Slime Quest

My first attempt at a game. You take on the role of a slime monster in the fantasy world of Loronia and go on a grand adventure!

All constructive feedback welcome.

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Fun concept, well realized so far. I might suggest streamlining the creation section. You have three different choice branches, one right after another, that are all balancing the same stats. It might be easier to just let people set their stats directly, unless tribe and mentor are going to have effects beyond stat distribution. Just make one question for color and one asking you to choose between different strength/tough/speed distributions.

Lively and enjoyable - keep it up!

I love this game. It was clever and fun. The slime names were jarring though and destroyed the illusion with how human they were. The riddle though wasn’t the answer I expected. It was a fun game though.

Looking back now on the RPG’s i played and all the slimes i killed, all i can think is, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?”

Thanks Troubadour, I’ll never be able to farm slimes again. Now excuse me while I continue plotting ways to avenge my clan members. Damn adventurers…

Very well written, you managed to make me feel sorry for Slime People, which i think was the point. :slight_smile:

Every Slime I had killed…every game…WHAT HAVE I DONE???

It’s well written except for the human names. It goes all Ert, Poki, slime and then suddenly Bob. Why Bob? Other than that it’s good. Maybe put a little more choices that matter. Still it’s early so no worries.

@Troubadour I think it’s safe to say that the high level of your writing has caused many a brave online adventurer to rethink their entire online life… (Including me)
But your game is really very good, looking forwards to the rest! :slight_smile:


WHY DID I EVER HURT THE SLIMES?!!? I must now atone for my sins and slay the adventurers who dared to slay my family,

I’m happy to see that people apparently like my work so far. The demo I have up is still pretty bare, but I intend to add a little fluff here and there as well as make early choices more significant.

On a related note, if you don’t see regular updates don’t fret! I’m working on this in my free time, which is increasingly scarce, and will continue to listen to feedback and work on the game, if only for a few minutes a day (which may be the best I can do sometimes).

@Troubadour I love this game. It feels like the spiritual sequel to Choice of the Dragon, each taking a creature that’s usually seen as a monster and telling its story.

I would like the opportunity to become a nasty slime, the king of slimes, the most powerful slime there is and get revenge. I’d also like the chance to be a good slime, and make lots of friends and try to fight with words and make the attackers see that we’re people too.

I think it’s a great little game.

3 weird names and 1 normal? I see it as a tip of the hat to the arcade classic Pacman…Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

@Troubadour This is great! I love it! I’m not sure if it was meant to be humorous, but I certainly thought that parts of it were! It could do with a bit more fluff, I think, to build up a little more on what the slimes ARE, exactly, but other than that, I see nothing wrong with the current amount of fluff you have. Maybe it’s just me, but I found myself really attached to the other two tribes of slime and was sad when they showed up after having been attacked. There could be a little more fluff of the slimes trying to prepare for a potential attack before it happens, or just something saying that there wasn’t even enough of a warning for the slimes to prepare since the attack came right after the news of the attacks on the other tribes. When my parents both died to save me, I was really saddened for my little slime! I tried to get my mother to leave first, and then she got shot and was killed, and it was so depressing because my father just died ten seconds ago!

I have a quick question though. Is it just that slimes are really bad combatants or because they were caught off guard that they were able to all be killed by three attackers? Or was it that the three were really powerful, like the kind of hero that a player would normally play as who can go around and defeat entire tribes of creatures single-handedly, only this time, those sorts of characters were the antagonists?

Also, I have to wonder why the slimes couldn’t escape by slipping through tiny cracks in the walls. Or can your slimes not change their shapes like that whenever they want to? Can they can only do small changes to their blob shape like the one who has its little “arms” at the ceremony?

I would love to go off and find a secret society of surviving slimes somewhere else in this world because it makes me sad to think that there could only be 101 slimes left anywhere.

I feel like I got really, REALLY attached to my slime and this whole slime society thing you have going on here very quickly! LOL! I don’t think I should have been as sad as a was when they all got killed because there wasn’t anything to really make me get that attached to all the other slimes. Good job on that! I think it’s great that I was so immersed in the game and the world that quickly and was actually feeling emotions for my slime and all the other slimes!

From what I remember about slime biology if they’re shape gets too messed up or their middle gets destroyed they die.

Hmm… Monsters in game have families and friends? …Guess I’ll just have to kill all of them so none of them are sad… only dead >:)

Kinda find it funny that no one realy thought about that while playing games. But I do get it, it is rather sad but… I guess I just don’t care that much for anyone besides myself and my friends and family while adventuring so… meh.

Yeah I’m True Neural… I won’t go out of my way to kill slime monsters but if they hinder me or I deem it necessary… I will kill them lol.



As much as I feel sorry for slime as a whole it all dragon quest fault. Making metal slimes the give me 1000-10000xp they know I cant resist that.