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Thank you for the reply! From what you’ve said, it seems like these ROs have the potential to be even more personal than the “main” romances. I really like the direction you are taking them. I’m also very interested in what you’re going to do with the wendigo and goblin. By off-screen, do you perhaps mean someone from their past? Hmm… Well, whatever you have planned, I’m incredibly excited.

I am somehow even more hooked on this story. :cold_sweat:


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So, in Monsters of New Haven news, I have a newfound appreciation for the werewolf MC. I mean, I liked playing as a werewolf, but had a hard time relating to the jock persona that seems to come with this character. But, I played through again as a WW that wasn’t really a jock, but participated to honor the pack and such, and I found it to be a really enjoyable experience. Werewolf pack dynamics fascinate me, and I just really like the idea of being a werewolf so I had a lot of fun. I love the fact that you can play this game so many different ways. It truly is amazing. I just wanted to share :slight_smile:


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And I couldn’t agree more–the variety of different stances you can take in the story is pretty amazing.


Just a little something stupid as I sort of envisioned a brief conversation about Hunter and Carl.

[spoiler]Artemis bit her lip as she saw Hunter press in close to his new boyfriend. She already said her piece about him getting involved with Carl, local football star and werewolf.

Well, either he will get his heart broken…or eaten…she thought.

She gave a slight cough, briefly interrupting the two. Artemis tossed a box wrapped in festive paper, adorned with a bow.

Hunter, surprised, turned the package over in his hands, “What’s this?”

Artemis growled, “Just open it up.”

Hunter’s eyes lingered for a second on his sister before he opened it, and pulled out a large, rubber ball. “Uh, thanks,” he said, then glanced at Carl, “You know, I don’t appreciate the insult.”

Artemis shrugged, “Oh, get off your high horse. I was trying to make peace with this…relationship. I just don’t know what you get the werewolf who has everything.”

“A rabies shot,” Carl replied deadpan, while Artemis rolled her eyes. Carl shrugged good-naturedly, then continued, “I think it was a sweet gesture. After all, playing catch as a wolf, and as a human means two different things.”

Artemis gave out a slight laugh as she added, “It would be much tougher with the hand-egg.”

“Football,” interrupted Hunter.

Carl smiled, “Nah, hand-egg is more fun to say.”[/spoiler]


I think this is a bug with the swimming section.

If you pick the option:
You’re hyper-focused on staring into your locker and not making eye contact while you change. This part of your day is always uncomfortable.

It automatically assumes that your gender identity is different than the locker room you’re in:
Game response
Well, yeah. It’s a… different experience to be you in a locker room.

For one thing, For one thing, your gender identity doesn’t match the available locker rooms. (I already mentioned the double For one thing in a previous post).

This doesn’t have to necessarily be the case. You might choose the ‘not making eye contact’ part if you were playing a really modest character.


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I have a question for @Sashira, are there going to be any witches/warlocks in the story? I don’t mean as playable or romancable(sp?) characters, I just mean in general. And by witches/warlocks, I was thinking more along the lines of the ones from Charmed rather than the ones from Harry Potter.


It’s common knowledge that humans don’t have magic - not the way monsters do. The legends about human witches had to have an origin, and there really are rituals that can trap demons and affect other supernatural creatures, if you know what you’re doing. But there’s never been a human who could do things like throw fireballs or fly under their own power. Some of the flashier stories may have started because of creatures like the fae, who can enchant other living beings if they’re powerful enough.


@Sashira Yeah, I know. But depending on what mythology (or work of fiction) you go with, witches/warlocks aren’t humans. This includes the show “Charmed”, where they suggest that witches/warlocks are a different species from humans, but that they just look like humans physically. That’s why I was trying to emphasize the version of witches/warlocks from that show, rather than the Harry Potter version of it(the Harry Potter version being where witches and wizards are more human like)! But like I said, I was just curious to see if there were going to be anything like them in this story or not :slight_smile:, I didn’t mean to offend you with my question or anything like that, my question was fueled purely by curiosity :sweat_smile:


Oh, sorry! I haven’t seen Charmed, so I didn’t realize they weren’t human. There are some mentions of witchcraft in the game - a human student thinks she’s psychic, and on some paths the twins attempted to use magic on the morning of Day 2 (badly.)

So in this universe, “witchcraft” refers to the limited abilities of humans to affect things the way monsters with magic can, or their belief that they can do so. There are various monsters that look like humans and can do magic, but they belong to distinct species.


Random question @Sashira, do you have other stories? Or is this the only one you have?