Goodbye letter to loved pets (dogs)

Hi Everyone, So I kind of wrote something when I was really upset about a pet that had died and it somehow turned into a bit of an interactive goodbye letter to pet dogs everywhere while I was putting it into twine. I’m not very objective about it given the subject matter :cry:. I was thinking about entering it in a comp as I don’t know if it’d be useful to anyone else to read if I put it out there, on the other hand it might just be my incomprehensible ramblings in the subject. Was wondering if anyone else would like to have a look at it and tell me what they think? It’s really short (can literally read it in a few mins) and I can give you a key to access it if interested. Also it’s coded in twine rather than choicescript, (which I’ll admit my skills could be better with, but hopefully it’s passable.) :wolf:


I’d like to read it.

Thanks @zenith8 :slight_smile:
I’ll send you a link. I’m still getting used to the site, so if for some reason it doesn’t work for you just let me know.


I’d love to read that, though I’m sure it’ll make me sad. :sweat_smile:

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Hey, my pet died in February. I feel you. Could I read it, please, if you don’t mind?

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Of course. I’ll PM the link

I feel awful about lost pets, but happy at the same time you turned it into something…productive for your psyche, as it were? But unfortunately, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to read it. I’m going through some traumatic feelings with my old dog currently, she’s still alive but getting worse. I can get really emotional. Because the thing I’m going through with her is the same thing that happened when I lost my guardian two years back…taking care of an elderly in their time of a passing. Perhaps, once the time to mourn has come, I’d love to read it!


Short, descriptive and distinct, I liked it and your project captured my attention, I particularly enjoyed the descriptive words.

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Thanks @zenith8 :hugs:

No problems @joyousrabbit, I can certainly understand not wanting to read it, sometimes you need space and time for these things rather than stirring up raw feelings. I’m so sorry that’s happening at the moment. Best wishes for you and your dog.

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Can I see it? I pondered something similar for the sub-q thing and wanted to make sure I wasn’t accidentally walking a path that’s already well-worn.

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I want to read it but it will make me sad! So torn.

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Certainly. I’ll get the link for you when I get home. I was thinking about Sub-Q for this to get it out there. It’s more love lost than a purely love theme, but I kind of hope it reaches people it might help that way. I can’t see why you couldn’t write your own version to submit though even if I did that. Write whatever you need to :slight_smile:

No problems @Chopper, I don’t want to make people sad unnecessarily. Let me know if you change your mind.


Thank you for sharing the link! I just read it and oof, it definitely played my heartstrings like a fiddle and got me to tear up haha.

It’s really well done and very relatable, the background and the music fit the mood perfectly and the clickable descriptions made it feel really personal. I loved how bittersweet it felt, especially towards the end. It really made me think how incredible it is that our pets can become so important and deeply beloved by us that losing them can really break our hearts, even years after they passed away.

Ah I miss my babies. It’s nice to stop every so often and be actively reminded of how much I adore them, even up to this day.

Thanks again for sharing!
And @joyousrabbit, I’m really sorry for what you’re going through, and I’m wishing you all the best in this difficult time. :pensive:


I know it’s really soon to change my mind, but please, can I read this?

I really appreciate the sympathies. Trying my best to hold it together, but the urgency has moved from “someday soon” to today. And I’m still in denial, even as we’re getting ready to bring her to hospital. At best, tumor can be treated to prolong a few weeks, at worst this is looking like…the end of the road together. Today. I’m also so sorry to lay this here, but in my state all I could think of to calm down is this thread for some reason.

I plan to go stay by her side to the end. She was such a wonderful companion through my teen years to now, adult. Always guarding us and being happy to see us and receive love. :heart:


I’m so, so sorry. :disappointed: Remember that it’s okay to be sad and cry, you don’t have to hold it together. What really helped me was talk about all the idiotic nonsense our dogs got into, laughter really does help, I think. It lets you focus on the good memories and makes it all feel a little lighter somehow. But you’ll find what works for you.

Sending you a big old virtual hug.
Also, no need to apologize. Anyone who relates to this story feels your pain, and probably understands having to vent it somewhere.


Thank you @MadMinnie. Yes I agree, they become part of the family and it upsets me that some people respond with “but they’re just an animal” when you lose them. It doesn’t matter as long as they are important to you, human or otherwise.

@joyousrabbit, of course I’ll send you the link over now. I’m so sorry to hear that has happened :cry:. I agree with MadMinnie, you’re allowed to be upset and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Sometimes the best way is to remember all the good times and know that their life has been really good with you. It sounds like there are a few people who understand on this thread so if you need to talk, we’re here. Sending my best wishes your way.


Hi Everyone. I ended up deciding to put this up as a sub-q entry. Could I ask a favour, can everyone see the image on the start page (should say “pawprints”), on the last page (should be an silohette of a dog), stars in the background and music playing automatically? I can see them fine, but sounds like it might not be displaying properly for others. Thanks :slight_smile:

  • I can see/hear all the media with no problem.
  • Nothing seems to be working.
  • I can see the pictures but not hear the music.
  • I can hear the music but not see at least one of the pictures.
  • Other (please comment :slight_smile: )

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Thank you for letting me know @Capitu and @zenith8 :paw_prints:. I moved the music hosting site across between the two of you looking at it for me and I think it looks like that seems to have fixed the broken links issue.

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Everything seems to be in order

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Thank you for letting me know @TheMercerVirus!