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Well yes, but the reviews suffer because they give one star for that and it bring the ratings of the game down, then less people buy it, that means the game suffers overall…


Anyone who cares about reviews, should read the reviews. That’ll let them see which of the 1/2 star reviews are for legitimate grievances.


And this is true. But what should be and what actually happens are sometimes very different, lol :wink:

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I’m one of the first 10 person who downloaded this from play store at that time it was rated 5 and i don’t know much about its current rating …

Still high 4s only a few 1/2 star reviews, mostly 4/5

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Taking time away from my trip to quickly reply. My partner is scowling at me from the adjacent pillow.

As far as reviews go - well, people will like what they like and dislike what they dislike. But I’m very glad to see people enjoying it.

Interesting perspective, @Crax. :wink:

@Interestedparty, I just want to say, it’s a wonderful feeling to see a reader managing to get at the sort of ideas I was looking to convey and communicate with Paradigm. It’s definitely a bit of an origin story with an eye towards the social structure of the world as much as it does the protagonist. It’s the history teacher in me, I suppose! As far as the endings go, some are lighter than others but all of them have a (literal) storm on the horizon which is some obvious symbolism.

As far as a sequel goes, I have some ideas bouncing around. I will probably work on another idea first - something happier than PC, something with a protagonist who can be more defined by the player as @Josetrayamar pointed out - but returning to this world is absolutely something I intend. I cherish the characters and there was a fair bit of material I couldn’t find space to include.

Before that, though, I’ll need to patch some of the little bugs that managed to sneak through!


Don’t know where you want spelling errors so I’ll just post them in this thread.

You stare at Dawn for a moment and have a sudden, strange realisation.
You catch her eyes, your face feels hot and…
Kiss them - it’s the perfect time.

Kiss her

But when peopel die, Oliver, it’s fine to care.""

Remove the extra double quote mark.

You stare at Alan for a moment and have a sudden, strange realisation.
You catch his eyes, your face feels hot and…
Kiss them - it’s the perfect time.

Kiss him.

Sooo anyone know if you can actually keep Naomi around in the end? Dawn leaving and then dying was heartbreaking enough and lead me to kill Sentinel to avenge her, but then I save the day and another girlfriend leaves me…hero work sucks :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is it possible to save mirage in the battle , with me they died and so she left , but I think if it is possible to save Mirage then you might be able to keep Naomi , still no guarantee , i think i should go ones more and verify it …And to author i would have preferred to save dawn if it is possible …

Long story short, there’s no appeasing the people that just want things for free. That said though, most often the comments are along the lines of “I downloaded it and saw immediately that it was a demo and deleted it”, so I’m inclined to say going in and fixing that isn’t going to really change anything.


So no way for happy ending of romamcing the betrayer?

Is it possible for the betrayer to be your RO?

Speaking of, is it possible to lie to the Tribunal about Ada’s upgrades and, if so, does that save Blueshift and Ada or just her?

As an aside I’m happy to see another entry into CoG’s “incredibly high quality super hero story” club.


Thanks for the compliment!

As far as your questions go: the traitor is always Courser. Initially I had flirted with making it random, but preliminary feedback said it felt unfulfilling. It’s possible to be in a romance with him, which makes certain parts of it easier and provides a different ending.

For the other question: yes, you can lie to the Tribunal when it comes to any question they ask. Whether they realise you’re pulling a fast one depends on your Bravado. If you lose Ada, you lose Shift, but - if I remember right - the requirements to lose Ada are for her to have had both upgrades (personality restored, weapons unlocked) and the Tribunal to be aware of it.


This was a very well made CoG. I got the ‘good’ ending I think with all of my team members sans the betrayer intact but I still feel really empty because the outcome is so bleak.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to any games you put forth in the future, just next time I’d ask for an option – even if it’s really difficult or requires you to sacrifice a lot – to get closure on the love characters. I saw it coming once Dawn/Alan left the first time, but RIP I didn’t even get the chance to even really avenge their death or find out who did it. I need my closure, darn it, even if it isn’t happy!


If you choose to be a guy, you are send to the NB names instead of the male names.
It happens because of this:

set gender “male”

And there check doesn’t match the variable:

*elseif (gender=“Male”)
*goto male_name

*goto nb_name


Dawn dying was too much

Apart from that good game and sequel worthy.


Bug report:

[Spoiler]You’re there, outside the court building in Geneva, when Sentinel is brought in to face the charges, brought in to face the evidence that you had gathered from your time in Paradigm City. Out of uniform, you’re just one face in the crowd.

I killed Sentinel, how he can be brought to face charges?[/spoiler]

Another bug:
I called the Maekir to help us at the final fight, but they never appeared.

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Thanks, @Urban. I’ll fix that first bit up. With the second, did Maekir take out Phaestus and Mirage? That’s what they should have done when you contacted them for help.

No they didn’t, I had to do that with the help of my team.

Thanks. First I’ve heard of that happening, I’ll check that out.