New Hosted Game! "Grey Eyes of Death"—A zombie outbreak survival adventure

Can someone tell me how to avoid death when escaping with kaia and angel?

I think its not being injured or at least not too much.
For me difference between death and surviving was not having a painful wound on stomach from getting impaled on rebar or something.

It went the same way :sob: hurt or not, i die if i spare ammo and she dies if i don’t

Kaia or Angel? For Angel to survive you meet to teach her to kill zombies.

I’m trying to make an escape from capital with kaia and angel, but I don’t know how to make all 3 survive(me,angel and kaia). If i spare bullets i get bitten and if i don’t kaia will get bitten (angel survive both ways because she’s hidden)

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Hey, all. I’ve just completed my review of Gray Eyes of Death. Thanks for reading!