New Hosted Game! Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 by Devon Connell

I really love this story and I hope for an happy end for my ronin (like Inwas hoping for Persona 5 Like in Persona 5, you’ve been in hell for too long, an happy end is really cool )

Now that I think about it the only good romance for the ronin is the one I thought was a bit creepy at first: Hashimoto.
Jun/Junko is really a toxic and unhealthy romance. Toshi put your character in a big pedestal. You aren’t your character but a concept for him. It’s really unhealthy.
Momoko is creepy as hell (but I love her character too). A real Yandere.

Hashimoto is the only one who wants to know who you really are. Who see your weakness and genually want to help you improve.

Well, Hatch too. But Hatch doesn’t love the Ronin. He is the best bro.



This might be true…ahhh who am I kidding it is true. But I want my Junko back in book five since book four expounded on her relationship with the MC which helped me to understand a few things about both characters and well…first girl wins.


Coming back immediatly after what happened seems unlikely, maybe 3/4 of the way or in the 6th book.

I know… Talk about toxic relationship… My Emiko (Emi-chan, same name as the dog) fall for Jun all over again… Even knowing that it’s a big mistake. She even accept to bear his child…


Alright, I’m lame and have very little time to free read lately. Is there a guide for this book I can follow so I can just enjoy the story? I don’t have it in me to brute force the story for 100% attunement this go-around.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s actually pretty easy to figure out all the correct choices and puzzles if you really pay attention to the details in the story, but yeah the first time you play it it is pretty hard to get 100%. Also there is a guide on steam but only for book 1-3 and I don’t know if they have made a guide for the fourth book yet.

Stay true to your character and be careful with small detail for the puzzle (never really hiding, younjust have to read carefully). It’s not that hard to be at 100 in the first party.

And remember that even if you go down, you can still rise you attunment during the story.

If you really want to spoil yourself a bit, you can go to the author site. There is some walktrough. It will not help you for your choice of personnality but it can help for the puzzle.

Did Junko’s feelings towards the Ronin change in Book 4 compared to Book 2?

Towards the end of Book 4 they cut their own arm off, motivated either to help the Ronin escape in time or to free them from the thread of fate, depending on the Ronin’s reciprocation.

Both motivations are surprisingly selfless (though not necessarily redemptive) and stand in contrast from when in Book 2 they gleefully brutalize and try to murder the Ronin. In the former outcome they essentially sacrifice themselves for the one they profess to love while in the latter they no longer want to force the Ronin to be with them. Either way they seem to accept the Ronin living on without them.

I think a change might have been catalyzed when Junko rescued Aimi and killed the Uesugi, claiming Izo’s katana and vowing to be better than him. Witnessing their past trauma get recreated and then rejecting to repeat it might have functioned as a moral wake up call that later influenced their decision for the Ronin at the end of Book 4.


Quite late to the party here, with the update released moths ago, showing than the release of the 5th book is on they way, so here I go.

First, I I surely find a lot of complaints anout the last installment, quite a lot on Google play, and saw some from here, but I’m gonna share my opinion about it, in some level I can agree, yet that doesn’t kill the book, quite the opposite, it was to expect that the 4th book was about the mysterious past of the MC and junko, which was teased and show small fragments of what was about, and and oh…hael, phew, personally beat a lot of expectations, more than I thought, was surprising to see those topics being touched in this book, and not much of a surprise considering the setting this put us on, fi you know about it that is, which long-story short, is gruesome and cruel and disgusting, yet isn’t for the sake of it, which is the reason of why cause so much impact.

My only grip and I’m gonna be brief, is the baron arc, that go Way to long, almost 1 1/4 book, and but not only that, but for the rest of book three and from time to time on book four, the topic is bring again, very reiterative about that point, have ‘talked away’ the the power who got very dependable of, which later is revealed than the raw talent of the MC was enough to beat their old sense and junko, and maybe a bit the shogi, but I actually enjoy it a bit, but even if was a simpler way to play it. :grin:

Is funny than people have called this book quite a filler, and if we consider of how much this series has been compared with anime, is quite ironic to be honest because you know… What is anime without filler, that happens when is based from the original source material, manga… Yet I know there’s other factors anyway, returning to the main topic, it was pretty good, how all of this connected with every dot and just go full circle having and big plot twist in the lasts chapters, Or Who would thought than something as bizzare as the dream about the MC and the kid riding a koi fish, it was show the veracity of his prophetic insens… Well that shared look between them said everything. I yet about the trials and grief, it wasn’t done yet, with the kid and our lover/ex-lover and now one of our friends, lover or friendzone’d doctor who had a blind crush, is nothing but a shell for a OrJuki onna (had a lot of names actually) if that is what is, worse being a jorogumo, or on the top of the chain food, shinigami. whatever the outcome, so be it,that was an effective cliffhanger there. but and as a last note, I hope you have my doubts with Satsuma, gave me a orange light since he told about his prophecies and what had to be done.

As an overall, SoH is one of my personal favorite regardless of its flaws now just waiting patiently for the next release. :smirk:

Okay, so I gonna add other few things I forgot, going first with the most serious…

Probably one of the comparisons more uncalled for is comparing this 4th book with one of the most horrible and offensive and insulting books not only from modern literature, but as a whole and I’m going to mention it in another way 50 shades of metal and physical abuse aka 50 shades of gray, which in all honesty, is a serious stretch and I ain’t going to elaborate on this, because this isn’t about this book, only sharing a brief personal opinion of what I think about that argument.

Just as a trivial thing, and even more late and probably already mention, so I’m gonna do anyway, and is some references from other content in different platforms with the similarity of being a katana wielder and/or the ambiance on SoH when you input some of their names for your MC, not sure if those are all, but honestly I was expecting a few more like the swordfighter demon dog, or the samurai rabbit from dark horse, oh well…
Saito The lone wolf himself
Goemon The thirteenth generation of…er, I forget.
Batto A fitting name, that it is.
Jack Gotta get back, back to the past.
Aoshi Grand master of the Oniwanban—never mind.
Manji You don’t want to live forever, trust me.
Fuu Can you smell the sunflowers?
Ichi Being a poor ronin is bad, but being a blind one? No way.
Afro Just…don’t expect the hair.
Shishio Minus the bandage fetish.
Mugen I’ll take all you bitches on!
Baiken A grappling hook for an arm? No thanks.
Oyuki If only I didn’t leave my umbrella at home.
Balsa I’m still more a fan of swords than spears.
Ibuki What’s a girl hafta do to get some cake around here?
Kaoru My katana isn’t some wooden practice sword!
Ran A katana blade turning into ash? That’s just shoddy craftsmanship.
Ryo Me, a shameless flirt? I just like to tease.
Suzuka No doubt I’m an Ultra Class A assassin, too.
Jin I wish others tried to moderate their self-importance.
Hitokiri A fitting name, that it is.
Gintoki Freelance former samurai, at your service.
Tsubaki I guess I do work for the Grim Reaper, don’t I?
Kenshin Oro?

As a last thing, really this time, is about how SoH, reminds me to Samurai X (don’t remember the Japanese name, sorry), even if just a few things and mostly fro the MC if you are in a tamer personality (my choice of preference) to his protagonist, kenshi himura, and well, I’m well aware about this genre/shtick about the fearsome swordfighter/Samurai/Assasin who’s now in a more peaceful, mundane life, or as a vagabond, truth is, he is the one who introduced me to it, and personally one of the best, sorry for this rambling and thanks for reading.


I can’t read this book without hearing “in the rain” from Cowboy Bebop in my head. That’s particulary true for the beginning, while we are running from our group in the montain’s forest.

Or this one

This story feel so much more lije cowboy bebop than Samurai Champloo in the end.

Samurai champloo is about past relics who couldn’t evolve with their time.

Cowboy Bebop is more about being trap from our own past (main characters or universe itself, it reel of melancholy and death (look a lot like the bushido’s line of code)).


Hello, I recently got back into playing this series and was wondering about what happened to Masa? I don’t care about spoilers.

Spoil me.


He, or she, is invited to the emperor wedding, who is going to marry Masa’s sister. Other than that, he, or she, is deeply worried about the ronin and Momoko. Masa feel powerless and is deeply hurt by that feeling. I need to read it again, but I believe that he return to the Ronin in the last minutes of book 4, just after Jun’s sacrifice

I just hope that the ronin will break free of his past and find redemption without dying like Spike in Cowboy Bebop, I love this end but it still a bit sad, even if he was already dead inside.

I think dying end should be a choice. Example, you are sure to have the final word, you fullfill your destiny, you explode the darknstar with the emperor inside… it’s a total win… Except that you are dead for that, keeping alive would mean that somewhere, something hasn’t work, you couldn’t save someone, had to sacrifice crucial data, your ship in a space adventure… A big sacrifice.

In the Ronin’s case, an arm for exemple would be a good sacrifice. Can’t fight anymore, you even loss some autonomy and independancy.

I don’t want my Ronin to die, but don’t want a happy end either. I want her to find peace and redemption at the cost of something big for her (but not Masa’s life or her).


I think they are in a coma, at least that’s what it looks like


Hi, Anyone knows about being patreon of Book 5? If I become a patreon now, will I be able to access the previous chapters? Or can only read chapter 14?

you would gain access to all previous chapters and a new chapter gets added every month on the 15th

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Hello Samurai Fans!

“I formally ask permission to end my life. The delay in releasing the Book Four guide was six months, if not twelve. I failed you.”

“You may not commit seppuku.”

“Please. I formally ask permission.”

“No. You’re needed alive.”

“I will obey you. But please accept my apologies.”

The apologies (NSFW / spicy / adult-only):

The guide:

Hope you’re all well and excited for Book Five. Stay safe out there, Samurai.


The saviour! lol thank you for this

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The story is very good, but the mc is always in trouble(especially in his love life :smirk:). For example in book 2 when we chose to return momokos feelings, she goes away(for story reasons of course) and in book 3 when we have toshie or/and kohaku, we leave because a student died from our incompetence(emotional breakdown). Book 4 junko sacrifices herself to save us by cutting her/his arm off. Well with all said and done author I don’t know how will you resolve the if we have romanced in every book all this characters(like do we choose one in the end or harem route). I say that, because the story has this romantic regret build-up(for example if we are to choose older Masami from junko whom we romance in book 4 will his/her feelings just won’t matter or is it gonna be called out in book 5 or 6 whenever is the time skip?). English is not my first language so if l made many mistakes please bear with it :slightly_smiling_face:!