Peasant King


Expect the title to change, I have a lousy time coming up with those. More or less I wanted to get a head start gaining some feedback and help (please help) with the project I’ve started.

The basic premise is you, the player character, are the bastard son of the king of Farstead. You’ve known you’re entire life but growing up in the tiny village of Hopless it’s never really mattered. Until you turn fifteen and suddenly find yourself dragged to court and told you’re the new heir.

So far I’ve really just planned the different factions and most of the characters and I’m working on story. To share what I have so far:
You: The player obviously.

Alduin: You’re step-father that’s raised you for as long as you can remember.

Ellia: Your mother, sadly passed on although expect her to come up in the story at a few points but how much you learn about her and and Alduin is left up to you to discover and may even be different based on certain choices.

At the court of Farstead:
King Carzin: A very well known and beloved king he’s currently trying to fend off scheming nobles while salvaging foreign relations and leave a country behind that can survive without him.

Prince Olivian: The reason you’re brought to court, his death during one of the final battles of the war struck a huge blow to moral and left you as the only son of the king.

Princess Orsena: Unhappy that part of the treaty will most likely involve her being married off and shipped across the sea, however, that could be years in the future.

Queen Oshal: Well beyond her child-bearing years, her opinion on the king’s bastard being brought to her home and declared heir is unknown beyond the speculation of the those around her.

Nobility: Mostly you will be interacting with the ‘leaders’ of certain factions that have sprung up with the recent war and terrible loss and the perceived power-vacuum. There will be exceptions of course, I want to include romance and have certain characters already planned with important roles.

Marquess Dar: Below a duke or earl his counsel is still sought because of his shrewd financial savvy that has led to massive gains for his family. Leads the traditionalists that believe the son of the king is the next king. However, you are still illegitimate and so the son of Princess Orsena is much preferred, so long as she marries within the country.

Duke Hayle: Leads the New Order that favors technological progress even at the risk of isolation from neighboring countries. Also, that power and the success it brings of course belongs within the nobility and would like to see the emerging upper-class remember they are still commoners.

Duke Talemis: Nephew to Queen Oshal and head of the Devout, a newly fundamentalist group that has a new way of interpreting religion that says everyone is held equal in The Sisters’ hands. The Queen is not amused. Nevertheless this radical belief started with the common folk and has crossed borders.

Whew, there is much more I can share but needless to say I’m more a writer then programmer and I’m sad to say I’m struggling as much as I thought I would despite the very nice tutorials. Really, I don’t even now how names work and I’m afraid I can’t write the entire game saying ‘hey you’,. But expect some progress as I ask more questions and figure out indents because those seem to be the bane of my existence.

Feel free to ask questions, I’m already afraid this has dragged on but I still have plenty of notes to share. And insight to, I love to hear what others have to offer.


I’m goin’ ta say this sounds very interestin’, will have to be something I keep my eye on.

Just to say, I’m in before anyone else, eh, saves ya some time - female main character option?


Sounds fun. Eta for a demo?


A demo won’t be out for a while, I’d like to spend more time figuring out how everything works but I have midterms and very difficult classes. But I plan to try and spend at least a few minutes a day.

As for a female main character option so far I’m saying it’s very unlikely, I’ve written it so that even if a woman can be considered an heir the princess still isn’t eligible so you’re once again the only option. However, for other plot points to occur I’ve depended on there being a difference in gender roles, one of which actually involves Orsena and the fact that she can indeed marry and have a child that would inherit but it would be her husband who is the king and ruler.

Perhaps in the future I’ll create something with either gender/female protagonist but for this story I don’t really feel pressured to create more work for myself. I will create same sex options when it comes to romance though, but that’s always been a part of the plan.


I like the concept. Wish you luck because I, for the life of me, will never understand how to code. Anything.


(Activating druggie voice…) Duuuuuuuuude, mah dads a draguuun? that’s awsuuuume broooh. (In case you didn’t notice step father’s name is Alduin. Alduin, Dragon, Super Evil Bad Guy, Skyrim… Anybody?)



High five!


Darn it, I was struggling with names like I always do when suddenly Alduin popped in my head and then I was quite pleased and feeling epic. Oddly enough I haven’t actually gotten to any part in Skyrim where any big bad is mentioned so thanks for pointing that out.

So there’s probably going to be a name change. I’ll edit when I come up with something. And then google that something. I’m keeping Farstead though because its most likely been used before (Skyrim most likely) because of childhood sentimentality.

On another name note, my sister asked why the Queen and both her children have names that start with O. It was intentional, and offers some insight into the Queen’s character because she is the one that named them.


How about Orinth for a name or Alaric @IndigoInsane ?


Alaric? Thank you, I’ll use it.





Will there be any fantasy in this?


You mean magic, elves, orcs and the like?


Uh oh…


yes, tis one of my fav genres


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