Price of Freedom (Beta Testers Needed)

Hi guys! I’m back! So, it’s taken me awhile but I finally got everything transferred over to CYS and the game is pretty much finished. (The only difference from the Choicescript version is that you can’t create your own name, you have to choose from a list.) There’s just a few things I need to do before I publish it, like write up a proper introduction and ending, figure out how I’m going to publish the sequels (there doesn’t seem to be any reliable way of transferring stats from one game to another) and a few other bits and pieces.

In the mean time, it’d be awesome if some of you guys could give the game a playthrough and let me know if you find any mistakes or bugs along the way. Specifically, I’m looking for:

Coding Errors: Does the same option show up twice? Do no options show up at all? Does it say a character’s dead when they’re still alive? Did I forget to put the bloody “Check Stats” option at the bottom of the page? (God, I miss Choicescript’s built in Stats page.)

Spelling Errors: Keep in mind that the game is written in British English, so if I ever use American English, that’d count as a spelling mistake.

Grammar Errors: Apparently I have a had core addiction to commas… Use way, way too many. Also, I don’t seem to know the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

Anyways, here’s the link. :blush:


The link doesn’t go to the game

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For the life of me, MC still die because I sucked at decisions. I really love the characters, it’s refreshing of how many different personality that they have! Pacing is alright, I felt it was a bit rushed during the fight though (then again, it was a fight of survival so I could understand why).
It was probably just me, but I felt Lulu was a bit OOC, at the end.

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That’s the old version

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Link dosent go game

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Huh? That’s weird, it’s working for me. Does it take you to

Edit: Oh! I see what’s wrong with it. I didn’t click the “Allow Sneak Preview” button. Should be working now. :grin:

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MC gave an apple to her brother, but I still got the same option to give an apple to Gerda. The option only pop up for Gerda though.

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This isn’t really criticism but this was actually the first interactive story I ever read (you’re to blame for all the money i’ve thrown into these so ty very much). Its just as good as I remembered it, your writing style is still so comprehensible yet artistic and I hope you continue this novel in some form or another because I love your work!


Thank you! I’ll go fix that :grin:

D’awhh! Thank you! Glad to know that I am responsible for sucking dry all the money that you could otherwise have spent on important stuff like food and clothing. :yum:

And I’m 100% planning on continuing it. Right now the tricky part is figuring out how to transfer stats from one game to another. :confounded:


@Avery_Moore so this means that you were unable to get rights of the game to get it published by Hosted games?


Found this topic about coding in custom player names. Hopefully it helps you. :slight_smile:

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I could’ve done, but for several reasons, I decided that CYS would be better for me to publish the game on. I’ve been told that it’s unlikely that CoG would publish the sequels due to having extremely dark content, so I think it’d be better to post all three games over on CYS, where I know for sure they’ll all be accepted. (Also, it means that all of the games will be free. So everyone can play them.) :blush:


Thanks Bugreporter! I’m definitely going to be using that with Lawless Ones, but for POF, I think I’m probably going to keep it as it is. (Feels more authentic when the character has a Greek name anyway.) :grin:


Some minor nitpicks:

Chapter 1: Your childhood spent jugglingchores and entertainment was tiring but happy. It was also painfully brief. (Needs a space.)

Chapter 2: He gives the reigns a sharp tug and the donkey moves slowly forward. (Should be reins.)

Chapter 4: Men and women who’s names will be chanted through the street. (Should be whose.)

Chapter 9: You’d defiantly have a better chance of surviving if you got your hands on that… That is, if you’re fast enough to get to it first. (Should be definitely.)

Silent, stoic and unpretentious, allowing the people to show their appreciation without asking for more.Gerda, of course, is loving every minute of it, raising her hands high and cheering along with the crowd. (Needs a space.)

Just as I have faith in your ability to mould thesechildren into battle-ready warriors. (Needs a space)

Overall, it was definitely worth the wait! Looking forward to the next installment. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Morgan!!! :hearts:

I found an error in chapter 8 where you’re choosing what to do during practice. When I pick the stealth option, it adds 10 points to strength instead of stealth.

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Awh, well spotted! I’ll go fix that. Thank you! :grin:

Typo in chapter 2.

ripping off large chunks of bread with her teeth, and swallowing it before she even has time the chew it properly.


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Hi guys! Apologies for my long disappearance, but if anybody’s interested, the first chapter of Price of Freedom: Brothers in Arms is complete and ready to play!

Since the game has a whole bunch of variables and scripting, I’m guessing it’s going to be full of bugs, which is why I’m looking to get as many beta testers as possible, so if anybody wants to be an official beta tester, please let me know.

For now, the game’s open to everyone. (I’m thinking of keeping the first 3 chapters as a demo and then having the rest of the game only accessible to Patreons and Beta Testers like I did with Lawless Ones.)

Any way, here’s the link. Please let me know what you guys think, and if you find anything wrong with it. :relaxed: