Nightmare WIP


Nightmare will be a first person horror interactive fiction.

Horror is in my opinion a risky genre for an interactive novel, but something I find I would enjoy writing. The story of Nightmare is rather complex. In short terms, it revolves the idea of the player being trapped in a neverending Nightmare. The story takes the player through layers of horrific dreams and nightmares where they will encounter various monstrosities and personal reflections. Dying will result in waking yourself up. This could mean you’ll miss out on finding items or valuable information that could help you in the next dream. Staying in a dream for too long however, will increase your Insanity level.

I’m not planning on releasing chapter by chapter, and a demo is still in the works. All I really have is the introduction page which outlines the style I hope to achieve in Nightmare. There isn’t any choices, being an introduction and all, but is reasonable I suppose. And it is in the Choicescript format for ease of access on my half.

(If you’re wondering why so many sentences are incomplete, it is because this dream takes place in a ‘shattered memory’.)

Short, but I am holding back on an actual demo for now. I expect to finish the game fully before the year is up though.


The writing is not bad to be honest. So go for it.


I only skimmed through it as I am too tired right now, but what I read has very good writing. I’m going to read it properly either tonight or tomorrow and give you more feedback.


I’m not really crazy about horror games/stories. Generally it seems like the main way they create “horror” is by removing your sense of agency and ability to protect yourself effectively… which just feels like a crappier version of real life. I mean,is that really it and people just enjoy that while I don’t, or am I missing something?


I’m into horrors, I can’t wait


seems like a good game


Not to harsh on your writing or anything but this demo seems really similar to the game Evil Within that’s already out, although its on consoles, the monsters are practically identical. If you plan on going in a different direction that’s cool, this could also be just a freaky coincidence. I just thought I should say something.


@MaddiMastermind There are numerous inspirations, and I used that one just for something to flesh out a writing style quickly. The story has nothing to do with Evil Within, but it does share some symbolic meanings. This is a secondary priority now anyway, and is on the scrap list


Maybe this sounds uneducated but I really can’t stand the classy sort of long fancy sentences this game and a couple of others contain.

It really doesn’t feel real to me and is also always phrased a little awkwardly.

I prefer games that use a more realistic or obvious writing technique, and just tell a good overall story.

I mean seriously, who actually talks like this? I feel like I’m speaking to a Greek philosopher or something, but to be fair, a lot of games do this.

Although a lot of people like this. Your game seems pretty good, and I like the imagery. I would’ve preferred a demo with a couple of choices but maybe that’s just me.


This is definitely well written. The details you’ve put into the environment (very necessary for horror stories) are solid. I understand that it is intentionally dreamlike given the title alone, but extended surrealism can be difficult to read over the length of an entire story. I was pleasantly reminded of the Amnesia games (the dark descent & a machine for pigs) while reading.

Stream of consciousness as a narrative device has its appeal, but I think it would be very difficult to pull off in a choose-your-own-adventure game.


Does this mean your done with beast within because I thought it was a really good game hope u can do both. :))


@Cadro No, It’s shelved. :confused: