Murder at Play House (WIP)

I enjoyed this alot. Madison ( i think it was her) checking the walls is something I would do first in a locked up house lol. I will protect madison…unless she’s the werewolf…in that case…I may have played myself :cry:

You actually put me in a death game… Congratulations I don’t trust anyone but try to appear trustworthy so no one kills me… But here is my problem everyone Knows who is Under protection that’s nice and Neat but kills a lot of tactics you can play in a werewolf game… Maybe the Game masters want to switch of the announcement after a couple of nights?
I mean that’s certainly good for everyones nerves :slight_smile:

I doubt that she is the werewolf because the ren fella is much more suspicious he is super calm and Cold and always like see I told you… He is acting suspicious the first second he appeared in the game

Can we get a list of the RO’s?

I don’t know. Anytime someone is so suspicious its obvious it just makes me think they’re a decoy lol.

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I guess the Author already thought of that because you can’t lock the werewolf in his room
I tried :slight_smile:

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I hope the werewolf kills everyone because anyone who agreed to this is a fool. How dare they make me think :pensive:

Can an RO be a werewolf?

This is on the official Tumblr so I guess the answer to your question is yes your RO can be the werewolf:

  1. Romance one of ten unique characters. Be careful; one of them is the werewolf :slight_smile:
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Is the werewolf a random RO or are they set as a certain RO and only that RO?

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Heenm…love your story :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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The werewolf is not randomized so I think it is set only to only one RO

Lately I’ve been watching “The werewolf game” so no playing this game will be so much fun!
It’s already so interesting! I like some characters, some of them are annoying. I like that we have more “free time” and that here are people who don’t give a f but also those who feel sth is wrong.
And I like my role! and that gas at night- damnn, that’s a good idea! But it’s kinda sad that we don’t have a prophet here. Also, I’m not sure how my role will work. I mean, if the speaker will talk aloud every time who I want to protect each nigh, then it will be obvious that I’M a bodyguard :’ )

But anyway, I’m super excited about that game and I can’t wait for moreee haha