Nyctophobia - Update! Chapter one first branch done! 6k words added!



Glad to see this game back!


Update! Play through should change a decent amount based on your first choices as branch flows. This will change even more as game keeps getting bigger! Editing needs to be done but i want to get chapter 1 done first.


i think your missing a word

Will you eventually list all the skills have and gain in the stats menu?
Will we be able to get different powers or are we always going to have healing abilities no matter what?
The story is pretty interesting and attention grabbing! I can’t wait to see what you write next.


Those sounds would be perfect for an alien movie :joy:

Oh, Tasmanian demons, you terrifying creatures. The only thing more terrifying is how they mate and what happens after their birth.


Yes I’ll be updating th stat sheet with skills and relationships as it goes on. Powers show up already and only some are healing. Echo creates a Dave of power and destruction, Siphon steals the life from your target with each blow, and Enhancement gives you superhuman abilities. Two advance forms will also be available later.

It’s not missing words just poorly written lol. I’ll be updating the intro as I have to add more story to MC and the mothers backstory.

@Bokeh I use to find the noise terrifying when I was a kid lol. Each Nightmare is different but some will have this unique sound again later.

I found something that probably shouldn't have happened when I chose the "do not jump" option


Ty I’ll fix it


How about the phobia of being eaten whole as an additional option in your CS game? :smiley:


Seems like a great story and what you have just now is very interesting however some parts of the story repeats itself twice


How far does the demo go to?
I get stuck loading after dealing with the nightmare.


Ummm duh? Claustrophobia? That’s a fucking bitch, that one is.


Agoraphobia is not fun either.


Heliophobia isn’t fun either…