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Continuing the discussion from Yeoman. Set in medieval England you must make a life for yourself:

Hello all, sorry for disappearing for a couple months. My internet went down for a couple weeks and when I got it back up I was knee deep in finishing my senior project so I could graduate. But now that my project is on the downhill I can return to my small COG game. I will be posting at a slow-ish rate but I am back and hopefully don’t lose my internet again! All new info will be on this new thread. Links in the old thread will not work any longer! Thanks for the support and hope I don’t disappoint!

I am looking for a better title since the current one doesn’t fit so well. If someone posts a new title suggestion and I like it then I will use it as the new title!

Here is the NEW TEMP game link:
The old one was not updating when I added fixes and the like.

If anyone has any suggestions to make the dialog feel more realistic I would greatly appreciate it!


An error show’s up after you deal the bandit leader - bandit line 255: non-existent veritable ‘honor’.

Also that stat screen is not working as well - Choicescript _stats line 4: non-existent veritable ‘age’.

Yeah I fixed those, for some reason the I must have changed the spacing in the code there.
Thanks for the tip.

So I was debating staying strictly historical (major events) or taking some liberty with invasions, kings, etc. Let me know what you guys would like to see!

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I say do a mixture of both that way we get some historical but also some mystery as to what might happen

That is what I was leaning toward I just want to get a feel for public opinion. Thanks.

Well not everything that happenend is written so I think you can allow yourself to mix both and even modify historical events a bit. After all if our character have the opportunity to change something then its easier that way than having to explain how they changed an historical event without impact in the future.

Hey guys so I’m going to gone for about a week where I will be unable to respond or update. After though I will be possibly ready for a much larger update.

A small error to point out even when I had my fellow polish off the bandit leader I appeared to take him in to town with me. At the least perhaps we ought to be dragging the body rather than it referring to a prisoner?

on that same note with the bandit`s i went and kill off lefty before i get the leader. but as i catch him somehow there both are running away? i did not know someone could get up from a sword too the neck

So I’m back from my trip. My laptop died and I forgot my charger so sorry but no update. I will look into the bandit scene thanks Chris and Bob

Welcome back from your trip

Thanks Terrell I’ll try to get an update soon.