The Grand Slime -WIP- (chapter 2 now up)

Hello People
I have been working on a CS game called the “The Grand Slime”. You play as a Grand slime that has just been killed by humans (or so they think) and you are now surviving inside a human. How will you use this situation to your advantage?
This is my first attempt at writing anything like this, so there are probably grammar and spelling errors(despite my best efforts to fix them) but I do hope you will enjoy the story.

Currently up to chapter 2 is available for play:

Saves may be broken with updates (error with variables, odd stats or both)

-------What is new?- 10/09/15-----------------------------

-Made clear who is speaking.
-Made clear when you choose the prince’s personalty.
-Made waiting less when in dungeon.(Two click for waiting instead of three to proceed onto the story.)
-Known people should should have been hidden until end…
-Fixed spelling & grammar issues, no doubt I missed some but it should be better.

-------older update- 05/09/15-------------------------------

-New chapter: Chapter 2
chapter 2 has the first “bad” end as well and situations where you can die.

-Added show/hide stats increase/decrease while in play
-Added CJW save plugin

Any issues, errors, thought and opinions?


I can’t wait to eat her father before her eyes hahahahaha!!!

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haha, you’l have to wait till your are bit stronger before you are able to do that :smile:

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Creative start. Obviously we can continue to play as a monstrous slime, but if we stay in our host long enough, we may begin to feel human ourselves.

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So, what do we control the human or something?

@Shawnheatherly Can a monster really “feel” human, you have live for a very long time, would one human’s thoughts change your perception to an extent that you could feel human?

@Doctor in a later chapter that will be your choice, do take over the human, let him know your there and work with him perhaps or kill him; all them can be used to further your survival and growth. or if you were meaning is story continuing from the humans point of view then no, the protagonist is the slime, your actions will affect your host but you will not get choices for the human as you do for the slime.

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There is magic in this game so maybe a magician can use magic to make a body and use your core as a brain

I think this is a really interesting start! Can’t wait to see how this fares in the future and just who it is that the slime has inhabited (I’m assuming it’s the prince?) As you pointed out there are quite a few grammar mistakes and typos, none of which mess with the storyline, but if you’d like I could do my best to point them all out? Also, did you happen to plan on adding a romance portion to this? Strange, I know, considering you play the role of a human inhabiting slime but I’m a sucker for romance :smile:

I’m definitely going to check this out in a while.

“No i will not die here, think… THINK DAM IT THINK… I haven’t lived this long to die to humans… think…”
I should be cap.
“…What if… what if I hide inside a human before this magic detonates?* is *that even possible? I would have to shrink my core so it could fit… this would mean losing a lot of my power… but it is better than dying”. Your magic sense is telling you that the magic build up is going to blow any second now…
Is should be cap

I like it! I will grow inside of this human and i will become even more powerful hahaha!!! :grinning:

@SheaMcD Would probably need several magic users and lots of money to convince those rare people to make you a body instead of killing you or capturing and studying you.

@Alright I would be happy to hear about any mistakes you found, and as for romance well not in the earlier chapters but as for the later ones perhaps :smile:.

@gkkiller Thanks for your interest, hope you will enjoy it.

@Dark_Stalker Thanks for pointing them out :smiley: I will fix them shortly.

@Darkglory Glad you enjoyed it.

I found more

You will never forget becoming a god to *gobilns
You have *learnt different human fighting styles.

The race codex is organised weirdly organized with humans and elves together and seperated from everything else.

Thanks @Dark_Stalker, seems I screwed up the formatting there, will attempt to fix it and any other errors you find before going to work.

Reminds me of slime tensei but much different way different there’s nothing similar it just remind me.

Some fixes!

“My lord we are nearing the site of the monster,”

The world lord here is used as an honorific, so therefore it should be capitalized.

“If the peasants and the scout’s reports are too believed”

Perhaps “to be” would fit better here.

Under the option to learn more about the slimes:

there body is that of a blob of a jelly”

Their, since you’re talking about the slime.

“be able to keep its form thus dyeing.”


“Well I have one less useless one guard too fire now.”

to fire

Chapter 1:

Dam these annoying humans, this can’t be my end!”

Dam refers to a barrier to hold back water while damn can be used as an expression of anger.

“No i will not die here, think… THINK DAM IT THINK… I haven’t lived this long to die to humans… think…”

Capitalize I and dam should become damn.

Thank you both @Alright & @Dark_Stalker , I have fixed the issues you both raised :smile:.

@Lamia Never heard of slime tensei, is it worth a read?

It was so disappointing… that it ended before really getting into the game. I really want to see how you transition from the prince to the slime. Looking forward to a lot more.

@Lordirish More chapters will come soonish, as I finish and do some proofing on them l will update this post.

@Darkglory The current available build is short but I hope you will find it both interesting and enjoyable :smile:

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See for yourself and judge I can’t say cause we might have different taste in novel