The Equine: Bridle

Alright. This is my first CYOA, but I am NOT using Choice Script (for reasons I’m sure most of you know). Another of my discussions include the discription, as well as an exerpt, but I am going to put the link to the actual game here. If this works out, I will write at most two more stories, which will tell the viewpoint from an average citizen, and one of the Proper. As of now, it ends quite abruptly and doesn’t have any real choices yet. Suggestions are welcome.

I’m just going to drop the bomb.
Why aren’t you making it with Choice Script?

Yeah I have no idea either.

I’d understand if it was with Ren’Py or something with an obvious advantage over Choicescript but that just looks really… Raw? Are you struggling to code in choicescript? We can help you know :slight_smile:

Chooseyourstory really doesn’t work that well on the choices front since it’s basically just HTML. It’s a lot more like a choose your own adventure book than a game. Course that’s not always bad. All of EndMaster’s stuff is on that site, and it’s amazing, though not always in a good way.

Amazing but not in a good way? xD
I like your reasoning ;D

Well, I find it harder to actually write anything on Notepad, for some reason. Also, Notepad doesn’t have a spellcheck. As for ChoiceScript itself, I don’t need to use it with my stories. I considered using Choice Script, but the only reason I would is if I needed to use variables, which I don’t. And I am a terrible coder.

You could try notepad++.

I looked at it. It does seem that it would help.

I generally write my stuff (code and all, lol) on a word processor and then copy it into notepad/notepad++ in huge chunks. Would something like that work for you?

Maybe, but I have to reason to use the actual ChoiceScript.

Well, screw it, “writer’s” block, Oreos, Minecraft, and simple laziness has gotten me again. You can close this topic if you want, admin.

I couldn’t see the test version, but by the title it sounds interesting, too bad your stopping progression on it though.

It was turning more into a story than anything. One the site that is was going to be posted on, I don’t think it would have turned out very well.

Well Minecraft is the bomb

To bad I would have named my character twighlight sparckle jk sorry