Knightly Fate (WIP) beginner

It’s where you play as a knight and you try to become king and rule fairly. It’s in a made up kingdom called Alameda. Do you save the kingdom for honor or watch it crumple for power? Do you betray your friends for romance or live a normal life? Will you be an outlaw or will you be a celebrated hero in your kingdom?

Details: In the year 1056, the Kingdom of Alameda was fighting a bloody war with its neighboring kingdom, the Allemange. You are a young squire trying to make a name of yourself. In the bloody Battle of Rampert Das, you were promoted to the rank of Knight due to your skills. Will you use this rank to abuse or help others? As the war continues you discovered some hidden races in your kingdom. Will you use these mythical creatures to rebel against the king or support the king?

The first chapter will be a bit boring as it sets out your MC background and other stuff, next chapter will be a lot more interesting.
Characters: You can play as a woman but for the demo you’ll be gender locked.

I’m new to this and I would love to receive feedbacks.
First chapter completion: August 24th
First Chapter Name: Lonely Cabin
Second chapter completion: September 7th
Second Chapter Name: You Ready?

Update 20/9-2015:
Demo’s up! If you spot any grammar problems and that sort of stuff, please tell me. Thanks

More information will be added on later.
I’m new to coding so it might take a while for me to complete this and my English isn’t exactly A grade.
Estimated completion date: December 31st


finish before October? wow that is ambitions.

somewhat interested on where your going with this and looking forward too see what you going too do with it.

I like it seems like an interesting game. Can we marry the princess of the King’s and become king through that?

Yes, you can marry the King’s daughter to become king.

@Bob_Rijke it takes a little ambition to achieve something great and thanks for commenting

When the game begins will we still be in war.

talking about the time frame not the game it self. i wish you the best of luck and lots of idea`s.

just so i know.
this high or low fantasy?

It’s a low fantasy game.

@eqs189 Yes, it begins during the middle part of the war.

road from knight too king be a long one i think but hey as long as you can make it fun i am in.

@Bob_Rijke I’ll do my best to make my game as interesting as possible

What ideas for the game do you have so far?

Right now I’m focusing on the battle and politics of the court, but I’m also thinking of adding some additional mini-side quest that will boost your reputation and other stats.

Sounds cool especially the politics. Trying to manipulate people to join you or manipulate them into their own self destruction.

Thanks for the feedback, when I’m halfway done with the story, i’ll post a demo up here.

Cool can’t wait i think this will be an awesome story. :grinning:

Thanks for having faith in me and this game.


  1. The description sounds very similar to Lords of Aswick. Has it been your inspiration?
  2. Will there be magic, non-human races etc?
  3. Will it be genderlocked?
  4. You’ve mentioned that the MC has been promoted after a battle. Will we be able to choose the background?

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Will it be genderlocked? But, I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for this tale.

Also, October is very ambitious of you. :smiley:

Sounds like a good game so far. Do you have any idea of how long you expect the finished game to be?