Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

That, is really really cool. Is that from the lore?
I wish you would go more into that if you pick that clan for your starter. Would be some cool background and such.

It is from the lore. If you want to know more about VTM lore I suggest you watch The Primogen on youtube and listen to some podcasts in spotify. I recommend Lore By Night and 25 years of Vampire.


Generally creating large numbers of ghouls and mass embracing isn’t done because it’s harmful to the masquerade. In the Camarilla one of the principal rules is you need your prince’s permission to create a new vampire. Break the rule and you’ll be hunted down and destroyed.

Doesn’t mean that doesn’t happen, one of the most popular ways to thumb one’s nose at the local prince is to embrace without bothering to ask permission. But if you want to coexist with the Camarilla it’s not recommended.


What’s the alternative? Realistically. If technology is that big of an emerging threat to the supernatural then there are really only two options:

  1. The mortals, through technological progress, find out in their own time on their own terms…chances that will go well for the Vamps seem even more remote than with Julian’s plan.

  2. The Vampires/surpernaturals engineer a conspiracy/cataclysm to plunge the entire world back into a new dark age…like Julian said, back to at most 12th/13th century levels of technology and social progress…which isn’t something that would appeal to my mc at all!!!

Sim’s crazy plan might work, it might not, but one man’s crazy is another man’s visionary and his vision at least seems better than the alternatives.

But who knows in this game the mc is a lowly foot soldier without much pertinent info. Maybe Parliament of knives will provide us a different perspective and a different vision for the future, because right now Julian’s vision at least seems better to my mc than the alternatives.

Yep, very much this. Maybe if we get to play more of a mover and shaker with more connections and information ourselves in that upcoming Parliament of Knives thing we can develop yet another alternate vision for the future…but all the other alternatives are extremely bad.

I’ve heard that Mass embraces are considered to be a terrorist attack in vampire society. And the protagonist in Bloodlines 2 is a product of a mass embrace.


yep standard tactic used by the sabbat to produce shock troops or cannon fodders


Well I do kill a lot… Case in point I have never “met” Raul in any of my playthroughs. I only know the character through the forums but I’m a sticker for the masquerade, rarely ever get violations and rectify them immediately if they happen and always try to take every feeding opportunity. My current Gangrel playthrough I have been moving on 1 humanity.

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It was late, and I was tired, and I was bored, and I was playing Night Road, I basically try to violate the masquerade whenever and wherever I could, somehow I manage to survive through it all surprisingly enough.
If you want to trigger Raul, you have to not kill him and his family when you deal with that weight in the first chapter, then go to camp Scheffler, then do all you can to let the prisoners escape.
Personally I prefer Elena for a ghoul, but that’s just me.
On the Lor side, is there anything about werewolves? They have mentions in some of the videos I watched, but I can’t find any specific lore on them.

I don’t know much about Werewolves. All I know is that they make an absolute joke out of most (almost all) vampires, they hate vampires, and your best way to survive is to stay away.

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Am aware of that. Am emphasizing on the fact that my playthrough style which involves lots of murder doesn’t allow me spare him

AHH, vampires and werewolves grudge match, continue strong in world of darkness it seems.

Murderising in Night Road is so fun, isn’t it? I do wish you could Diablorise a bit more, especially at the hospital, but, nothing can be truly perfect.

Flashbacks to the werewolf boss fight in Bloodlines…scary shit man. Garou are no joke


Yes! I found it weird that Lobo was offered as a name choice for your wolf, and then instead of using the name you choose, it uses that.

Lobo is just the Spanish word for wolf, that is why people who wouldn’t have a reason to know your wolf’s name and even those that do just call it “wolf”. We are in the U.S. Southwest and there are a lot of Spanish speakers here in Arizona. I think people are reading too much into that. It reminds me of the movie Big Jake, where the dog’s name is just “Dog”.

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The ghost quest was the scariest mission of the game by far :scream::ghost:

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Honestly, not particularly. The werewolves of the World of Darkness, the Garou, have other things to worry about, namely two unstoppable cosmic forces, one of destruction, the other of calcification, that they must battle in a losing war.
They don’t appreciate vampires because the undead are outside of the natural order of life and death that the Garou protect and because vampires tend to support the expansion of cities which werewolves are very much against.
However, for the most part, they leave each other alone.

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correct me if im wrong but aren’t garou usually pick fights with kindred especially get of fenris ?

Depends on your definition of “picking a fight”, I suppose.
If a group of werewolves smell a lone vampire travelling between cities and aren’t in the middle of a quest of their own, they’ll probably track down the vampire and kill him, reasoning that one less Wyrm creature is always a positive.
However, it is very rare for the local Garou community; a Sept; to expend the efforts needed to effectively strike at the Camarilla or Sabbat structure enmeshed in a city. For one, they have other battles to fight with ever decreasing numbers of werewolves to fight them with and there’s also the fact that there’s no guarantee that they would win that fight.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. The Shadow Lords and the Tzimisce have been fighting for control of Eastern Europe since before Rome, for instance. There were also the War of Chicago and the War of Russia, the latter actually resulting in the deaths of a third of all Garou in Russia.


aren’t baba yaga met her final death during the war of russia ?