Overpower (WIP) (Now with demo)


Hi, you might recognize me from the ‘Dark Lord’ project. Well, while I was working on the ‘Dark Lord’, the project become too big for me, I am capable of carrying myself through shore of writing, but as a newer writer to the choice script it was a bit risky for me to make a game that big; I might have more confident if it’s free.

So I put ‘Dark Lord’ on hold and begin working on something else, something less complicated but still full with contents. My new story called ‘Overpower’, here are the detail. Please give me your opinions, I don’t know if the story idea is a good idea or not.

'It was the year 3021. Mankind had expanded beyond the star, made contacts with aliens, and established many colonies…but we are not going to pay attention to any of those.

In the same year, a phenomenon occurred within the galaxy; the Cosmic Storm. You were merely a fetus in your mother’s womb when the ship that carrying you and your parent to the new home got hit by the Cosmic Storm. The ship was not damaged, but something did happen, to you.

Several years afterwards, after you were delivered, you learned that you had a super-power, and not just any weak power, it’s an overpower super power. After awhile, the Earth’s Government discovered you and transferred you to Earth, for whatever purposes.

But another twist of fate occurred. The ship that carrying you got hit by another Cosmic Storm, and this time it damaged the ship. You were forced to get into an escape pod and lunch into the middle of the storm.

When you woke up, you discovered that you were on a new world that mirroring Earth and its inhabitants are the creatures in mythology of Earth. Now there is only one question ‘Now what?’.’

That the short plot, but I will elaborate that. Basically, you born in the far future where human already in SPESS. By some cosmic event you were granted power. After living your life several years, you were discover and sent to Earth, but the ship that carrying you got hit by the same thing that gave you your power. When your escape pod landed, you discovered that you were on the new world that mirror Earth in shape and continents and its inhabitants are races that came out of human’s fantasy.

Update 1: Character creation is out as demo, with a little bit of scene before you crash land as well. The poll of fifth power will be out in a few day.

Demo is here Overpower (WIP) (Now with demo)

Also sorry for grammar, when I write I often have my proof -reader’s assistant.


first i will tell you that you have a lot of misspellings on here, second, i say go for it, some of us avid readers would like to be overpowerd charachters.


While I must comment on your grammatical and spelling errors, I will say the concept is interesting. As for the overpowered main character, I think that’ll work as long as you have that fact influence his/herrelationships. The protagonist should be scared of this power.


By “inhibitor” do you mean “inhabitants”?

Interesting concept. I think you should definitely consider getting help with the writing though. It’s very hard to understand your English at times.


OP CHAR as point instead just as weak side of game.Interesting idea.


I like idea! With my power a new era of tyranny and darkness begins! Hahahahaha!


Sounds coolio
(-20 Characters)
(+40 Characters)


What type of power will by? Or more diferent powers?


I plan on 5 powers, 4 planned, 1 voted by community.
Here list of the 4.
1.Power to arm anything you touch into a bomb. Including certain type of air.
2.Power to manipulate electricity to the smallest atom. Including electricity in human body.
3.Power to manipulate cell and matter in everything, alive, dead, sentient, non-sentient, organic, or synthetic.
4.Power to manipulate time for short period.


A god! Is possible to conquer this world?


Figured name for archivements for choosing power.
1.Somebody Set up The Bomb
2.Soo Full of Energy
3.Its My choice of if you die or not, Because Mind over Matter no longer Matters.
4.Have all the time you ever need.

btw i think 5. should be more shadowy, so perhaps manipulating throughts and actions ? (not outright mind control Too OP even for OP Char, but just manipulating them ?) because point is that 1-3 are kinda combat, 3-may have other uses. so it would be good to have something for the more Game of Thrones Chars.


This sounds like a really cool concept can’t wait for a demo


I think @Caesar_Salad is right, mind manipulation does sound like a cool power


Add a power to manipulate life such as binging things back from the dead start out the powers weak then either add an upgrade system or add a Mechanic were the power develops the more you use it


Sounds awesome love my character to be overpowered also will there only be mythical creatures or gods/heroes as well


I for one would be interested. Go forth and conquer!


The bottom two powers sound overpowered compared to the top two overpowered powers…
Can’t wait!


Really, the first one seems kind of lame compared to all of the others. You can either just blow things up, or do all sorts of crazy stuff, including blowing things up.


@CaesarCzech @Doctor The second power, electricity manipulation, can also control electric within neuron cells of the brain, basically mind control without worry of headache. And you can also do Magneto’s power.

@username99 The thrid power can do that, and yes i plan to let power slowly upgrade rather than having it reach the full potential since the beginning.

@Shoelip Imagining arm a normal person, who when into underground subway, with an explosive the size of nuclear bomb. Or arm solid cell and matter in the air then set them off one by one, cause and microscopic explosion that distinguished anyone within a certain range. Or the bomb so powerful it break reality. Also you can arm air and do homing missile.

@Dark_Stalker read the two above

@Kronos Maybe, seeing that you crashed land on another planet, NOT another dimension, you would not find any other human by logic. But there will still be many human-like race within story, and no i wasn’t just referring to only dwarf and elf, there will be more. As for god, not openly.

Also i would like to point out that a lot of power had been inspired by anime/manga called ‘Jojo Bizzare Adventure’, except the second power.


Right. You can blow up tons of stuff, or you can use the other powers to do the same thing in a less direct way, plus a bunch of other stuff. I mean, I guess “manipulate matter” is really vague but I kind of figured it meant you could rearrange molecular structures with your mind, so couldn’t you just use that power to turn someone into a bomb if it was possible at all?