November's Writer Support Thread

It has a learning curve at the beginning, as anything would have when transitioning from a “simpler” system. But I think the freedom (easier UI changes, user-created modules, easier use of Javascript, not to mention publishing side of things though that depends on one’s needs) afforded later will be worth it. A non-trivial downside for me is no quick/random test, unless I code that myself.
I can help anyone get started in SugarCube (and even make the game kind of “look” like CS games)! I’ve figured out enough to be dangerous with it (just achieved freedom from the Twine editor, now I can compile outside of it~). :smiling_imp:


Yeah, that freedom is exactly the reason why I wanted to learn. I think with the right tutorials I could definitely learn to use it, so if you have any advice or tutorials to share I would really appreciate it :pray: Because the documentation is a mess, and I can’t make much sense of it, at least not yet.

I was a computer science major for a few semesters but learned very little, can’t even imagine myself coding a randomtest-like program on my own :joy:


I just hit the 26K words mark. :muscle:
Stay safe, everybody, and never stop writing!


I’m back to writing after a very slow period.


I’m 84% done my editing of the last 2 chapters. I should have no trouble finishing this by the end of November, which was my goal. Actually, I think I’ll finish the editing by the end of the week.

My work schedule has shuffled and I find myself with exra free-time every second week. This should continue until the end of January, which is great news for finishing this thing.

So, I’m editing the last chapter. I have 4 scenes that I know must be added as well as 6 “other things” on my list to add, most of which shouldn’t take too long.

Once I’m done that, I’ll have officially finished the rough draft. I really don’t want to estimate when I’ll be done, since I’ve been wrong every single time. :slight_smile: Although, I think it’s possible i could have this done by the end of November.

After that, I get to start testing it myself. I’d like to play all 21 endings, but at over 300,000 words, that might take me a year! :slight_smile: Realistically, I don’t know how long this will take. I don’t want to skip this part, since this step will polish this game into something special (I hope!). We’ll see. I’m guessing that the first play-thrus will take a while, but that the ones after will go faster.

Once THAT is done… I’ll start the beta test.

Always moving forward!


I am actually writing but not for a story, I am doing interviews and articles. I found it weird, but really inspiring and useful. Trying new things is helping me to improve so I am really happy of have started the Jam.


I had a very productive two weeks, despite rampant distractions in the early part of the the month. I managed to write 35,000 word for Shepherds in a few days and updated the alpha build with the first part of Chapter 6 and some character interludes, meeting my goals for the month! I only have this now:

But, sadly, I got my novel manuscript back from copyediting and will need to go over the changes (and last-minute revisions I need to make) until the end of the month, so this last goal seems unachievable for November. Still, I’m proud of how productive I’ve been and can consider it a good month! Keep going everybody, and good luck!


Oh no… what have I done? :rofl:

For context, I’ve decided to implement the stat system that is used in the rest of story in the prologue. Originally I decided not to implement it because it seemed like a lot of work, but I made the decision that the prologue is not just a narrative prologue but a test drive for the readers to explore the stat system.

Spoilers. For more context, the reader will play an entirely different character in the prologue. You can choose between one of two characters, each with their own set of separate stat strengths. Depending on your choice, your character may be excellent in one area or piss poor in another area. In addition to that, I’ve added another variable that records how many drinks you have. At one point, I will subtract the number of drinks you’ve had from certain stats… which will obviously affect whether or not you succeed or fail at a stat check.

It’s a bit… complex? But I’m happy with the idea. I’ve been toying with this for… weeks I wanna say?


Oh goodness… I have 25 variables (at the moment) just for the prologue alone. :confounded:


In one of my old game attempts, I made a Mall for the player go shopping including A spa and a barbershop, clothing… I think I had only in clothes more 80 variables including sleazy lingerie and sexy elephant underwear for men… and a fireman… Yeah… So, 25 is okay. When you start coding types of socks is when you should start to worry.


I finished the first episode of my story! I’ve gotten nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback so far, and I’m really excited to start working on the second episode.


I finally just forced myself to start writing last night, instead of being stuck at where I was I wrote a future scene and that helped unstuck me.


I’m considering whether or not I should go for it or nah.

For context, there’s a hub scene where the MC can upgrade skills and heal. I’ve got it set up so that the descriptions (one or two sentences worth) for when you go to a subroutine gives you a randomized blurb of narrative. And I’m very much tempted to make these descriptions in second person instead of first person which is what the story is written in.

I think I might just go for it for now and if I get feedback on it later (mainly it’s too disruptive) I might change it.

Forgot to mention that the Prologue’s in second person too. Honestly I think I’m worrying too much. The hub descriptions are merely one or two sentences long and I don’t know but they just sound better written in second person than first person.


I’ve got a week off work next week, so I’m going to try and get up some momentum and get through the section I’m on. I’m promising myself that if I manage that, I’ll post up some of Chapter 2. Fingers crossed!


…well, due to some stressful life things, I’m not sure I’m going to get as much writing done this week as I hoped. I might be able to do some though. Hoping so!


After double checking, I’m deciding to have the main setting of the story take place in a fictional city in Michigan so that I have more freedom to make it look like whatever I want. It was originally going to be a real town but set 50 or so years in the future which would’ve given me more creative freedom to exaggerate it to suit the story.

Now that I’ve set the story in relatively modern day (2020 - 2024), the original city I used is too small so I decided to make an entirely new city.

Couldn’t decide what to name it, random name generators weren’t giving me anything good, and I am not proficient in any of the local First Nation languages from which many cities in Michigan were derived from to accurately create a name from there.

Instead I decided to dig into the old box and find the Bananagrams bag, blindly pick 5 or 6 pieces and then shuffle out a word.


Having finally realised I needed some serious recharging time, I haven’t even tried to write anything in the last week or so.
Hopefully, this will help, and I can say something different, next week.


I’m re-reading my Halloween Jam entry after letting it rest for most of the month and, well, it didn’t seem this bad when I first wrote it. (Why didn’t anyone tell me?) Time to add some extra editing to the game improvement schedule.


I didn’t do any actual writing, but I did create a good chunk of my one-shot D&D campaign, so I guess I did something productive.


I took the past few days off from writing all together so I could just recharge a little bit. I ended up proof reading tons of my friends’ essays for college applications and that took a lot of time and energy, but it was good work and I know it made them happy, so it was worth it. I need to start on the rest of mine now, once I turned in my Yale one I basically put all college apps on hold :sweat_smile: Back to writing tomorrow!


I am feeling down. :cry:
I am currently providing volunteer medical support to covid clinics in my city. I am really proud of it but this takes a lot of time and dedication.
It is three days in a row that I come back home at midnight and I have to get up at 6am. I wish I could write, but all I can do is collapsing on the sofa.
I am afraid I will never be able to finish my game :sob::sob: Damn coronavirus!