Nyctophobia - Update! Chapter one first branch done! 6k words added!



So, why did mystery girl kill herself? And why does snake-man talk in rhymes?


Well she didn’t want to get caught again, helping you was just her feeling gratitude for you trying. And yep all the time he likes to rhyme. He’s is crazy as hell lol.


Ok first off, good rhyme! Second, he needs more practice then, because from what I’ve read so far he only did a couple of good rhymes…

That… might explain why I like him so far :thinking:… don’t ask…

She could have just jumped out the window :unamused:.

Well, it’s kind of sweet when you put it that way, but she could have easily jumped out the window with my character, she had plenty of time.

Also, I just noticed that when she first lay eyes on my character (when she thought my character was a hallucination), she called my character a “he” when really my character is a “she”… you might wanna fix that…


Crap that’s what I get for writing that scene so fast! Ill fix that right now as im currently working on stats/skills/demographic info.

She was to afraid to actually leave. She was his feeding supply for an entire year :frowning:


A whole year :scream:?! Geez, that’s a long time. Will we ever find out what her and snake-man names are? I mean, I doubt she can tell us since she’s dead, but snake-man might tell us… eventually… maybe? I’m pretty sure during our next “battle” he will (probably) reveal his (villain) name. But I’m not sure if he’d actually tell us who mystery chick really is…


Well you already know his villain name :slight_smile: and yes you find out very soon about both of them, and you fight him again rather quickly. If its choice or bad timing is up to your MC.


Wait his villain name actually is snake-man?! I was just calling him that because I didn’t know what else to call him!


Lol no it’s Tick-Tock. His Angel name was Viper.


Ooook ok ok, that’s a way better name than “Snake-man”. Hmmm, honestly I was wondering why he kept saying Tik-Tock… makes a lot of sense. And honestly I’m kind of relieved that it wasn’t “Snake-man” :sweat_smile:


That’d be one of those vilians who dies after one hit lol. “I’m Snake-Man fear my fan–” Punched in face…never wakes up.


Rofl :rofl:, I was thinking more of a villain from that world that was defeated by a hero, or “Angel”, and was turned into a silly cartoon villain and be renamed so that the little kids would laugh whenever they saw/heard his name :joy:


That would fit with the scenario as well! Sadly all the villains are pretty crappy people. So no joking about them at least for children, you sure can!


So how many villains will we encounter? Not including Tik-Tock, I mean.


Right now I have three major villains, but you also have the nightmares that plague the world, so expect to encounter them as well.


Honestly I would be surprised if I didn’t encounter the Nightmares!


So I kinda skimmed through the recent responses so if this was already said I apologize for the redundancy but is tick-tock an angel (completed metamorphosis)?


Yep sure is. Anyone who has powers is a angel…some just decide that name isn’t very suited for them lol.


So that makes me wonder, what exactly are you going to call the “evil Angels”? Are you going to call them Demons? Devils? Fallen Angels (Galle for short)? Or do you plan on calling them something completely different?


Hmm not sure yet I haven’t set a name for then yet into the lore, but all those are good. Maybe make a poll?


Sounds like a plan. I do have a question that is slightly off topic; are there going to be any Romance Options (RO) in this story? I only ask because I’m curious. There doesn’t have to be any if you don’t want to add any, I just like to know these kinds of things ahead of time so that I don’t get my hopes up :sweat_smile: