Mutt Life (W.iP) (have to restarted)

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I know you’ve talked about how you were banned from another site for your spelling and the “complexity” of you your story, though at the moment your story is a bit hard to read and it’s extremely short.

Some suggestions I have are;

  1. A good, complex story needs a plot. Just going through the life of a dog doesn’t really catch my attention. It could be as simple as the trials and tribulations of getting used to your owner bringing a new pet home, or something like saving your owner from some sort of danger.
  2. If you have the player playing as a purebred dog like a Husky, the Mutt Life doesn’t seem like a suitable title seeing as Mutt often refers to mixed-breed dogs. I know you have Mutt as a breed choice, but if the player chooses Husky they’re not exactly a mutt.

I am curious, is English your first language? Or are you learning it as a second language? As it is, the story seems to be in its infancy so it’s kind of hard to comment on the story itself. Though I can say that it’s an unappealing read due to the current state of it, grammar and all.

But since you’re still working on it I have no doubt that you will be able to turn this into an interesting story. And even if you don’t perfect the grammar, I’m sure you can come up with a story that will capture people’s attention. Good luck! :grin:


No English is my first language, also your right about the mutt part butif you look at it again you see the MC master didn’t know what breed the MC was.

and they ban me again

I have seen enough about that cesspool to know that while some of the stories are good and actually have some really progressive values, the people on there are absolutely vile. Cheer up. They aren’t worth your time.

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i found a new website just waiting for the go ahead to fix this up

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it fix on the new site

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no :thinking:

-_- okay may i ask why just why

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Why what?

May I recommend that this conversation be moved to another thread? We don’t want to take over the Mutt Life WIP. If you would like to make a thread discussing this issue I can move these posts there.


That would be good yes.

Thanks :yum:


You’re awesome, Avery.

But I have to agree with Gryllidae. I was recently called “Suicide Sammy” and taunted about my suicide attempts by several prominent CYS authors and community members. I realize this is getting off topic, but to suffice it to say that the CYS community is very toxic and cruel compared to CoG’s.


That was a new low, even for a community that revels in aggressively cruel language.

But let’s bring the focus of this thread back to Mutt Life.


thank you

Have you checked the new cside or chronicler yet?

no not yet but this site works quite well other than being weird:sweat_smile: