Nest of Snakes (Chapter 1 Demo) 27/12/16


The Divinity stat will increase depending on your actions and how others perceive you. There are a few unavoidable events that will raise that stat but there’s always going to be an option to try level with people and avoid attention. It is possible to lose points along the way too.

I’ve got a character arc planned for those who prefer mortality, as well as a few endings where you can denounce life as a god altogether! Some of the romance routes are motivation for this too.


I want to take Athena’s place as the Strategist … and put DJT… errr Zeus in his place… :wink:


I’m sorry to crush your ambition but there is no Athena in this world. :frowning: There’s a reason but it’s a spoiler. I’m sure you’ll still take him down though.


and now I’m completely SOLD on that idea


I smell the scent of drama and MC’s inner dilemmas.

Tis a good smell.

I’m excited for this.


Love love this game! One of my favourite!! You’re awesome author!! Can’t wait for the next update