Nyctophobia - Update! Chapter one first branch done! 6k words added!



It’s a fair question and honestly, I’m on the fence. I do have characters who could easily be RO’s and make for some sweet relationships. I just have to make sure I can merge it properly with the darker undertones. The first female character you meet is for sure not a RO. She can be a great friend and mentor, but backstory prevents her from becoming romantically tangled.

By the way, you asked yesterday if you could save/redeem Tick-Tock. I said no at first but recently made a single path that leads to a semi-redemption. Should make an emotional scene if you can find it.


I don’t know if it’d be easy to write in given it’s not a phisical fear but I’d say
Autophobia or the fear of being alone


I’m going to take a solid stance and say that there should always be some form of romantic involvement that is entirely optional.

Reasoning if you're curious granted it may be a little selfish!

Mostly for the fact that I enjoy that sort of thing. Especially in Darker stories. It gives you something to hook onto in the hopes that if you do pursue that sort of thing with a character. You’ll be able to get them into a better place eventually. It makes you emotionally invested and wanting to figure out where you and your characters interest will go and what you’ll end up doing with them.

Things like that in stories are what make me power through them, especially if the character is well written. I WANT to get them into a better place. I WANT to save them. And I WANT to work towards making them happy in the end. And it’s interesting to see different characters you have deep relationship with react to certain things. Whether they question how they feel for you when you do something like murder someone or something else.

I dunno. I’m rambling. Case in point. I approve of at least Optional Romance routes in games and interactive fiction.


Yeah I see what you mean but there are some stories that having RO’s makes no sense or at least doesn’t fit well like if you make one similar to the zero escape series where you’re trapped in a life and death “game” but only lasts for a few hours with those circumstances it wouldn’t make sense to have a romantic relationship with someone and (I don’t think) it’d make no sense to even develop romantic feelings for someone seeing how little you’d get to know them and the current things that would keep you occupied

TL;DR it doesn’t always fit to have RO’s

That being said I think I’d like it if there were RO’s in this game but I’d understand if there weren’t


I thought about that kne, but it would be hard to use in a fight scene and keep it action packed.

@Kanaya I agree on most points actually and love ROs. I’m not against adding them just dont want to force them in if it doesn’t fit well.

@Jared_Frias thanks I hope I can add them as well!


Sooooooooooo, even if Tik-Tock is partially redeemable, I’m guessing he’s definitely not gonna be an RO?


Yep def not an RO, he’s married :slight_smile:


What? Why’d you have to make him married?! Damn it, now I can’t even fantasize! :persevere:


It’s a estranged marriage but marriage nonetheless. There will be more villains and if I do make RO’s one of the options is a male and female villain.

Updated game with character creation let me know what yall think. It’s still bare bones atm.


After I picked my First and Last name it came out as NameName…


Rabble rabble rabble. Sometimes coding hates me lol ill hop on comp shortly and fix it. Thanks for heads up.


Viola it should work now. I forgot to set the random names to the variable.


Sooooooooooo, if my character has the “fear of falling” phobia, why is the option for her to jump out the window still available to her? Wouldn’t her phobia make it impossible for her to jump? :thinking:


Actually brings up my question. Would “forced” or pushed paths be too much for the phobias?


My character had acrophobia and he’d certainly also not be able to jump through the window, heights would scare the crap out of him. It’s not a big issue though, I can always take the stairs!

Also, ran into a bug:

if I choose the ‘cocoa puff’ option -


why not phobophobia (fear of phobias)?


Yep sorry I gotta remember to add finish when its still under construction. I added the phobia ideas after I had started so I’m gonna have to edit now.

@Beroster047 itd be hard to write the scene with such a wide phobia, already having trouble with the homophobia since blood happens all the time lol. My plan is to make phobias affect choices that relate to them so the easier the better as of now.


How about adding the fear of needles or sharp objects? I don’t know what they are called, but I actually have that phobia too… actually, I only know a few of my phobias by name :sweat_smile:, I have so many phobias.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question :confused:


Hmm so for example using your sharp objects phobia, if a villian luached himself at you with a sword, knife, needle, etc your chatcter wouldn’t just rush in towards it. So it would almost force you into running away, or dodging, etc. Is that a turnoff? Or ok to force certain choices in this instance of phobias?


Ok, now I understand. Ok, so um, I would say either force them to run away, or just allow them to rush towards the villain, but that they hesitate to do it first! Example, the window scene: if the MC is scared of falling (or hights), and the player decided take them jump, then the MC would walk up to the window, hesitate for a couple of seconds (maybe even a minute), before being able to psych themselves up to jump (or until mystery girl pushes the MC out the window). Does that make sense?