Queen of Brava Update/ Side Project

Summary. Will write a better summary later.

After the slain of both your father, King Frederic the Prosperous, and your older half-brother, Crown Prince Herrick the Bold, at the hands of the Ozailian Empire, the Juggernaut of the South, the weight of ruling falls to you at the young age of sixteen.

You are the second-born child of King Frederic and Queen consort Wilda. You will have to deal with the problems that trouble the realm.

The Northern Alliance is fractured like never before, and the Ozailian Empire is growing in power. Also, the naval power of the Republic of Vota, your most important trading partner, is trying to increase its influence over your kingdom.


Romance. Will add the artbreeder later.

King Hagan von Varshagen.

You were supposed to be shipped to his kingdom and become his queen before the war. Now the betrothal was called off as you took control over your father’s kingdom, and King Hagan feels betrayed.

He shall have you as his wife one way or another.

Lady Elena von Teufel

Elena is your most trusted companion and your childhood best friend. She was sent to serve as your lady-in-waiting. She is the daughter of an influential duke in your kingdom who could be a great ally to you or a great enemy.

Ambassador Bibar of the Republic of Volta.

Send to establish an alliance with your kingdom and grow The Republic’s influence in the northern regions.

Empress Nela of the Ozailian Empire.

After losing control of the empire to her grand general, Nela fled with the 24 legion stationed at the northern borders, crossing the northern alliance territory in order to seek shelter and rally the north behind her in hopes of retaking her throne.

There will be more romances later, but they aren’t main. Will only focus on the four above.


Very interesting!


While I typically am not the biggest fan of gender-locked CoG games, I find this one to be a ton of fun in such a short demo. I look forward to playing more


This is fun,i love it
And look forward to this


@Fat_cat i like this, its short but i like it. a few issues though, more dresses/outfits diversity is important. also the general overview i feel you are missing a on or two things. firstly you need to add a knowledge and/or tactics bar. secondly in terms of personality playful - serious or confident - shy bar i feel thats needed.

but thats just me…


Yes, I know. I’m not really giving my sister’s story justice, by the way, I translated it; she wrote a lot of dresses and details; it’s my problem with the language. I have already signed up for writing courses and will overhaul the demo, just showing her idea for now.


Hello @Fat_cat! A very nice demo. It had some issues with the spelling in some parts, but overall it was interesting and the content was understandable. If you want some help in the future, I can help you rephrase the text or edit some misspelled words. Good luck to you and your sister’s stories. :slightly_smiling_face:


just so you know it seems that this demo and the one for the Northern Kingdoms that you or your sister is working on are the same demos

Fixed sorry, I’m dumb.


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Let me know what you think if you have the time.

If you wonder why the gender lock, it is because I’m writing the story especially for my sister.


I do like the story, all I’m worried about is if this will stop you from updating War of Heirs. Don’t get me wrong, if your confident you can complete both than go for it! Just worried that your gonna get burned out and stop writing. Sorry if this sounds like I’m telling you what to do, know you’ve had problems with those types of readers before, I’m just offering my opinion.


For now, I have a goal of 2k a day. 1k for WOH and one k for this.

Will see how it goes.

Don’t worry about it, it is fine.

Will fix it, thanks.


Great :blush: Also found an error where your mother’s description is the same as your little sisters.

Edit: Also when I tell Ada to let some tears flow but don’t let it consume you at the last scene doesn’t give as description of her and just says this

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@Drakona Fixed. Thanks for the help. I know it is early, but do you have thoughts about the game so far?

The entire plot is already planned out in my sister’s journal, just need to write it.


I really like it so far! I think it should be interesting


I do like the game a lot, so far it seems pretty good and I like where the characters are going. Though one thing that might be good is when you burn the bodies of your father and brother, you could add a small flashback that would get the reader a little more invested in their deaths. Right now, I really like the sister (I think more games should have characters akin to an adorable sibling to be frank) and am interested in the direction the Queen dowager is going. The only two things I might add is some explanation of why your father married your mom and some more depth on the half brother, but other than that I think your sister has some great ideas!


I love all the royal related games.
Really excited about this one. I’ll keep an eye!


Will you get a separate tumblr for this game or you’re going to have just one for all your games?

I honestly wasn’t expecting MC to be gender locked to female, since most of your audience are man, but it was a pleasant surprise! I’m excited about this demo and I wish you the best of luck and skill to complete it :heart: