Mordred: Blood Cries Afar (WIP)

@alice9157 There will definitely be romance options as the story develops. I’m planning to give Mordred the option of pursuing relationships with a few other characters (including Guinevere, and possibly also Lancelot). Please let me know if there’s a character you’re particularly interested in.

Actually Guen was the one I was thinking about, maybe even Morgana if you want to include her in your book.:grinning: Honesty it’s been months since I last looked though Arthurian legends :cold_sweat: so I don’t remember the relationship between him and Morgana. :sweat_smile:.


Well, this is exciting.
The prose is both finely sharpened and visceral, and I’m very intrigued by a wastrel Mordred.

Yes, please.


@Rogar One of the things I’m really enjoying about rewriting the Arthurian legends is the range of source material - there are so many different version of the story out there that you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching different “canonical” elements.

I’m planning to stick with the names that characters are best known by (e.g. I’m calling the main character Mordred rather than Medraut)… although some of the minor characters have Old Welsh names.

@alice9157 I’ll need to give some thought to Morgana. I’m playing things a bit differently to Mallory, in making Queen Anna Uther’s daughter and Arthur more conspicuously illegitimate, so that Mordred will have a better claim to the throne later. Not too sure where Morgana fits in, but I’d definitely like to include her.

@Quaintrelle Glad you enjoyed it! Dare I ask which version of the wastrel background you went for?


Oh, definitely full of Guile enough for the pleasurable pursuit of my Mordy’s ideal Britain as well as the even more pleasurable pursuit of his ideal men.

Favorite choice, though, as of yet?



@Quaintrelle Yeah… Lot’s not going to be winning any father of the year awards. Was fun writing him though!

I’ve added another very minor update to the scene with Gawain. Lothian’s quite a brutal place for scholarly Mordred, I wonder if things are going to get better for him in Camelot…


It would be interesting that if you would have an avatar of Mordred during the different backgrounds and periods of this life and you can see it evolve through the course of the chapters. Because the image we have of Arthur’s really weird we have the feudal Knights but really he was a Britain Roman Warlord. And if Mordred existed a Petty King possibly arrival or an ally. Honestly though I think you’re doing a pretty good balance between historical and some of the Romantic the reasons we have because of you know French.

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I was wondering will it be at all possible to avoid or escape dying on the battlefield with Arthur like the prologue suggests?

I know that in the other stories he does but you mentioned potentially changing some things.

Also if you do end up including Morgana maybe she could be a romance option you can conspire with? I’m fond of that idea :wink:

Regardless i still look forward to this!

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I’m in the game kind of goes right away where Bound to Die. The protagonist knows he’s mortally wounded. All the times of the legends and stories Mordred dies with Arthur. Occasion Arthur is spirited off to Avalon that’s where the title of The Once and Future King from. I just realized that’s Christian reference ha!

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I really like what you’ve got so far :slight_smile: . Nice to have something written from the viewpoint of Mordred for a change.


I’d call it eerie with potential to be creepy instead of “nice” but ya, what you say :heart:


@WhiteWolf I’ll give some thought to where Morgana might fit in. Arthurian literature can be a bit light on strong female characters, so I’d like to find a way of including her if possible. (Chapter 1 will include interactions with Queen Anna, who’ll be a “power behind the throne” type of character, and possibly the Pictish prophetess. You’ll be meeting Guinevere in Chapter 2.)

As @Rogar has mentioned, all the prologue currently says is that Mordred is mortally wounded at Camlann. I’ve got a couple of ideas for paths that might allow Mordred to somehow survive, and will need to consider whether they still work for the story once we’re on Chapter 5. Probably best if I don’t give away too much for the moment, though!

@Jacic Thanks!

@Eiwynn Thanks! I’ll take eerie as a compliment, although nice is always nice as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Playing as a well known villain is interesting and so far well designed … I say it is eerie because I keep having flashes of known Mordred from literature and so, it is conflicting in nature (hence the eerie part) …

I am enjoying your project so far. Keep up the good work!


Just added another minor update to the scene with Gawain, if you’ve chosen the warrior background and feel like picking a fight.

Edit: Just noticed a couple of typos - I’ll get those fixed over the weekend.


Thank you for your reply. :blush:

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This is just a suggestion, but can there be a way to beat Gawain up really badly (or at least win the fight)? I want to put him in his place.

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@augustus27 Beating Gawain in a fist fight is always going to be difficult for Mordred, because he’s so far outside your weight class. If you’ve chosen the Warrior background then your main advantage over Gawain is your speed. That would give you a decisive advantage in a sword fight (at least in Chapter 1), but it doesn’t count for as much in a brawl.

If it were just the two of them then Mordred might be able to turn the tables on Gawain by attempting something underhand, but if you do that while you’re surrounded by his friends then you’re going to get dog-piled.

From a story-telling standpoint, I’d also prefer to give the player something to work towards if they want to develop an antagonistic relationship with Gawain.

Thanks for your comment, though - that’s an especially helpful challenge because it’s made me think about the background to the scene. This might be the first time Mordred hasn’t been able to beat up his little brother - for example, if Gawain’s recently gone through a growth spurt. Hmm… might need to add something about that to the text.


Thats fine, you have a good reason for it. Will we ever be able to challenge Gawain to a duel?

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What I really want to know is can a more bookish Mordred eventually become a formidable( or at least competent ) swordsman? I really dislike it when the player is forced to play a single archetype.


@augustus27 Sure. I’m planning to give Mordred at least one opportunity to duel Gawain later in the story. Mordred will also have the option of getting him killed if you’d prefer to go a more manipulative route.

@COGZealot Mordred will gain one ability point in each chapter (apart from Chapter 5). It will be entirely your choice as to how to place the points to develop your character. There’ll be nothing to stop Scholar Mordred from putting a point in Bloodshed in Chapter 2, at which point he’ll be as good in a fight as Warrior Mordred is in Chapter 1.

There will also be times when character backgrounds may become important later in the game (Scholar Mordred and Wastrel Mordred therefore won’t be identical game experiences). For example, Scholar Mordred is literate, but other backgrounds won’t be unless they’ve somehow acquired the skill later in play.


I’ve added some new material to the scene with Gawain with a few more choices in case your Mordred is feeling quarrelsome. Also made a few edits. As always, community feedback is welcome.