New experiment available! - The Aegis Saga - FORGE

This is the development thread for book 2 of The Aegis Saga:
I’ve got a couple of things I’m playing with at the moment:

1/ NEW Brain-bug - a Starship Troopers based brain-bug mind-game (basically an experiment that finally makes a page turning Choicescript game, which the author can amend at any time without a whole load of er… bugs.)

2/ Explore Stonecross a bare bones parser style, open world mechanic (written in choicescript):

3/ Wilson - a story about randomisation and a ramen cup with a face drawn on it.

4/ an experiment with town development, visualisation and randomisation - ‘Mishaps and Mayors’

5/ and I’ll be adapting and integrating my short story into Forge - ‘Venom beneath the skin’ (I haven’t worked all the errors out of this yet since it was submitted to the CS competition)

6/ a very brief look at how I might deepen reader impact on the world without hugely burdening the author or damaging the cohesion of the narrative - ‘Eris Worldbuilder’

This is likely to be a slow burn project, as I’ve not released book 1 yet, but I want somewhere to put my experiments and demos while I work on the sequel.

You can find the development thread for book 1 - Blood - here.


When are you going to release book one? I know I’ve got the beta version but it kinda sucks that every time I get to the end I can’t save my character.


Very difficult question - Book 1 is with Hosted Games and they are submitting it to magical testing.

In the meantime it is also with @Fiogan, who has very kindly agreed to edit it.

I really hope release will happen before the end of the year - that’s what I’m aiming for as HG has to go through it’s processes, then the platforms on which it’s being released.:slight_smile:

(I’m really looking forward to a stable app version too . . . )


I’ve played this game repeatedly so I already hyped for book 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Though I definitely am still looking forward to an official release of book 1 hehe

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Like i was judging i couldn’t morally helped you with your wip feedback I am sorry for that. Not that you needed my useless feedback anyway.

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You’re feedback is always useful @poison_mara. Authors need a mix of opinions - if it’s always the same they learn less ; )


Loved Blood and Venom beneath the skin looking forward to this :smiley:


Book one will be one of the better games on the site when you release it Charles, if you need beta testing when book 2 is further along let me know happy to help out again.


That’s really kind @chrisbat. And thanks also @avidreader and @Kungfooboom.

I have to admit I’m a little nervous. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to go down with Hosted Games but obviously I hope they like it. The big challenge I think will be finding the balance between introducing cool new stuff, improving the old stuff and keeping old stuff as it is. I read somewhere that the Civ creators do a 1/3rd a 1/3rd a 1/3rd, which sounds logical - but I’m not sure how that actually translates into your day to day writing.

At the moment I pretty much just splurge :smirk:

From my perspective it’s already a better game than a fair number of the existing hosted games, I doubt you have all that much to be nervous about.

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I think it might be mainly their month of mysterious silence on the quality

. . . the sound of being judged. . . .

(Sean’s been very helpful with technical advice actually - so strictly speaking ‘silence’ is unwarranted : )

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Just going to leave this here until I’ve coded another ‘mini-game’ for early game team selection.

(I’ll be using these mini-games to play with possible features in Forge)

What the hell is that? I just want to becoming princess and dress beautiful clothing. And killing all those supposed friends.

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That would be telling. Guess you’ll have to wait for a demo . . . :grin:

Here’s an initial list of intended features in Forge:


  • Consequences of your MC’s choices in ‘Blood’, including your spirit animal and major decisions through book 1

  • Less linearity, including more ‘random occurence’ type sections and pathways

  • Deeper acquaintance with:

1/ Glyf
2/ the barrensblight disease
3/ the Red Prince and the Queens of The Two Kingdoms
4/ Solace and the Lady of Sunflowers
5/ Lord Pellin and the dragon under Glyfholm
6/ the Arantians and dancing time

  • Team dynamic, including set companions and the ability to team up with companions built by other players

  • Development of romances

  • The Heir

. . . dresses


Less team dynamics and more murderrrr :urn: :cross: Because there only could be one… :crown: And if I am the only left there is only a choice. Really I hope there will be a solo route because i am tired of the winy lame party… I mean between all of them only have middle neuron… so damn annoying brats. And with romance i suppose you include
WHATEVER I DON’T CARE ABOUT AGE GENDER OR SPECIES powerful enough to help in my claims… because if a COMMONER try to flirt with me :skull_crossbones:
edit COMPANIONS FROM OTHER PLAYTHROUGHS? So somehow other people could team up with Mara??? THAT’S COOL

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As ever, I will keep that all in mind :wink:

Yeah, that’s the plan. I’m experimenting with basic external contributions ( through a little mini game where a mutated Petri dish monster has to get out of an abandoned lab before a missile incinerates everything - but to do it they have to make it past externally created player Petri dish monsters )


Here’s another very brief little experiment, the Eris Worldbuilder this time with deepening reader impact on the world.


I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. You know that I’d be happy to beta test for it any time, right? :wink:

Barrensblight disease sounds interesting, and I’ve been dying for interactions with the Red Prince. We heard a lot about him in Book 1, so I was like ‘AND? AND…?’ Of course, all the other developments you outlined as well sound very interesting as well! EEEEEEEEEEE I’M SO EXCITED!!!

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I could claim the helping of my God Mara? Also please LET ME KILL SOME OF THE STUPID GANG there are so lame oh yeah ; I want all of them death and my false daddy oh he has to die before he knows I am his daughter… NO ONE WOULD STOLE MY PRINCESS STATUS NO ONE

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Really glad about that :blush: I hope you like the direction I’m intending to go in with the Red Prince. I just know I can’t release any spoilery stuff here until Book 1 is out :smirk:

And @poison_mara - in my mind youre going to have a lot more freedom than I could give you in Blood. There will be more leeway for murder for example.
(And also for heart-touching romance, in which Mara the princess forsakes her chance for the throne to marry a poor stable boy and live in happy poverty forever…)

I’m really looking forward to having more time to do this stuff at the end of the year. I’m aiming to try to write the next one over about 12 months, and this time I’ll do it less behind closed doors so people can participate more!