Powereds: The Academy

To everyone reading this, I’ve got all the feedback i needed for this part of the game, so thanks for the help and support you all gave me.
I will need some people to test the game before getting to the beta tests so if anyone is interested email me on poweredcog@gmail.com



(With the caveat that it’s only for a limited amount of time, maybe an hour or so, because I can see why that would be too overpowered otherwise.)

Edit: Being able to detect lies and/or forcing others to tell the truth.


This is a … risky attempt, having too much powers and abilities will create many, many different scenarios which often are unholy messes of codes. Spending too much time on powers can also makes you neglect about characters, world-building and our MC personality


yeah i thought about it too when creating the game, and i know it won’t be the best but i’ll try to make it as good as i can. :smiley:


I think you shouldn’t rush, just focus on story and characters, there are enough powers. Build a storyline, add characters but quality over quantity, one good character is better than five or six meaningless ones. With a good story, you automatically success


Yeah i thought of necromancy too, but making it a limited time thing would make it useless in fights that aren’t happening in graveyard and not having the limit would make it overpowered as you said.

As for the lie detecting, i was going to put that as one of the skills of the telepathic power, as it can read secrets and thoughts. Good job anyway!

I’ll add a special thanks part in the end for all those who tried to find a new power!


How about the ability to steal someone else’s power or copying it for a certain amount of time?


In summary what is the common plot of the story. It does not matter which route or decision you take. What is the goal to follow in the story?

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What about shadow manipulation? (I always use shadow powers whenever I can in games XD)

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It’s actually there, in creation powers between metal and electricity manipulation, thanks for your time though!

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Each week you’ll have to attend deferent classes, and on weekends based on your powers and stats you will be qble to practice your powers, invent stuff, or do other events which i really haven’t decided yet.

There will be somw general classes, some power specific classes which will have they’re benefits if you pass, there will be a major villain attack. And well, some other stuff, which i can’t say because I’d spoil the plot.

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it was among the ideas which i discarded, because there already was power generation. But thanks for your time!

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An attack of villains in the school and common events of an ordinary high school but with powers. Will there also be missions that we have to do as students to say gain experience before our role as heroes? By the way, funny or funny things can be done with superpowers, I say if we talk about social events with other students and we want to laugh for a while XD.

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If you check your stats screen after choosing powers you’ll see that there are mastery levels for each power (which to be frank took hella lot of time to make XD( every time you use a power you will get some mastery at it and your mastery level will increase if enough mastery is gained. That will work as an xp system.
For the missions i haven’t really thought about the tiny details for weekends or stuff, so when i said events which i really haven’t thought about, i meaned those. If you have any idea for a mission feel free to email me!
And you don’t have to be a hero in the game either, ther will be four classes: villains, heroes,anti-villains, anti-heroes. Frankly, i go with antivillains whenever i can in a game, but different people have different tastes, so why limit them?
As for your last two lines, i didn’t really get what you mean, so it’d be great if you could explain!


I love the options for powers! This is really exciting, I don’t have any suggestions for powers, but I have a suggestion for a weapon a metal bo staff if possible

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I can’t wait to play it once it’s completed.


Well, for now I just wait for the events that come to mind youvand I can help you refine the details of them (be it social events or heroic missions if you allow me).

also as i’m a newbie using a forum i didn’t know you could private message people, so anyone who wants to test can message me! XD

this took around 18 days so it’ll be long before it’s released i guess, but i’m really glad o got so much positive feedback!

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