Of beasts and humans (Short Demo is Out!)

So who wants a game where you can date cute monster girls?

Wait, that was an anime.

Crap. Wrong thread, wrong thread.

In a more serious sense, I am working on a new game since I put my other one on hiatus. This one is a bit…weirder.
The concept is hot political fun times in a world where a nice chunk of the population can be amounted to “monster girls” (It’ll have both sexes so no worries. )

I’d like to intrest gauge though before I put up my demo. I found it would be a smart idea to do so.

So opinions and intrests on this?

4/7/16: Short Demo of Chapter 0

Yo, yo, yo! Short demo is out now! It’s absolutely terrible but I tried! What is second person? Idk!



I would love to see how demo will be, it sound interesting and also how have u been

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I am quite interested :grinning:. There is a lack of monster related WIPs since Unnatural and Monster High (currently on hiatus?), and another one will increase the diversity of WIPs!

I would like to know more about the plot though. Is the story going to tackle matters like racism etc, or just plain fun, light-hearted stories? I am fine with either one :wink:


The anime u was thinking about was it Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

P.s will there be human like animals type and if there is im going to be a wolf

Anything with monster whether they be cute or terrifying gets a thumbs up from me. :thumbsup:
As @H2O said plot is important, so if we can get a even a small peak at it, that would be nice.

Well, there goes my sides from laughing too much. Goodbye sides.

Any Choice game involving monsters blending into society, secretly or publicly, is a thumbs up from me :thumbsup:

As long as I can be a Vampire guy and Werewolf girl :wink:



furries or go home

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Cloppers or GTFO :smirk:

Also this


Would be intriesting since the other tipes of story’s are not continueing. As long it has an interesting story I’m in.

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I too would like to be some supernatural being of some sort, mainly for sick powers tho.

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Mostly werewolf girl, because then I can reject all of the male wolves that fawn over me :smirk:


I just love that anime

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Anime Dating Sim ? In ChoiceScript ? Sign me up ! :smirk:

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Dating monster anime boys and girls? Yeah, I’m interested.


Can you explain what it’s going to be like cause your description summary is pretty vauge.

Release the Furries!!!

Will there be catboys? I will be 100% more interested if there are.


There is a Korean Oteme story on Steam where you have 5 or 6 catboys and rabbitboys to romance. For some reason, this popped into my head when you asked this.

I don’t think this WiP is going down that road is it?