Murder at Play House (WIP)

Hi! Now that the first book of TSOR is submitted and the spooky season has begun, I want to share my new game with you guys. It’s a thriller book that focuses on characters, relationships and survival. It’s my first project that sets in the modern time and will be a standalone book.

Synopsis: What would you do if someone offered you a one million dollars prize by just playing a board game called the Werewolf in a house with the other ten players? Sounds easy, isn’t it? If you have the werewolf role, you will pick a player to “kill” every night. If you have the villager role, you have to find the werewolf and try to survive.

However, there’s something that they didn’t warn you about; if you’re picked by the werewolf at night or voted out by the players, you will be killed.


  • Play as male, female or non-binary; straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual.
  • Customize your appearance and personality.
  • Romance one of ten unique characters. Be careful; one of them is the werewolf :slight_smile:
  • Be loyal to your team, or side with the werewolf.
  • Try not to die.

English is not my first language, so there will be grammar mistakes. Please, inform me if you spot one!

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The MC’s role is the bodyguard in this one. However, I consider adding another storyline where MC is the werewolf.


Yes more demos to get endlessly lost in


Damn I must protect Aera and Madison


does the story involve permadeath? or does the mc have plot armor and would only get injured?


I love the werewolf game, especially the trope if it gets real! And yeah Werewolf Game and Werewolf Game Beast Side are among my fave mangas lol

Curious about the werewolf route: if I remember correctly it was said that teaming up with a villager is possible, how would this play out as a werewolf? Like the deal with the neighbour, we just have the option to tell them (or not) and if this is like announced on camera if the werewolf MC wins does our villager partner wins too?


In the Demo it says that the werewolf must spare you and you can Join him in the end. So both win. The Guy in the beginning tells you about that If you ask about switching sides

I really like the premise the characters are fleshed out and I am curious what we might find out.

The writing is really fitting for the theme and I am looking forward to read more. I must admit I do not have a clue or feeling who the werewolf might be. :+1:


Very interesting, I’m not usually one for horror but this has me intrigued.i will definitely looking forward to future updates.


I see a game by NutellaQueen, I like it even before opening the demo. Throw me anything and I will play.


Interesting. I look forward to playing more. I would like to ask if we will always get the same role (I got the doctor) every time, if it’s randomly generated, or can we pick out role/change our role later in the game?


yup. the mc will always be the doctor. there is a possibility of a route to be a werewolf as stated above


Will the werewolf be randomized or not?

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Can there be gray eyes option?


Loved the demo so far! I can’t wait to see where the rest of the book goes


I REALLY like this WIP! I always try new WIPs and although I have fun playing almost every time, it is not often that I find myself to be this hooked on the story. Both premise and execution are very good! I’ll be keeping an eye on this one : )


Love it :heart:

I have some questions, I will call thr characters A and B, to not spoil anything (Its not the first letter ot their name) In the first night u can protect one player, If u protect any character except A, A will die but if u protect A, B dies. Will be possible to keep them alive or they are destinated to die?

Is always the same character the werewolf the same or it can change depending of your play?

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MC can die in one of the endings.

Glad you like it!! It’s not really horror, though. It’s more like a mystery/thriller.



It’s always the same character :slight_smile:

A and B can’t survive the game together. One of them has to die.


First of all, congrats on submitting TSOR, can’t wait to play the full version!
Loved the demo, it’s really catching and you have a good style. Keep it up, I’ll definetly check the progress, thank you for your work!


Thank you for answering my question about the MC’s role. If u end up making it where the MC can be either the doctor or werewolf cool, if not also cool. The story is still really good so far I just like the idea of exploring both sides of murder mystery games like this


So wait in this game is their an actual werewolf or what? And in the future werewolf playthrough will we be able to costimize hoe our wolf looks?

No, the “werewolf” refers more to the role that a character has, not an actual werewolf.