Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

Question: Is it possible to get Vani as a ghoul and take the blood ring?

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You can get Vani as a ghoul. I’ve done it pretty much every time I play through the story. You have to impress her (read: succeed at the skill check) when Dr. Caul throws acid everywhere.

I don’t know if when you fight Dr. Caul the second time and are given the option to steal the ring from her finger if that gives you the ring in your Inventory. So you have to take her up on her deal and ask for the ring as payment.

So I would imagine you can do both? But I’ve never done both before so take my word with a grain of salt.

Yeah, I already tried both and it only gave me the option to kill Vani when I went to see, I was wondering if there was a stat combo to overcome that.

I’m a bit confused.

Are you taking Dr. Caul’s deal and getting the ring as payment? Or are you refusing her deal and trying to get the ring from her as you’re fighting her?

No, got the ring from her deal, and then when I got back to Tuscon and went to see Vani, my only option was to kill Vani.

Ah. I’m checking the code now.

You need to succeed and resist the Ring’s will when you put it on otherwise you’re forced to kill Vani.

Spoilers for beating that skill check: your Willpower and Blood Sorcery need to be greater than 3 otherwise you’ll fail.


We have an entire tv tropes page dedicated to the game guys!


So do you need both or just one higher?

@Natman1025 Nice I love TvTropes!

@2xs Combined, your Willpower and Blood Sorcery need to be greater than 3 or else you get controlled.


Thanks, I thought I was higher than that, but I will try again.

Edit: That definitely worked thank you very much.

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Welp, I know what I’m going to do now. Thanks for the info.


Am I correct in believing that Dr Caul betrayed us?
I definitely want my revenge.

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No she didnt. The SI just shot your burner with some chemical compound that caused it to be destroyed. No kindred would dare help the SI even for their own purposes because its the highest offense and you’d be sent to the Final Death instantly, no matter if you’re Camarilla, Anarch or Sabbat.

But they were prepared to destroy 2 targets, how do you explain this?

It’s simple really, The SI tailed you. That’s why they found the clone easily. And your PC had other encounters with the SI so it wouldnt be too hard for them to find you.

but still kindred that are notorious to backstab anyone so they can survive the next night.

This feels like a stupid question but is there a route where you help the SI?
Like a hyper “regret your sins” that lets you think all vampire should die or the like

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Oh hell yeah. Screw the vampires then, humanity for the win.

At the most she lied about exactly how professional these hunters after her were. Probably to stop us running for the hills before we did our part in her plan.