Murder at Play House (WIP)

It’s based on the Korean game ‘werewolf’ but with a Doctor role as the ‘protector’ and no ‘twin’ cards and only a single werewolf. The twin cards are two of the same card and know who each other is, this gives them one person to fully trust.

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Is this the same werewolf mafia game on the app store that changed the name to something else? I’ve played that game before (the online version) and it’s pretty fun. Plus like someone said, it’s by Nutella Queen so it should be really good, and I’m excited for it.


Played the demo. How can you be J specific and it would have been better if J was a gender changeable instead of non binary and did they join the game for your sake. Looking forward to the ultimate werewolf RO anime betrayal

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Honestly great work. Whatever you make always hooks me in the first couple pages even if I’m not really a fan of the genre which is why I’m so excited for this cause I actually love these kinda stories.

It also kinda reminds me of Your Turn To Die. At least the main game portion of it just saying

And lastly while this isn’t criticism since it’s perfectly fine the way it is I just wanted to say it is odd to me how the doctor role works. normally the doctor is the doctor cause they save or heal their target after the attack but with this one you prevent them from being attacked in the first place. Seems to me they’re more of a lockmaster than a doctor

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I have no idea which game you’re talking about, but I’m sure there are lot of online werewolf games :slight_smile:

This is so cute :sob:

Thank you so much <3

Yes, you’re right that the doctor usually heals their target after the attack, BUT how will it work when the attack is real? MC doesn’t have magical power to heal the dead player. So yeah, I consider changing the doctor role to bodyguard because it makes more sense :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing it out!


I really hope you will add the werewolf role… but I understand if you don’t since it’s a lot of work.

Slight objection - this is hommage to the existing game, right? Maybe don’t cange the name of the role, but you can mention this discrepancy on the “game rule explanation” scene - thus you may add suspicions for player/characters who actually know the rules.
Of course it’s up to you :slight_smile:

I googled and found out that Bodyguard role actually exists in the werewolf game. It’s one of the protective roles and chooses a player to protect from an attack each night just like MC does :slight_smile:


Oh, I just never encountered it then! Yeah it sounds more fitting.

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Gotta say the beginning is already interesting. I love both of your previous work and can’t wait
for this one. I have a question, MC role is the bodyguard right? What if the first night I decided to protect the werewolf and by protecting them is locking the door to their room right? Do they stay lock in their room or they have a way to get out?


no matter who you protect someone will be killed so I’m gonna say you can’t lock them up

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It’s a very good question i thought about it too :grinning:
I think maybe the werewolf has access or has a way to open the door if it’s looked, or it could be that the people that are watching them from the cameras helped the werewolf by opening the door :woman_shrugging:

There’s a couple iterations of werewolf/mafia and they have different roles.

Guardian/bodyguard is common. The one here is a little different since you can choose to protect yourself. Usually doctor is a role where you can tell, after someone is executed, if they were human or a werewolf. Another role is a diviner - this person can use a skill each night to tell if one person is a human or a werewolf. There’s some other less common roles too - like there’s one where you’re a human player but you’re brainwashed by the werewolves so you try to help them, or there’s another one where you’re a vigilante and can choose to kill each night. It’s a pretty old game so there’s lots of different variations on how it’s played.

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Author already gave this explanation.

are you kidding me!!!
if someone offered me that I’ll play it all day and night


I really liked the demo. It’s intriguing and fun. Your writing is nice and fits the genre but I think you could get more descriptive in certain parts. For example you wrote the library smelled good but didn’t describe what it smelled like. How intuitive are the other players? For example if you choose to protect someone the others know your close too will they suspect or figure out your the bodyguard?

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So…is this the Squid Game everyone’s been talking about? :upside_down_face:

gets shot bc the memes are getting stale already

But realtalk. I’m a sucker for them murder mystery stories. Really liking what you have so far.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I always reread the scenes and add more descriptions in the next updates. it’s not my first rodeo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad you like it btw

Okay but if you lose you die :no_mouth:

The werewolf’s door never stays locked. It’s unlocked after players pass out :slight_smile:


Even though I “protect” the werewolf by locking the door so that they cant get out. They can still get out?

This game looks so good! How did you manage to get the layout to look so unique?

I’ve always had a thing for the - trapped in start killing - stories
I really liked the demo and all the characters I’m waiting for the next chapters :purple_heart: