New Hosted Game! Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 by Devon Connell

I really love this story and I hope for an happy end for my ronin (like Inwas hoping for Persona 5 Like in Persona 5, you’ve been in hell for too long, an happy end is really cool )

Now that I think about it the only good romance for the ronin is the one I thought was a bit creepy at first: Hashimoto.
Jun/Junko is really a toxic and unhealthy romance. Toshi put your character in a big pedestal. You aren’t your character but a concept for him. It’s really unhealthy.
Momoko is creepy as hell (but I love her character too). A real Yandere.

Hashimoto is the only one who wants to know who you really are. Who see your weakness and genually want to help you improve.

Well, Hatch too. But Hatch doesn’t love the Ronin. He is the best bro.



This might be true…ahhh who am I kidding it is true. But I want my Junko back in book five since book four expounded on her relationship with the MC which helped me to understand a few things about both characters and well…first girl wins.


Coming back immediatly after what happened seems unlikely, maybe 3/4 of the way or in the 6th book.