Surprise! Kyle Marquis' Games Are All on Sale! Plus, a new Steam Bundle!

If you’ve enjoyed Vampire: The Masquerade—Night Road you’ll be thrilled to know that all of Kyle Marquis games are up to 40% off this week on all platforms!

We’re also announcing a new Steam bundle: Every Game by Kyle Marquis! This bundle will be a “complete the set” bundle, meaning if you have any of his games in your Steam library you can buy the rest of them for a 15% discount!

AND, this bundle is also subject to this week’s sale on Kyle Marquis games, so if you get the Steam bundle, this week, this is as low a price as you’ll ever see on Empyrean, Sky Pirates of Actorius, Silverworld, Tower Behind the Moon, Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth, and Vampire: The Masquerade—Night Road .


I personally goofed and didn’t set the date for Pon Para to go on sale correctly on Steam, so it will be on sale starting tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time. Otherwise, proceed!


Time to go on another acid trip with Kyle’s games. All the amazement and wonder without any of the side effects!


I feel that way whenever I read Silverworld, tbh.


Woot! Time to pick up one or two I don’t have.


Quite an impressive set of works there by kyle but for everyone who haven’t yet i strongly recommend you all to try silverworld. It’s one of my favourites.
Hell try of all them , they are all great.


I would also note that someone sent in a bunch of hard-to-notice bugs for Silverworld back in January, and Kyle went through and fixed them all. So, if you played it before, it might work better now.


Hi my name is Bambi Parsons got a question when will the expansion pack for Night Road be available in the app for iOS thank you for your time


I agree both are nice

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Silverworld is an absolute beast of a game.

…I’m not just referring to the T-Rex.


One of my favorite authors. Unfortunately I already have them all from release. Lol

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