Of beasts and humans (Short Demo is Out!)

Feel like a table, think like a table… Be a table.

Now that I am a table I am completely out of any suspicion, mwahahah, my evil deeds can now be done… UNDER COVER !

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Flips over table

…That’s what you get for that pun.


I’ve created a four legged monster Dx

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If you don’t stop with the puns I’m going to place you in a sleazy bar with a knife and a note daring people to do the thing where they stab the space between their fingers. :expressionless:

Also no monster waifus for bad tables.


Philippe the table ?


Will I at least have a beer ?[quote=“Zsero, post:332, topic:15858”]
Also no monster waifus for bad tables.

Well I can’t have that, can I ? But I’ll still have have a beer, right ?

That depends. When was the last time a table drank beer? Spill it!

…oh God now I’m doing it :scream:


The pun is strong in this one. Join me and together we shall reign upon the dark side of the pun.
(I should think about recruting prof_chaos and Taylor. They are strong pun lords too.)

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But do you has cookies though? :3

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T’is a tempting offer. I have witnessed themy perform the craft of punnery. It would be an honor to pun alongside you all.

But I must say we will definitely either need cookies or some other delectable offering to lure… I mean tempt… I mean invite others to the cause.

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Demo is out everyone! Here is a representation of me trying to write and code (I can’t write second person ahaha)

Also: good lord what an exploding thread. Lol I’m just watching the fireworks. I am the Deadpool in this Civil War.


I want to be Iron Man! Filth rich and always drunk!

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That was worth the wait :smiley:
I don’t know what else I was expecting cos it was funny af and enjoyable xD



Alia confirmed Sheep Toriel.


Well I played the Demo, it was great @Ledalla!
Glad the Ohohohs made it in there, and some Fufufufs too.

when Alia and her fellow maid Louise had to pin you down and make you drink it because you stubbornly refused.

Also glad this was mention whether it’s was from my silly suggestion thing or not. :relaxed:
Great Demo, Great Work.

Also I chose cherry pie.

I love it it great so far, how the waiting game for more shall begin :smiley:

P.s seeing the word cherry reminded me of this song

Watch “Halfne Miku- Cherry Bon Bon” on YouTube

Good work so far! :blush: Your writing style is nice, and it was fun to read.


I love that show by the way. (referring to the gif you used)

You can’t. I think it has been established that I’m Stark in this little scenario.