Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

I’m waiting for Out for Blood for the murdering aspect lol

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Yeah, and while it can be said that the Garou defeated her armies, her Final Death came at the hands of a Nicktuku sent by the Nosferatu Antediluvian, not the werewolves themselves.


not suprising considering absimiliard one of the evil antediluvians besides troile, lasombu, set, and ennoia. he tried to kill all of nosferatu so he can present their bloods for caine mercy, considering he conspire with set to destroy zillah and nosferatu caine will probably become outraged and possibly absimiliard met his final death at the hands of caine

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Can you tell me how?
I don’t have time to find out

Any word on a fix for the game-crashing bug in the Raúl romance? I reported it last week and have been waiting for a fix so that I can finish my playthrough.

I’m finishing up a massive bug-hunt right now, so we should have a new version today or tomorrow that fixes the Raúl problem and a bunch of other things.


Good to hear, looking forward to it!


  • Fixed Raul romance crash bug
  • Fixed “look at the Camaro again” loop in chapter 11
  • Fixed fighting Agent Donati --> back to the car chase loop in chapter 11
  • Feeding on your ghoul during romantic encounters now counts toward the Siren achievement
  • Adjusted some more payouts so they’re affected by relationship stats
  • A few more wrong-wolf-gender fixes, multireplace pointer fixes, areas where the description didn’t quite match the stat adjustments, other code+grammar issues, etc.

Hello and thank you to Mr. Marquis and everyone else who shaped this game, it was (and will be) a lot of fun. The story mode feature was extremely helpful and the writing in general was as great as I expected coming from Pon Para (Unconquerable Scorpion when?). I also really liked that the ghouls and the wolf got to tag along pretty much all the time! That said, there’s one serious flaw I have to report; I didn’t get my totally sweet blood magic duel.

The missing scene in question should appear during Vani’s quest with the blood witch stalker. When you choose to ascend to the roof and engage in a totally sweet blood magic duel, it begins pretty intensely from what I recall, setting up a protection circle followed by some witchy banter about who has the more dilated blood vessels or something. I’m sorry I forget what was actually said but I’m pretty sure it didn’t really contribute to a decisive end to the threat, i.e. “That spell is positively saccharine, there’s no way I can beat it, bye forever” or even “I’ll be back for the nerd when you’re not around”. It’s remotely possible my memory is inaccurate and there is in fact some sort of resolution as to whether or not the weirdo has been foiled for good/will return. But I think the scene abruptly cuts back inside Vani’s apartment as if a totally sweet blood magic duel had just taken place and put a definitive end to the witch’s harrassment.

And while I’m here I have a question regarding Agent Donati’s deal. What is it? Aren’t ghouls beholden to a vampire? Did she eat her sire and subsume his body mass? That reminds me I also enjoyed the bits of humor here and there like: “She was the size of two large men. You know because there are two large men behind her.”

Okay I think that’s all. Thank you, and you’re welcome.


She would be, if she let them live. I think it’s implied she drinks vampire blood and then kills the vamp, thus gaining the power but escaping the blood bond.

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Ugh my choices keeps on getting reset like my haven. The money doesn’t go back but it keeps “forgetting” that I got the penthouse. My stats also resets from waaaay earlier part of the story while remaining on the current chapter. Wtf. I restarted this book so many times now that I’m losing interest on it. If this wasnt ready and full of bugs why even release it? Especially with its hefty price. Get.it.together.

End rant.

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Please email this to support@choiceofgames.com as this issue is beyond the scope of the forum.


As you would imagine, these games have a lot of moving parts and odd byways that can lead to rare errors and weird corner cases. Even after being beta tested by a hundred people, stuff slips by. I know I still catch problems after one of my games being out for years!

Thanks for reporting a bug. You are helping make the game better for other people, and I appreciate it. I know it’s really annoying to have to restart, and it’s easy to just complain without taking the extra step of sending a bug report to support. But also, a lot of times–most times–these games are being developed and fixed by a single writer along with a few thinly-stretched editors, and it definitely takes a while to catch and patch things like this. We want it to be gotten together. It takes time. Be kind.


After leaving camp scheffler, the game sort of jumped to a scene where I was been revived by Julian and apparently I no longer had a vehicle when I got back into Tuscon.

I said what I said. Sorry about it. I know this is a “community” but at the same time I paid for this service. If I want to beta test anything I would have done it but I don’t. All I’m saying is this book was advertised for a pre purchase a few months ago. If this was a a 2 buck chuck i wouldn’t care but since every title seems to go up the price each release. I just want something that works, I suppose. :man_shrugging:t4:

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did Si jump you when you’re leaving or did it jump straight into that scene

Jumped straight into the scene

that’s a bug

Noticed several others. Seems they were brought up by this update

1st once again jumps into a scene where apparently my car has been totalled

2nd a repeated scene: already saw this before killing Nadia for D’espine

There was also another jump when helping Elena confront Viktor, it repeates the scene of your first meeting with her(Elena) though thankfully it still continues along the current scene(unfortunately I forgot to screenshot).

Please email this to support@choiceofgames.com Bug reports go there.