New Hosted Game! Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 by Devon Connell

For correction though, Book 5 is not exclusive to Patreon but the demo and full game will still be release in Hosted Games.

Just want to clear that part out to avoid misinformation.

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Who or What is Cheesu?

Serious Actual Major Spoilers Warning Alert

Don’t suppose anyone has the slightest clue what this is about? Source.

Edit: There’s also fourteen hidden bits for the name Kaede, one for the name Holo, and two for the name Emiko.


I think that was a high-tier patreon thing.

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That makes a lot of sense! It seemed weird that such beautiful bits of writing were hidden from the reader. Thanks a lot for explaining! And thank you, Cheesu, whoever you are!

On another topic:

“Let me guess, they locked you up for stealing creative property.”

“No,” Bashō grinned, “I believe that’s your crime, ${name}-san. Or should I say, the reader’s.”
The poet didn’t look at me. Instead, he looked at you. Yes, the fourth wall was being broken, all because you’re a cheat. It’s a heck of a price to pay for an attunement score that doesn’t even matter!



I got bored so here’s some memes I made, one of them is anti-jun I apologise in advance to jun/ko fans :sweat_smile:
:stop_sign: spoiler alert!!!:stop_sign::mega::mega:




Now those are some spicy memes! Thanks so much for all the laughs, @khadidja! :rofl:


Junko for life man I would die for her.


Jun too man, I would live for him.


I was rereading SOH book 2 and after watching Sadao’s memories I chose to ask him about the magical rings, his reply was : “You want to know who gave them to me, ronin? Bashō is that bastard’s name. He promised me the Shogi Demon would grant forgiveness, give me absolution!”.
I find this strange since I know how sadao got the rings (if you read SOH 4 side stories then you know) is this a plot hole? Or sadao was just lying? Not to mention that both masa and sadao didn’t show any sign of recognizing each other even though they worked together before. maybe it is a plot hole


Little details like that will always slip through my memory, considering I wrote those sentences in Book 2 five years ago (time sure flies!). As far as why Masa doesn’t seem to recognize Sadao, the events at the end of Side Story 27 “Masami/Masashi’s Graduation” kind of explain that.

Personally, I like to think some memory of him remains though, which is why Masa is so against the samurai’s execution after what they all saw in the Baron’s theater.


no worries I understand, I know these things tend to happen. I just like to point out things when I find them (blame my nerd gene :joy:).

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Is Hyuga a harem?

I wanted to say that the series are amazing and l wanted to know if it’s not to spoilery if we will see Junko for me again?!

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As in the genre? Not really no. It’s not the focus.

Almost certainly.

Yeah. I didn’t like how Momoko was written out of Book 3 then to show up in Book 4 to not be a LI and having Junko forced on us throughout Book 4. Can you please make up your mind on who are LI’s and who aren’t because with Book 4 there clearly is only one Choice and all the others are put on the backburner.


From what I remember the RO’s are Masa, Tosh, Momoko, Kohaku and Jun/ko.
And yeah, this book focuses on the MC’s past and the Jigoku, so it makes sense that the only revelant character would Junko.
@EpicDragon Yes, at the moment Masa is still young, however they’ve shown signs of a crush a on us. If I remember right, the author said that there would a timeskip or something that’ll make Masa older.


Masa is a 10 year old kid,I don’t think she’s a RO,and there was not a single RO scene with her.
I think she treats us more like a big brother/sister.


Masa is a RO and they have a crush on the MC. Of course there cant be any romantic scenes with them because they are a minor, but the author said there would be a timeskip at some point.


Wow, that’s interesting info, it’s cute to see reaction from teasing Masa in anytime possible. Cannot wait to see her in mature state.

I mean, you already kinda do whenever we go to the spirit world.