Mordred: Blood Cries Afar (WIP)

@CultOfCthulhu Which would you prefer? I was planning to largely leave it to the reader’s imagination – with a few hints here and there from other characters – but open to suggestions.


Whether we favor our father, mother, grandfather, or uncle with a description of the inherited features. Our general body build, split between height, and girth. Finish with posture.

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I think this is the best way to go about it. Unless our appearance serves a narrative purpose (like our resemblance to to Arthur & Morgana, but not Lot), there’s no need to waste time with it.

And this WIP looks very promising, by the way. I’m looking forward to more.


@Disciple and @Zoilus I see what you’re getting at… :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the mental image I have of Mordred, although please take it with a massive pinch of salt if you’d prefer to think of him differently…

At the start of Chapter 1, Mordred is about 16. He’s tall for his age, with a slightly slender build. His facial features are very similar to his mother’s and are probably more Roman than Celtic. (Gawain, who you’ll meet shortly, looks like a younger version of his father.) From there, things depend a bit on the choice you’ve made. The more scholarly version of Mordred might be a bit pale, from all those hours hunched over dusty scrolls and a little underweight, with a delicacy to his features that looks almost girlish. Mordred the tournament champion is in physically better shape, although nowhere near as brawny as Gawain or their father, and has a harsher cast to his facial features. Mordred the wastrel is probably the most conventionally attractive of the three, with an effortless charm that tends to put people at their ease… but is seldom at his best, due to too many late night drinking sessions.

Mordred has never met his grandfather or his uncle. Queen Anna may have told the tournament champion version of Mordred that he reminds her of his grandfather.


I like Villains who are the manipulator instead of the manipulated, but that’s just me.

Will we be able to play a more Machiavellian Mordred?

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Excellent. Thank you. You should eventually try to work some sort of description into the first chapter but for now it’s probably best to iron out chapter one first so you can pick the best spot.

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Yes, please.

Well-written and with a character I can get behind, i am absolutely hyped for this.

I’m hoping that you will be able to accommodate my limitless thirst for good ROs, though judging from the demo so far, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

Will be fervently awaiting updates like the vulture I am.


Thank you all for your feedback - it’s great to have so much support!

@Disciple Thanks - I’ll give it some thought.

@Whitewolf Short answer: yes. Mordred’s opportunities for serious scheming are a bit limited in Lothian, but will become progressively broader once you get to Camelot.

In Chapter 1, Mordred’s still very much a fledgling version of his future self - and his opportunities for manipulation largely come either from finding ways to goad the people around him, or learning to smooth things over and build relationships.

This might be a good time to explain some of my thoughts for Mordred’s stats.

You have two main abilities:

  • Bloodshed: which is used to achieve things directly, by stabbing someone to death or leading an army in battle.
  • Guile: which is used to achieve things more indirectly, through cunning or manipulation.

Both abilities start at 1. You can increase one of them to 2 in Chapter 1, and I’ll probably let you increase either one of them by an extra point in Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

I’m using three pairs of opposed stats to track Mordred’s personality (Passionate-Calculating, Chivalrous-Cynical and Compassionate-Cruel). There’s also Bile, which is a measure of Mordred’s spitefulness, angst and inner turmoil.

To be a successful Machiavellian, Mordred will need a high Guile. He will also find himself leaning towards being Calculating, Cynical and Cruel.

Some of those characteristics are intentionally easier to increase in Chapter 1 than others. For example, Mordred’s still a teenager and outbursts of passion come more naturally to him than learning to control his emotions (although that doesn’t mean that he can’t).


Thanks to prolonged experience with Nasuverse, when someone says Mordred, i first remember this:

Anyway, good start. Wish you enough will and inspiration to see your work finished)


Me too can’t wait until the English dub comes out on Netflix.

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It’s an awesome touch to have the language of their time to be shown in this game. It makes the game much more realistic. I’m hyped up to play the story as a character originally considered as a villian :slight_smile:

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I’ve just added a small update, with a few edits and some (surprising?) news from King Lot.

Edit: There’s now the beginning of a scene with Gawain as well.


I found this error when choosing “I really don’t have a choice, do I?”

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@Vattena Thanks! I’ve corrected that now.

Lot’s response if you choose the wastrel path is now up, along with a few more minor edits. Will try to find the time for a bit more this evening.


This game of yours is such a great piece of fiction. I greatly enjoy playing as the villain/anti-hero. :wink: :grin:
I am not sure if this was asked before or not, but I am going to ask it anyway.
Will there be any chance to have a romance?:thinking: I understand that it’s not the game’s main priority, and I’ll play your game regardless of having any romance. :heart_eyes: :smile:

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I would personally very much like an option to not betray Arthur


I’m genuinely enjoyed the writing and a touch of historical accuracy.


So what are some of the sources are using for this out of curiosity. I know in legend at least some of them Arthur successor was Constantine. Who won some legends Constantine himself mid been a saint king it’s kind of confusing. Who intern and selections killed Mordred’s sons. I mean it would be quite poetic at least continually good if he dies in battle and I like the fact that the pet because you were using these different sources that he may not be trying to Kill the Pendragon. Speaking of since feudalism wasn’t necessarily in place even though we think of King Arthur you think of feudalism. How are you working that out. He would be more like kings that rule the Confederacy of clans and one high king ruling them all. Again though I do not know the welsh system of Britain Roman time period.

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Thank you all again for your support – it’s great to hear that so many of you are enjoying the story!

@alice9157 There will definitely be romance options as the story develops. I’m planning to give Mordred the option of pursuing relationships with a few other characters (including Guinevere, and possibly also Lancelot). Please let me know if there’s a character you’re particularly interested in.

@war_doctor I’ll definitely need to consider what happens if the player wants to remain loyal to Arthur. I’m very open to the idea of including an alternate path where Mordred doesn’t rebel, but will need to give some careful thought to what that would mean for the story. Fortunately, we’re still a long way from the point when Mordred has the opportunity to claim the throne (which will happen in Chapter 4).

@Rogar Completely agree – you’re right that the Romano-British that the historical Arthur would have ruled (if he was a real person, which is something historians are still arguing over) would have been completely different from the Medieval setting we tend to think of for the Arthurian legends.

That’s something I’ve found difficult, as I’d really like to include elements of both without it being too discordant for the reader. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the historical record in describing Lothian in Chapter 1… but will probably move away from that once we get to Camelot. (For the record, King Lot’s spiel about Lothian is broadly true… although he’s got his own slant on things.)

In terms of sources, Mallory’s Morte d’Arthur was definitely an influence, and so were Bernard Cornwell’s Arthur books. Wikipedia’s always an inspiration, and I’m drawing on a few history books as well.


The earliest account of Mordred is both him Arthur fall in field. Him being the server goes back to Monmouth history of Britain where when Arthur was fighting the Roman Emperor, I believe really crazy stuff back in the 10th century. The Story Goes Mordred was Regent but took the crown for himself and Arthur was away fighting the emperor. How do you personally like to use of the Welsh names.