The Aegis Saga - Blood


Will you lead a remnant people to the stars? Or else choose to murderously ascend the human throne? Or will you become monstrous, warped by magic and barrensblight?

The Aegis Saga is an interactive fantasy story in which you can choose your own rich path through the bloodline politics of The Two Kingdoms, the blighted wastes of the Barren Lands and the golden power-soaked cities of Lydia.

The Consort is gone, the heirs are dead, and you may be the last surviving successor to the Yellow throne. Or not.

Start your journey in Book 1 of The Aegis Saga – Blood.


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I’m awaiting some more illustrations, and the final release will include:

  • a map - (expected start of next month)
  • further illustrations - (expected end of this month)


i would love to read the (almost) full version. Thanks!


I would love to test your game☺️


Ha! you can probably tell I’m tired :open_mouth:



I’d really love to test the game :slight_smile:


I would like to read the full version!


Sounds fun I’ll give it a try


This is a cool idea. I’ve not a tester, but I would still love to read what you have.


I would love to read the story and leave a wonderful review when it’s released :slight_smile:


Oh man can you send me a link please :slight_smile:


Haha I smell grammar to correct (jk), can I please be a tester


Sounds interesting, I would love to read it! :yum:


Sounds great sign me up please.


Sounds interesting and would quench my scifi longing. I’d love to read and beta test the full version.


I would also love to read the story and rate it when it comes out!


I wouldnt mind reading the story if you can


I’d love to test your game!


I would love to test your game and will leave an honest reveal when it come out. But i will have to put a full disclosure in my review, if thats alright with you.


If a Chrome webstore rating is okay with you I’d be willing to give it a whirl. Not touching Steam whenever I can avoid it and I never play games on my mobile devices, so…