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So I’ve been kicking around a few ideas for games and I want to see which one would receive the most attention. This would be a Hosted Game of course, I have no published works so a CoG is out of the question. This are mainly just my starting ideas and the general direction I want them to go in, by no means are they entirely set in stone, but they should be in the same ballpark.
Option One, Silent Moon (project title, nothing more.) a game focusing on three races, Human, Werewolf, and Vampire. Where? Travel will be heavily involved most likely. What? Ensuring survival of your race, by domination or perhaps even co-existence, you have to survive somehow. When? Now this is the interesting part. The game will stretch over three eras that are still being determined, ranging from medieval times to modern day, and depending on general opinion, maybe even the future. The actions you take will not only effect the world, but will forge the path for your descendants. Starting at the earliest era, the player’s choices will effect both themselves and the future eras waiting to unfold. Romance will most likely be important (no…relations = no descendants) to continue to further eras, or perhaps you’ll dominate in one era, leaving the descendants of others to live on the fruits of your labor.

Option Two @Dark_Stalker has been dying to play it, and it will be worked on eventually, but this will decide the order it’s made, Modern Piracy. (Working title, most likely will be changed.) Leave behind your days of sword fighting and parrots (both cliches but I’m not getting into how wrong they were) and say hello to a new age. Gone are the days of old, now this new age holds weaponry that could bring even the biggest man-of-war from the old days to the depths. Welcome the new pirate. Lead a band of modern pirates on their gun toting journey to plunder cash and random from the high seas. Advance you fleet, choose how to deal with your equals in command, with randomized encounters planned, each playthrough will lead to new combinations of plunder to take. Lead your employees, invest your wealth, and conquer the competition one by one as you rise to fame. Outgun the naval militaries of the world, and claim what is ripe for the taking.

Choice three, bionic rapture (no file or progress made but what is there is all in my head. Title will most likely be changed.) there goes the neighborhood. When an organization launches an attack on a large population city through the use of an unstable strain of nano-bot, what once was a bustling metropolis becomes a wasteland, pillaged by abominations birthed from infected hosts, their bodies being “enhanced” at random and send into a blood frenzy, order quickly fell. With each survivor in the quarantine being akin to a time bomb, there is no strength in numbers anymore, every man, woman, and child is forced to fight for there lives as their loved ones rip each other to shreds. So where do you come in? As of now, that’s up to you. Will you be a government agent, making runs into the quarantine to help stop the outbreak, or perhaps a member of the organization that started it all, then of course, this is your adventure, so who’s to say you weren’t in the city when the attack happened? Awakening from your blood frenzy in an unfamiliar body with strange augmentations, will you hold on to what’s left of your humanity, or will you strive to become the leader of your former neighbors, building a force to break the quarantine? It’s all up to you.

Please give any feedback and suggestions you have, also questions, answering them might help the progress for me. This post was originally going to be a poll, but I couldn’t figure out the stupid syntax. Just post about it in the thread and I’ll tally it up when it’s done, I guess :cry:
Current tally

Number 3
I think there’s enough supernatural stuff, and pirates (old and new) are scumbags.

I think all of them have potential but I like the third option more. It goes in a new direction that no one has ever tried. There are a lot of supernatural WIPs around here and the second option simply doesn’t catch my interest.

The newer ones help pay for schooling for others in their hometown. They might do some sick things to get the cash, but some goes to the community they came from.

It hasn’t been tried in a choice format before, but I have to admit I got a few scraps of inspiration from this cartoon I watched as a kid.

A show? A show? I think I have watched something with that kind of story, Could you tell me the name of the cartoon? (And to stay on topic) That’s what I meant with “New direction” It explores a new path whe haven’t heard about here on Choice of Games. It’s completely new and original (And who cares about it being inspirated by a cartoon you watched as a kid? My favorite show was inspired by a japanese legend)

I think Silent Moon would work as a series of games better than as one game. A mid-game switch of MC would be confusing for some, and having each time a game would allow to play them as stand-alone.

Bionic rapture is interesting. The options are very variable, and this is good.

I vote for Modern Piracy as your first game. I think it would be the easiest to make.

Generator Rex. The concept was similar except they never went into detail about how the machines (called nanites in the show) were actually released. There was simply an incident called “The Event” I think, and once the nanites got into the atmosphere from The Event, they infected everyone except one man (not important right now) everyone with the nanites was a time bomb, ready to mutate at random, but the show focused on Rex, a teenager who has a special strain of nanite that allows him to create machine parts from his body, and also to hack other nanites to revert a host back to normal, so he was basically the tank, and the bomb squad mixed in one. If they possess a unique strain, certain individuals used their powers at command, similar to Rex, but they each had different abilities and could use them without going evo, the term used when someone started being modified. The only one who had a hacking ability similar to Rex was the main antagonist (Van Kleis I think? Or was that his Evo-Werewolf enforcer…) anyways, that guy had his own country, but the twist was that the soil, the plants, everything in his land was infested with nanites, but he controlled them all mentally. To top it off, he could also stab you what looked like a steampunk Freddy Kreuger glove, and his nanites would hack yours and give them the command to turn you to stone.
Out of the normal nanite strain, only one man was ever to keep his conciousness when he went Evo, I think he was actually Japanese but he used raw will power to force himself into a meditative state where he wouldn’t kill anyone. As for how it compares to my idea, there are a bunch of key differences. In mine, you regain conciousness after a set amount of time, regardless of your willpower. The machines (I won’t steal the term nanites) didn’t sweap the globe, just condemned a city as a test run. Mine also turn people on a much more frequent basis, while you could live with nanites for decades, mine would turn you based on stress levels and physical trauma. The multiple strain thing I’m going to keep, the main villain organization has non-contagious stable versions in their blood stream, unlike the unstable version they released in this target city. Although I have to admit, Kleis was awesome that I may have to base the antagonist on him.

Edit: here’s a pic of the character who used willpower to fight off going full Evo, he had a pin code be required every half hour, and if he ever lost conciousness to the point where he was unable to type it in, he would be dropped into a live volcano. Seriously though, smart move. Before going Evo, his back story is that he was pretty much the top martial arts master in the world, give an Evo that training, even if it remains subconscious, and devastation would follow for sure. I like the concept of the willpower over the nanites, maybe I’ll include some kind of influence over your own machines if your willpower reaches a certain threshold.

I’d just worry about choices transferring over. Would it be possible between games like that? If so I’d probably wait for at least I can pitch it to CoG after I get a hosted out there.
The pirate was a request I couldn’t turn down, while I don’t think I should pick off of the easiest one to make, I liked the idea, and wanted to know if this was going to be a popular project or one that will satisfy a smaller group (hopefully me included, I hope to make it random enough that even I have a fun time replaying.)

Doesn’t sabres of Infinity do that?

My main vote would be to piracy obviously.

Also if you decide on the supernatural one it would great if you could play as the same vampire through out the eras.

Oh, Generator Rex!! I really liked that show, especially thanks to Six he was like “You may be the only hope for humanity but if you get cocky I will personally beat your scrawny hibryd ass” and yeah I remember that guy… He must be able to get a limb cut off during an interrogation and don’t seem fazed by it.

Just like this guy:

That was honestly going to be something I considered. Since they’re undead, the vamps would need something to balance the scales so to speak.

On a related note, Humans are being kindof outclassed, gotta work on balancing systems.

Six was great. I’m honestly not sure if I should allow those who have turned but gained conciousness to work with the agents, depends on if I give the agents a “shoot on sight” attitude or not, because the only ones who could disarm these guys would be the ones that released the machines in the first place.

Maybe, but there should be some kind of condition like a Willpower check or having a specific background like: “A soldier very condecorated due to X and his/her invaluable service in y” and so on but I’m just rambling thought so do what you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Part of the choice to be in the city during the attack is to pick what you were actually doing there. A soldier should be easy to work in as a choice. I was thinking something along the paraphrased lines of “the day of the attack was a surprise to everyone, what were you doing in the city when it happened”?
#working out
A trip to the gym turned into such a life changing experience, but based on your physique, this wasn’t your first time there. (Strength increase.)
Well you went to the city to have some fun and win some money. You won a decent amount too, it’s a shame what happened moments after you won that jackpot. (luck increase)

And just kinda go like that to pick a background, maybe add some background specific skills.
Also, some of my best and worst ideas come from my ramblings

I choose… Number 1!

So in all honesty, do you think the eras should be implemented in one game or as standalone titles?

I think you should save option three for a pitch to CoG. They don’t have one like that, it’ll be unique. But then maybe not, I’m not a publisher. I have seen pther CYOA gamebooks with a bionic story but I didn’t end up reading it. So I say no to number 3 for now.

I like pirates. I could see how this will be put together. How will you go about the random looting? Will it be something like loot a1 - b1 - c3 - d2. Where the letter represents when in the game the event arrises, as in chapter one, two, three etc. While the number indicates which of the random scenes appears. Something like that yes? Or is it just all random? For idea number 2, maybe.

For the 1st idea, it could be well done as one gamebook or as a series. Reminds me a little of vampire diaries. Maybe give the human MC a twist to give them an edge. Like in Grimm where he can see their true forms. (Special human to interact with the Vampires and Werewolves). In the beginning, is MC the first of their kind? If so how did they get that way? I have a suggestion if you don’t have a reason for it yet. I know there are a lot of supernatural WIP games but honestly people eat it up! I still can’t get enough of the stuff lol. So I have a definite vote for number 1.

I plan on creating a table filled with encounters somewhat tailored to the MC’s progress, then having different encounters narrowed down or made possible by changes in progress, but from the narrowed down query it would be possible, as for loot I’m not sure if I should have it set up ranked randomization or maybe just assign certain loot to certain encounters. Honestly I was going to pitch 1 or 3 once I had a hosted built, 2 was a request and I just wanted to get my name out there as a dev, doubt I’d be charging for it even if it ends up huge.

Ah ok. Number two sounds very interesting. I’m not sure if they’d go for number one since they have a vampire gamebook but then again you also have the choice to be human or a werewolf. Likewise with number two, Choice of Broadsides, I think was the sailing one they have. I haven’t played it in years but I vaguely remember being able to not go with the norm and become an outlaw. Maybe I’m wrong and it was a different story, but that one is well written. I still think number three is your best bet if you’re aiming for CoG publishing. Very unique.

If you plan to pitch all three maybe write a simple short story instead? Get that published then pitch your ideas?