Paying for someone to make a story

Just throwing this out there someone should make a interactive story about you being a monster or like a goblin or something and how u raise to power if someone does make something like this I’ll PayPal you 100 bucks but it has to be a good story add Abit of romance to it too like choice of dragon how he/ she gets a mate please if you do remember 100 dollars paypal


We already get paid for making stories. It’s called royalties, and $100 for countless hours of work isn’t really incentive. If someone wants to make a story, they will.


This might fit better in the game ideas thread.

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First off, it’s a good thing that you realize that people won’t work for free and offer to pay for it; really, congratulations (I’m not being sarcastic). Plenty of people believe that “creative” and “artsy” things ought to be free and will bitch and moan about having to pay for them or any form of entertainment, even when they are just 2$ or 3$.

Now, your intentions may be good, but the incentive is not enough. Sure,100$ seem a lot (they are!), but not enough to make a whole game. Writing a CoG/HG takes a lot of time and effort, even if they are 25k words or so; the demo of my game is about 30k, and it takes more than 100 pages of text and code.

100$ is literally what I make from only 8 hours in my part time job; unless I can write and code the whole story in 8 hours or less, it’s not worth it. And believe me, it’s impossible to make it in such a short amount of time.


There were some monster WIPs, but they died. :sob:

Monster of Rome

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I thought that CS COMP is no more? As posted last comp…


Sorry, I didn’t know it ended. Well, someone could try to start there own competition or writing jam if they’d like.

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It took up around five to six months of my time. Love the writers here and will always be around to help when I can but life has become much to busy for me and could not put my whole heart into this last one. So it was time to put and end to it. Besides CoG has a comp of their own now. :smile:


I think this is a wonderful sentiment!

Perhaps someone else will take on the monstrous undertaking of running a contest so other people can donate prizes like this.

It’s a really nice idea that shows appreciation, even if it looks a little misguided due to how it was written. :slight_smile:


You can play as a goblin in Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02, if that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much this is fun it’s similar to what I wanted I appreciate it I’m playing it but by accident backed out and lost my progress didn’t even have a way to go back unless I started fresh

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I can understand wanting to play a particular setting/idea in an interactive game. But the way you phrased the request left some room for interpretation as to whether you were commissioning the game (giving you ownership) or offering incentive/support.

You might have luck if you develop the idea some more, then ask for collaborators (or ask for collaborators then develop the idea together.) I imagine splitting the writing/coding/revising/proofreading can lead to more progress and fulfillment than putting all the tasks on one person who might or might not know exactly how you want the plot to proceed.

If you’re only interested in reading the finished product, 100 dollars can buy a lot more than one game.