New Hosted Game! "Grey Eyes of Death"—A zombie outbreak survival adventure

Lists are stuck up now?

In any case, ZE being superior is not an objective fact and their offence was idiotic. I’m fine with people having opinions, I don’t care that they didn’t like the game, but getting offended that someone else made a videogame comparison is childish and dumb.


How is having an opinion in terms of simply comparing two games, and making the opinion that this game is not all that great, which for some people’s opinions, and my own as I, “elitist”? The reality is it is not.

If you really enjoy this game then more power to you and you have every right in voicing that opinion. However, those of us who have issues with this game, be it its story, characters, lack of actual growth, etc, have every right to voice these opinions as well.

Do you really think that calling someone bitter or an elitist is a valid response and makes your opinion matter, simply because you liked the game and someone else didn’t? It doesn’t. For writers, criticism and feedback, both positive and negative are good measuring sticks and help with growth in writing and story-wise. If a writer simply heard only the “praisings” of fans while ignoring potential critical feedback it won’t help that writer change or retool their craft to get better. That is why criticism, on both sides, is valid and is actually good.

Now, in terms of comparing ZE and this game, it’s entirely a matter of opinion and is subjective, and should truly be taken with a grain of salt. Though between these two, if we were to make the comparisons: ZE:SH is far better written and crafted while Grey Eyes, while on the surface, has some good moments, lacks true depth and growth. There isn’t any growth for any of the characters, your ‘bestie’ is overused and is a constant passive-aggressive character, wanting you and only you, and other various things with the story lack range in terms of the characters growing and changing. They simply just are.

To simply put this: Everyone has their own opinions and has every right to have their opinion. If you don’t like it, so be it, that’s completely fine.


Well, The game now exists, just like anything else in nature. It simply is, for better or worse. I’m pretty sure it will earn its rightful spot among the hg’s. I say kudos for bringing a text game into existence, something most of us probably can’t even dream of doing.

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How do you people keep missing my point? I don’t care about the opinion itself. It’s whatever. I imagine a fair few people like ZE more since it’s one of the most popular HGs. My issue, as I have stated, was the attitude with which they voiced that opinion and the offense that anyone would compare the two games. This is not complicated.


Sounds like a you problem more than anything. Everyone has a style or “attitude” in how they voice their opinions or thoughts. Literally, the nature of the beast in something called the world wide web. If you want to get bent out of shape because of it, that’s your prerogative, not anyone elses. They don’t have to change their style or attitude to cater to how you feel things should be said.

Secondly, comparing games to others that are similar in nature or style is completely common. Both have the zombie vibe story and other elements. Makes complete sense to make a comparison. Now if this game was compared to say Dragon Age or Star Wars, then that’s a complete stretch, and the comparison is entirely asinine.

  1. If someone’s method of voicing their opinions is rude and insulting, people have the right to be offended.

  2. They got mad at the comparison. Not me. Pay attention ffs.


Then why get involved?

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Let’s take this conversation down a couple notches. Everyone, please remember to refrain from personal attacks against other users.

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im so confused is callum female or male or even non-binary? the story makes me think they are just gender-fluid (think that’s the term anyway)

I think Callum is male and Kaia is female, you pick one, unless I’ve got the wrong name.

Uh. Well.

I… enjoyed K? That’s pretty much the only reason why I kept clicking through a million walls of text with maybe one or two choices for every twenty-page or something.

The author seriously needs to get a dictionary and look up what “interactive” means because this feels more like a novel where you get to choose what kind of shoes your character wears. Hell, you’re not even the main character in your own story, because most of the time you’re basically just being told where to go and what to do and you can’t do jack about it. The characters you meet are complete assholes, and you can’t do anything about it. They boss you around non-stop, can’t do anything about it. Pretty much every time you leave one stupid, useless group behind or get kicked out of somewhere, you’re right back dealing with another group of selfish, homicidal assholes. So, once again, you leave, for the umpteenth time, maybe being forced to tag along with someone you hate because the game won’t let you pick whether or not you want them with you.

I just wanted K. I didn’t care one single tiny bit about anyone else, and their deaths did not impact me even a little bit because I knew them for a grand total of one second, maybe they had ONE “oh woe is me” relatable humanising monologue to garner your sympathy, and then you’re, what? Supposed to care about them?

Yeah. I think not. If you enjoy interactive fiction, stay away. If you enjoy being a useless stock character whose entire purpose is to be shat on then hey, you’re gonna have a grand ol’ time.


This is why I didn’t buy it when released since I played the game while it was developed. You’re nothing but a helpless backseat driver while the mc does their own thing. Sure u can pick what to say sometimes but I’ll rather directly control the mc itself


Callum is male and Kaia is female, unless you choose your best friend to be “…him”. Then Kaia’s name will be Killian and Callum’s name will be Aliana, who will be female.

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I decided to main her as a RO but she said “you’re like my brother”, even before i confessed.
Is she like not a RO or something?

Keep playing/reading and things will develop… =)

EDIT: Does anyone know where I/to whom I should report the typos I’ve found?

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Is it possible to save Angel? I was shocked when Dayton said “you jumped alone Y/N”… It was obvious tho.

Yeah, just encourage her to use violence.

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How to avoid death ending with Aliana and Angel?

I’ve found it. And just wanted to say thank you for this experience.

Man, I’m such a softie. When I planned to get the Aliana’s ending (The Fool) with Angel alive, but not taking her with us, I was not ready to see how sad she would get. And to make it even worse, see her running towards me, see the option to change my mind and take her with us, but turning my back instead and living her behind for goodSigh I’m sorry, my heart. :cry: :laughing: