Older development thread (The Aegis Saga - Blood)


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I haven’t been able to play the new demo yet, but I can’t believe I haven’t asked about how magic works in the world of Eris yet.

Whisper magic into my ear, babe. :unicorn:


:relaxed: some text from the later chapters ahead

“So when you find someone, you teach them how to do magic?” Orin seems to sense that this is a conversation the acolyte has had innumerable times and she moderates her voice, but the boy still remains good-natured about answering - he even seems a bit flattered by her attention. Something that doesn’t escape Harthor’s notice either.

“Not really,” he shakes his head, that funny smile appearing again, “it’s more like we teach people how to release it without doing harm. And by the way, it’s not called magic, it’s called glyf.” He tweeks his turban, “see - as in glyfic.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” Ruric observes, “you’re doing all these, tricks, . . to waste your magic?” He sounds somewhat appalled.

“Yes,” the boy nods, without hint of irritation, “to release glyf.” He looks at the uncomprehending faces and purses his lips.

“I’ll show you.”

He places his palm on the wet table, closes his eyes and then lifts his hand upward, slowly. Then he draws his hand away, leaving a sparkling crystal shard, like a small irregularly shaped bead, sitting in the wine on the tabletop.

“Orin, we’re not saying that uncontrolled glyf can hurt its wielder just through accidents, like a tree-branch giving way at just the wrong moment - most Anarchs actually succumb to a plague more commonly seen in the borderland along the Barrens. It’s not a good way to go. The disease isn’t really a sickness, it’s comprised of hundreds of changes both big and little within the glyf-holders own body. You can die, say if an organ decides to suddenly turn over, or. .”

'The agent discovered skulking in the poor Quarter confesses to be a high ranking member of the Endish Church. This would, we assume, make him quite magically powerful - yet he accepted arrest without a fight. He then went berserk when we tried to chain him but even then demonstrated no intent to harm us with his powers. He made similar claims again and again and I record one here verbatim, to illuminate the later occurrences:

where a woman or man’s glyf is not released and is allowed to reach its critical potential, it causes the glyf-wielder to flash. Binding me risks yourselves -
the flash - it effects terrible changes to the glyf-wielder and to their surroundings, you condemn us by what you do not understand. .

We were understandably unwilling to unbind the agent and allow him to use his magic, but as time passed and his ravings continued along the same lines, we discovered that merely chaining the man was not enough to restrict his powers. At one point he somehow brought about the collapse of the eastern wing, the cells and their occupants underneath it apparently disappearing overnight as though they’d never existed, causing massive subsidence. During a separate and terrifying incident my own colleague was dissolved before my eyes as used his tools upon the Prelate. He was one moment a man, and the next a pile of bloody mucus - like birth fluid.

Thanksbee claims the ‘flashing’ he fears acts like an instantaneous compression of different possibilities and outcomes. He says a person standing in a flash might experience events that have, are, or will occur at different times both past, future and present. They might pass through versions of themselves which were, could be and might have been. And these transformations could well be occurring at the same time [i]to different parts of their body. [My emphasis S]


Thanks a lot for the compliment (I really don’t think that was justified in being flagged) - I have added in a transition sentence - thanks for taking the time to read the demo and spot something that can make everyone’s reading experience better!

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This morning help out by answering - QUESTION OF THE DAY -

“Who has experience implementing checkpoints?” - headscratch - 09/04/16

Thanks to @Silhuetta for engaging in great detail on the last one =bonds and dragons= via PM. :grin:


@nightcap, I might as well hit this one out of the park right away. For starters, there’s two ways you can make checkpoints, or “saves”.

Option 1: A checkpoint system based on Samuel_H_Young's idea

It’s something that personally have not tried out yet, but it looks to be short, simple, and to the point.

Option two: CJW’s save system - Saving System Plugin

I have been tinkering with this one a little bit, but getting it to work is a pain in the neck. Probably 'cause I’m a doofus when it comes to coding :sweat_smile:


Yeah, second it’s a pain in the ass. First I never tried but seem easier . You always could use the password system for beta testing is easy to use .


@poison_mara, I forgot about that! Thanks for mentioning it.

@nightcap This might be the easier one of the three options, so I’ll just provide you with a link: About “Save” System


@Silhuetta - thank you so much - I appreciate all three links! And thank you @poison_mara for steering me towards a beta testing system - was totally unaware :sheep:

Reading the threads I’m going to have to learn two of the three I hexpect :eyeglasses:


Is hexpecting some sort of ritual that makes you a master at choicescript? And here I was reading through the zillion pages about how to use choicescript. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!



thanks for encouragement @poison_mara



It is just you need practice, I still remember how hard was learning CS at first. You end learning about it


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“We’ve got one of their Brains now. Pretty soon we’ll know how they think.”


Coda bugs - they always turn up when you least expect it


Now all I can imagine is that bug people live somewhere in our game.


Hmm. . .

My index.html reads

I’m opening it in textedit, maybe I could try Komodo - but will have to re-download

You code on a phone!?!

I know - I think the old version of index.html has been split out - there is a ‘navigator.js’ in the ‘web’ folder of the newest choicescript downloads = I will try that.


You are doing it wrong you have to open it in a text editor there you would see a lot of code.
Edit I have no idea, because I code in mobile phones so no PC knowledge. Some people used note + or something like that. If you want give me via pm your files and I try to get it work.
Yes I code in phones, it’s so easy and useful for me.


Could you tell me how you code on phones @poison_mara? Namely, what app do you use?