Nyctophobia - Update! Chapter one first branch done! 6k words added!



Yep let me give you the example that im working with right now.

    *if (basiphobia) #"Damnit! Just had to be heights!"
        *goto damnjump
*label damnjump
Fighting back the fear that was threatening to overwhelm your senses, you made some room and prepared to make a running start. With as much courage as possible you took off for the dangerous fall. Then you tried to stop. Tried being the keyword. Your foot slipped and instead of exiting  in some manner of safety you tumbled though head first.

You feel the glass slice into your skin as you shatter it. Pain flairs even larger as you collide head first into the ground and skid into a brick wall. With agonizing moments you glance up and see your savior slicing her throat with a shard of glass. Before you can even react, darkness clouds your vision and everything goes blank. 


Pretty good so far. But maybe you shouldn’t have the MC land headfirst on the ground since that could kill or severely injure them!


Got an error when I chose the “cuoco for cocoa puffs” option.


I picked the fear of spiders. Does the phobias effect what powers we get?


Its more to show how strong your powers of healing are. It becomes a big deal as you grow stronger. Mihyt change it for no its my placeholder.

Yeah I haven’t updated and forgot to put finish. Ill have a update hopefully tomorrow, depends on finishing the kitchen sick.

@Markel1970A nope doesn’t effect powers, it will come into play with a certain villain and regular choices. Powers are set to healing but have branches you choose. Its a 10 I think right now and I might add more later. I plan to make every power relevant in the fights.


Oh right, I almost forgot about those :sweat_smile:

I was wondering, are you planning on doing anything with the two “don’t investigate” options? Or are you planning on leaving them the way they are?


Nope there is another path by going to school, it leads too a whole other way to encounter your Nightmare. Also effects what you have to fight against the Nightmare.


Ok, I was asking because if you didn’t have something planned, I did have a suggestion for what you could add for the scene where the MC is already in the house but they change their minds and decides to leave.


Go ahead and shoot it, I never turn down advice or recommendations. Sometimes I like it better or it helps with future writing of the story!


So I was wondering this cause I always thought it was cool that vemon from Spiderman had a weakness to loud sounds so what about phonophobia (fear of loud noises) and it’s not like a train horn blares out of nowhere and you get jump scared it’s more like prolonged exposer to loud noises causes things like anxiety and mood swings even things like dizziness and nausea


So first, I’d like to apologize for taking so long to reply, life kind of hit me pretty hard these past couple of days. Ok, so there are a few ideas that you could try to go for with the scene where the MC is already in the house and is having second thoughts about being there;

The first one being that when she (I’m going to refer to the MC as female to make it easy for me to keep track of things… also, my MC is female) turns to leave the house, the door she came in from suddenly slams shut. The force of the impact putting out most of the candles in the room itself, making it difficult for her to see. Rattled, she goes to the door and tries to open it, finding that it won’t budge. Freaked out, she decides to see if she can find another way out, before climbing the stairs and eventually finding Mystery Girl tied up. From there it would just play out as normal (and by that, I mean how you have it set up when they meet).

The second possibility is having that after the door slams shut, Tik-Tock reveals himself and attacks the MC. Once she is subdued… I’m not sure, I kind of didn’t think that far ahead :sweat_smile:. Um, maybe having that after being a prisoner of Tik-Tock for a few days, Mystery Girl and MC both decide to work together to escape. It would play out in a similar way to what you already have. Or, Mystery Girl #2 eventually shows up and is only able to save MC… or something.

A third option is, well, you could have that the MC can leave without a problem, like you were planning on originally. It’s really up to you what you do…


I meant to mention it before, but I really think these should be two different paragraphs


Or in separate pages, or something. Having them in one paragraph feels like you’re forcing two separate scenes together.


This sounds like a amazing story and can’t wait to read jt


Have the woman’s wounds line me up with the nightmares skill set but other than that holy crap your a really good author. I’m paranoid now not wait paralyzed by fear this my friend is expert writing


You miss spelled green

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Updates coming soon added 3000 words and almost done with branch one of chapter one. Can’t wait to share!


boss is back :hugs:


Yay I remembered this a couple of days ago and was wondering if it would continue glad to see it’s still going