting for you to play, but it would cause nothing but controversy and I don’t think the femMC playing portion of the audience would appreciate it very much.
Making a game where when you play as a man it’s hard but when you play as a woman it’s Dark Souls difficulty might be interesting, but it’s more work than it’s worth, and only for the audience to accuse you of sexism.
Historical fiction as a genre hasn’t been explored in IFs a lot and for a good reason.

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Well I do get your point still hella dramatic to me, if adapting historical developments in your fiction ends up with such perceptions it is a little sad, it would mean slightly more difficulty in terms of the interactions and how the world reacts to your character but that would by itself make you navigate very interesting situations.

Like fearing stuff like this somewhat limits medieval Wips, there is a reason why female characters on historical fiction cut that deep because of the injustices and harsh realities they suffer, many times the struggle of the portrayal ends up being the most engaging stuff of the setting.

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I think it depends on the genre of the story. In an adventure story, or a mystery, the darker sides of history can add an interesting element. But in a romance or a lighthearted comedy, a lot people don’t want something quite so serious. This is a generalization, but I think that’s a relatively common opinion


Sadly yeah that’s the thing, here though we have some political drama going on along with the romance so that’s why mainly suggested it, fleeing the serious narrative generally hurts these kind of settings as including some of the harsh realities can make a difference with the perception of the whole story.

Very interesting topic, guess we are asking the right questions at the right moment.

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It seems like you are looking for a complex political narrative, which probably has its place on a shelf next to ASoIaF. I’m afraid that would be difficult to write and code in a gamebook format, especially for someone who never finished a game or a book before.
Ideally, you’d have a whole gamedev team if it was to be finished in any reasonable timeframe.

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I see both sides of the argument.

Even though it will be difficult to write and code, I will try my best to write a complex political narrative in this story.

Romance and fantasy are not our main focus, political narrative and somewhat real challenges are.

We chose to make the main character a woman because we want to explore the unique challenges and prejudices that female leaders face in a male-dominated political landscape. That is the point of the story we are making. Otherwise, we would have just made both genders available if they were the same and didn’t affect the story.

King Hagan should be an interesting man to deal with.

Just pushed a small update that fixes and improve most of the writing.

Northern east coast


:thinking: thought that was the plan. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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For now it is just a thought. But, as I said before, I don’t think I will open it.

Maybe when the game is done I can do so but for now, the game focuses on a female MC only. I made sure to say that in the note.

Will try to make it more clear.



Got an error here:


Great game. I also got a small bug. When I select blue eyes, it says that my eyes are emerald green on the next screen.